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Chapter 1215 Cultivators Vs.


Because of the violent fight, Gu Ning didnt want to sleep in her bedroom anymore, so she moved to another room.

She couldnt fall asleep after the drama, so she called Leng Shaoting.

Since she found out that the mutant had something to do with people from Country R, she had to tell Leng Shaoting at once.

Leng Shaoting picked up her call within seconds.

He got nervous when he saw Gu Nings name on the screen, because he thought Gu Ning might have encountered some trouble.

“Ningning, whats wrong” Leng Shaoting said.

“Shaoting, I just found out where the mutant comes from.

He comes from Country R!” Gu Ning said.

“I also find out that the mutant has a close relationship with ninjas.”

She didnt tell Leng Shaoting what she just had been through in case he was worried.

“How do you know that What happened” Leng Shaoting asked.

He sensed that Gu Ning was hiding something from him.

He wasnt dumb, and he knew Gu Ning must have been through something dangerous after he left her.

Gu Ning understood that it was impossible for her to keep it a secret from Leng Shaoting, so she had to be honest.

“Well, I was just attacked by a ninja because of the mutant…” Gu Ning then told Leng Shaoting everything.

Leng Shaoting frowned after knowing what had happened to Gu Ning.

“Country Rs relationship with our country is always sensitive.

We only know that it has help from Country M, but it turns out that it also has mutants and ninjas!” Leng Shaoting said.

He felt very bad now.

Although ninjas werent as threatening as mutants, they were much stronger than ordinary people.

Gu Ning didnt realize that mutants were indeed a great threat to their country until Leng Shaoting said it.

Most importantly, they didnt know how many mutants Country R had right now.

After all, it was hard for ordinary humans to destroy mutants.

She could do it, but she alone couldnt make a big difference.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning thought of cultivators.

As long as cultivators were willing to help them, they could compete against mutants.

Since it was about their countrys safety, Gu Ning thought that the cultivators wouldnt stand aside and do nothing about it.

In that case, she had to reach out to cultivators and the cultivation world first.

“If there is really going to be a war, we need cultivators help,” Gu Ning said.

“Will they help us” Leng Shaoting asked.

“Although they live in a different world from us, they are the same people as us, so I believe theyll do something, ” Gu Ning said.

“If theyre unwilling to help, I can make a deal with them.

They want my magical pills anyway.”

Gu Ning was confident that she could persuade cultivators to help them.

Leng Shaoting agreed.

“Well, I think we must learn more useful information about mutants first before we take action,” Leng Shaoting said.

They chatted for a while longer, then hung the call up.

Leng Shaoting couldnt sleep now after knowing the shocking news.

As a senior officer in the military, he thought it was his responsibility to guard their country.

Therefore, Leng Shaoting got up and searched for information about mutants on the Internet.

He had only seen mutants in science fiction movies and read about them in novels before, so he referred to those things now.

An excerpt of a novel gave Leng Shaoting a piece of important information.

It said that there was a lab built by Country R under a remote mountain in their country, and Country R kept illegally buying people to do their mutant research.

Although it was a fictional story, Leng Shaoting thought that it was quite possible for it to be the truth.

In that case, they could start their investigation from missing people and patrol those desolate and uninhabited mountains to see whether they could find any suspects.

The next day, K read Gu Nings message after he got up and he called Gu Ning back at once.

Gu Ning told him that it wasnt an emergency, so he could do it slowly.

Even though it wasnt an emergency, K still did the job for Gu Ning right away.

After a few minutes, K got the result.

However, it wasnt what Gu Ning wanted, because that phone number wasnt connected to a ID card.

It seemed the man was well-prepared.

The man threw the phone card away once he knew Gu Ning found out his phone number in case she tracked him down.

Gu Ning didnt know what else she could do with his phone number, so she only told K to keep an eye on it.

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