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Many people around the court also ran over to have a look.

“How dare you hurt our leader!” The members of the Bulls glared at Gu Ning.

It seemed that they would punch her at any moment.

They forgot one thing, which was that their leader actually asked for it himself.

They were a bunch of self-centered people, and they didnt think that what their leader had done was wrong.

Instead, they blamed Gu Ning for everything.

“Nobody is blind here.

He suddenly attacked me and I simply protected myself from his punch.

Hes much taller and stronger than me.

If I didnt learn some kung fu skills, I would have been punched by him,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” The members of the Bulls panicked.

In fact, all of them had tried to hurt Gu Ning, but they all failed.

At the same time, they realized that Gu Ning had learned some kung fu skills.

No wonder they couldnt hurt her.

“Bai Rui, are you a man or not How could you attack a girl” Tang Jiakai criticized the leader of the Bulls once he came.

Bai Rui was the leader of the Bulls.

If Gu Ning was really injured by him, Tang Jiakai would directly punch him.

Gu Ning was very important in the Tang family, and he cared about her as well.

It was impossible that he would stand aside and do nothing when Gu Ning was bullied by others.

“Bai Rui, you cant do that to hurt a girl.

Dont you know that its unacceptable on the court” The coach of the Bulls also scolded Bai Rui.

Even though the coach was anxious seeing Bai Rui injured, he knew that it was Bai Ruis fault.

There was no reason for him to criticize Gu Ning.

“Lets send him to the hospital right now.

Hes injured! What if he cant play basketball in the future” a member of the Bulls said.

The upcoming basketball finals were more important in their eyes.

“Hes injured because of his rude and aggressive behavior.

He asked for it himself.

He should apologize to me,” Gu Ning said in anger.

“Right, you should apologize to this girl for your inappropriate behavior!” A person in the crowd supported Gu Ning.

“Bai Rui is the one whos injured now.” A member of the Bulls argued.

His argument annoyed many people, and someone retorted, “He asked for it himself.

What if the girl didnt catch his fist”

“How could a tall strong man attack a girl all of a sudden”


People were all criticizing Bai Rui.

“Bai Rui, you should apologize,” the coach of the Bulls said with an annoyed expression.

He didnt want the reputation of the Bulls to be ruined.

“My hand is already injured.

Isnt it enough” Bai Rui was reluctant to apologize, because he didnt think that he had done anything wrong.

It was obvious that Bai Rui didnt listen to their criticisms.

The other coaches couldnt stand it any longer.

“Bai Rui, your hand is injured because of your sudden and rude behavior, and you should apologize to this girl,” the coach of the Warriors said.

Actually, the coach of the Warriors was aware of what Bai Rui had done to his team, but he didnt have solid proof.

As a result, the coach of the Warriors hated the Bulls, and he felt pleased when Gu Ning defeated them on the court.

“Bai Rui, its your fault, and you should take responsibility for your own behavior.”

“We just want you to apologize for your inappropriate behavior.

If you refuse to do so, your own career will be affected.”

The other coaches persuaded Bai Rui.

Hearing that, Bai Rui had to give in even though he was unwilling to do so.

“Fine, Im sorry,” he said in a low voice to Gu Ning.

However, his voice was too low and not many people could hear it.

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