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Chapter 1212 A Man from Country R

“Im fine, I can deal with him alone!” Gu Ning shouted.

“You can go to the yard to check whether he has partners.”

Although Gu Ning wasnt sure about it, they had to check.

“Sure.” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya went to the yard at once.

Gu Ning then continued to fight against the man.

All of a sudden, she found that there might be a problem with her sight, because she sometimes couldnt see the man, as if he was invisible.

However, Gu Ning was sure that her eyes were healthy and fine, so the man must have known how to make himself invisible.

However, it seemed like he wasnt very skilled at it, so he alternated between appearing and disappearing.

If he really knew how to become invisible, he had to be from a secret organization.

Gu Ning thought that he might really be a person from the cultivation world.

She didnt know whether a cultivator could hide himself from a persons view, but she knew cultivators were different from ordinary people.

The man was astonished that Gu Ning could still see him after he used his skill of invisibility.

Even though he wasnt very skilled at it and couldnt make himself completely invisible, ordinary people would panic after seeing that and he could have a chance to escape.

Unfortunately, it seemed useless before Gu Ning.

Gu Ning soon calmed herself down and focused on attacking the man.

As time went by, Gu Ning gradually got control of the fight, and the man was forced into a corner.

At the end, Gu Ning successfully caught the man and he couldnt move at all.

Gu Ning coldly questioned him afterwards.

“Tell me, who sent you here”

The man remained silent.

“If you dont tell me, Ill punish you severely!” Gu Ning said and dislocated the mans arm.

The man was in a lot of pain, but refused to shout.

“Tell me,” Gu Ning said again.

The man still remained silent.

Since he wouldnt say a word, Gu Ning had to search his body to find clues.

She used her Jade Eyes and soon found a phone on him.

Gu Ning took the phone out without hesitation.

The man struggled, but it was meaningless.

She needed a password to use his phone, and Gu Ning knew the man wouldnt tell her, but she found a useful clue when the screen lit up.

There were missed calls and messages on the screen and they were written in Language R.

It meant that this man was a person from Country R.

Knowing that, Gu Ning was angrier.

However, she didnt understand why this man from Country R suddenly attacked her at midnight.

She only had two meetings with people from Country R till now.

The first time, she had competed against a man for a piece of jade, and the man failed.

Although it was a conflict, it wasnt serious.

The second time, she had an argument with several people in City Teng, but she did that because of Zi Beiying, and they shouldnt blame her for it.

After thinking for a while, Gu Ning thought that this man could be a professional killer from Country R who was hired by another person who was her enemy.

In that case, Gu Ning understood why the man suddenly showed up in her bedroom.

Luckily, Gu Ning could read simple Language R, and she wrote down the phone number on the screen at once.

A short line of the message also showed on the screen: Yoshida is in City B now.

Once the task is finished, …

Gu Ning couldnt read the full message, because the words shown on the screen were limited.

Once Gu Ning found out this man came from Country R, she thought he might be a ninja given his features.

A ninja was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan.

The functions of a ninja included espionage, deception, and surprise attacks.

If the ninja was at a high level, he could be invisible in the dark, but they couldnt do that in a bright place.

In other words, ninjas usually assassinated people at night.

A ninja could only be invisible for a few seconds, but it was enough to defeat ordinary people.

Because Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes, this mans skills were useless in Gu Nings view.

In addition, Gu Ning moved fast so it was impossible for the man to hide himself.

“Oh, you came from Country R,” Gu Ning sneered.

The man stiffened a little and looked surprised.

He didnt know what was on the screen of his phone.

He already muted his phone before he came here, so he wasnt aware that there were missed calls and messages.

Even though Gu Ning found out his identity, the man still refused to say a word.

Gu Ning understood that the man understood her language as well from his reaction.

She continued, “You have a new message and it says that Yoshida is in City B now.

Once the task is finished, …”

Gu Ning read the message and focused on the mans eyes at the same time.

When the man heard Yoshida, he looked surprised and upset.

It was obvious that this man disliked Yoshidas coming, so he had to leave once the task was finished.

“Great, I already wrote down the phone number on the screen of your phone.

Although I dont know who he is, I believe it wont be difficult for me to find out.

Do you want to tell me yourself” Gu Ning asked.

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