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Chapter 1209 Want Nothing in Return

About 10 seconds later, a group of armed SWATs broke inside, which scared everyone in the room.

Once the suspect saw the SWATs, he realized what was going here.

He thought that it must be his enemy who schemed against him behind his back, so he could settle it with money.

However, if his enemy was the police, he was doomed to be arrested.

“Put the guns down!” Li Zhongwei shouted at them.

There were nearly 20 armed SWATs, while the suspect only had about 10 bodyguards, so it was impossible for them to win.

Besides, their leader was still in Gu Nings hands!

Those bodyguards didnt listen to Li Zhongwei, but turned to look at the suspect.

“Put the guns down,” the suspect said, because he was left no choice.

If he dared to struggle, he could be killed.

Since their leader gave the order, those bodyguards put their guns down at once.

Without delay, around 10 SWATs dashed forward and took their guns away before they handcuffed them.

Li Zhongwei then walked to Gu Ning and handcuffed the suspect.

Another SWAT stepped over and took the suspect away.

“Here, its yours now.” Gu Ning took off the miniature camera and gave it to Li Zhongwei.

Li Zhongwei took it and he thought that the gun in Gu Nings hands belonged to the suspect, so he said, “Miss Gu, this gun…”

“Oh, this is mine,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Li Zhongwei was shocked.

Gu Ning is a common citizen.

How could she have a gun How did she bring it inside

Gu Ning explained it at once.

“I have a firearms license, and I can show it to you later.”

Actually, the firearms license was in her telepathic eye space, but she couldnt take it out right now in front of everyone.

After all, it was already difficult for them to understand how she took a phone, a miniature camera and a gun inside.

Gu Ning walked straight outside.

Although she was involved in todays action, she wasnt a member of the SWAT team so she should leave it to Li Zhongwei.

Since Gu Ning said that she had a firearms license, Li Zhongwei didnt ask further.

An ordinary person normally couldnt have a gun, but Li Zhongwei thought that Gu Ning was probably picked by a special department of the government, so she had the privilege.

Li Zhongwei thought that it was highly possible.

Du Jingtong didnt hear Gu Nings conversation with Li Zhongwei, so she stopped Gu Ning when Gu Ning walked out with a gun.

“May I help” Gu Ning coldly looked at her.

“You cant take this gun away,” Du Jingtong said.

She also thought that the gun belonged to the suspect.

It was illegal for a common citizen to carry a gun.

Gu Ning understood that it was a misunderstanding, so she wasnt annoyed and smiled.

“This is mine, and I have a firearms license.

I can show you later.”

After that, she ignored Du Jingtong and left.

Du Jingtong, on the other hand, was stunned.

She couldnt believe that Gu Ning was allowed to carry a gun as a common citizen.

It seemed Gu Ning was a girl who was full of surprises.

Since Gu Ning could carry a gun with her, she couldnt be a common citizen.

No matter what, Du Jingtong couldnt stop Gu Ning now.

Not only was Du Jingtong shocked, but several other SWATs who also heard it were very surprised too.

The suspect and his bodyguards were brought back to the police station.

As for the rest of the people at the party, they needed to go give an oral statement, so Li Zhongwei told five SWATs to stay to guard them.

Afterwards, he went back with the other teammates.

Gu Ning didnt go to the parking lot once she left the cruise ship.

She went to the river when nobody was paying attention to her and let the jiao out.

She would pick it up tomorrow night.

Li Zhongwei drove Gu Ning back to the SWAT unit, while Du Jingtong and the others shared a small bus.

“Miss Gu, Im curious to know how you brought a phone, a miniature camera, and a gun with you inside” Li Zhongwei asked.

“Im sorry, I cant tell you more details,” Gu Ning said.

Since Gu Ning was unwilling to tell him, Li Zhongwei stopped asking.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for what youve done for us today.

Ill report it to my leader.

You deserve a reward,” Li Zhongwei said.

“Thanks, but I dont need it,” Gu Ning said.

“I agreed to help you because this action is meaningful.”

She didnt lack any rewards.

“Why Youve done us a great favor,” Li Zhongwei said.

He understood that Gu Ning wasnt greedy at all, and she agreed to help them because she was very kind.

Gu Ning was indeed a girl who had a strong sense of justice.

However, he felt a little guilty if Gu Ning didnt get any rewards.

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