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Today was a great chance to make a lot of money, and none of them wanted to miss it.

A few minutes later, the manager received a call from the host of the party, and he was informed to get to the cruise ship which was docked at the No.7 wharf.

They had to be aboard before 8 pm.

After hanging up the call, the manager immediately sent Li Zhongwei a message before leaving for the cruise ship with the prostitutes.

The prostitutes kept chatting and bragging along the way.

They were all busy comparing themselves with one another, and nobody paid attention to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt care at all, because she didnt want to talk to them either.

She disliked prostitutes and kept her distance from them.

Li Zhongwei and his teammates went to No.7 wharf without hesitation.

When it was 7:40 pm, they arrived at No.7 wharf.

There were many luxurious cars parked in a parking lot nearby.

About 15 people were invited to attend tonights party, and they were all partners in business.

However, they didnt know that there would be drugs in the party, so they werent aware of the real aim behind tonights activity.

Li Zhongwei learned the real purpose of tonights party with the help of an undercover agent in the organization that held the party.

Their target was on the cruise right now, but they couldnt use violence to try to catch them in case he ran away.

They had to send another undercover agent to control their target before they took action.

Gu Ning followed the other prostitutes and got off the small bus at an appointed passage.

The cruise ship was relatively small with a width of seven or eight meters and a length of 30 meters.

It had three floors.

The first floor was the lobby, rooms were on the second floor, and there were all kinds of recreation facilities on the third floor.

The people who organized the party didnt know that they already caught the attention of the police, so they did the security check carelessly.

However, all the guests and the prostitutes phones and bags were left at the front desk.

Gu Ning put everything she needed in the telepathic eye space.

They got inside without much effort.

The manager didnt go inside, because he didnt know that this was a drug party until Li Zhongwei told him.

He didnt go inside because he was unwilling to be involved in this trouble.

Gu Ning used her jade eyes to glance around when she walked inside, and she found that the bodyguards who stood outside the door didnt carry guns.

There was a large and luxurious hall in the cruise ship.

Ten rich men were already present, but some were still absent.

Several people sent by the host were welcoming their guests, but the most important figure hadnt shown up yet.

The rest of the people in the hall were all waiters.

This party was also a buffet, but there would be no drugs in the food until the cruise left the shore.

Once the prostitutes joined the party, several of them went to their familiar clients.

These rich men were all lecherous, and they definitely wouldnt reject beautiful women.

Other prostitutes, on the other hand, were active in seducing their new clients.

Gu Ning wouldnt do the same thing as them, because she felt disgusted having those old men touched her body.

However, she came here as a prostitute and all a prostitute needed to do was to please those rich men.

If she didnt do that, she would soon be exposed.

Therefore, Gu Ning made an excuse and went to the washroom at once.

When she was in the washroom, she looked around to see whether there were surveillance cameras.

Luckily, there was no surveillance camera in the washroom.

In that case, she could conduct her plan.

She needed to locate her target first.

Other than the grand hall, the first floor only contained a kitchen, so her target wasnt on the first floor, and Gu Ning moved her sight to the second floor without hesitation.

Under the stairs to the second floor, there were two bodyguards with guns.

On the landing of the second floor, there were another two armed bodyguards.

Gu Ning soon saw a big room that had two bodyguards with guns standing at its door.

She finally found her target in this room.

Other than her target, there were another two middle-aged men and six armed bodyguards.

All in all, the bodyguards werent many in Gu Nings eyes.

It was 10 minutes away from 8 pm, and Gu Ning thought that she could directly catch the man within these 10 minutes to save some time.

Therefore, she looked around to see whether she could get into the second floor without attracting the attention of the bodyguards on the stairs.

After looking around for a while, she found there were no bodyguards on the balcony of the third floor.

The window of the room where her target was in was open, so Gu Ning could get into the room through the window to catch her target.

She had to move as fast as she could and attract as little attention as possible from other people in the cruise.

Gu Ning then let the jiao out and told it to move her up to the third floor.

It was very dark that night, so nobody could see the jiao even if its body was completely exposed.

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