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Qin Zheng regretted hurting Gu Ning so badly before, because Gu Ning became very successful now.

If she wanted to get revenge, it couldnt be easier.

If he hadnt hurt Gu Ning like that before, he probably could have become rich too.Although he didnt know whether Gu Ning would have abandoned him.

However, nothing could be changed now.

Besides, the old Gu Ning really wasnt attractive, so it was hard for him to stay with her.

Therefore, Qin Zheng stopped thinking too much about it.

The more he thought about it, the worse he felt.

Gu Ning was surrounded by compliments and admiration along her way to her classroom, she was like a superstar in their school.

In fact, although Gu Ning wasnt a star, she was even more popular than a star.

She was an excellent student and had saved many peoples lives.

Moreover, she became a successful businesswoman at an early age and now owned many profitable companies.

No matter what trouble she had encountered before, she was able to handle it well and step steadily towards success.

When some students wanted to take photos with Gu Ning, a female voice interrupted them.

“No way, Gu Ning, youre too noticeable to be ignored!”

It was Chu Peihans voice, and Gu Ning couldnt be more familiar with it.

Other people didnt recognize Chu Peihans voice, but they saw her and immediately moved away to let her pass.

Chu Peihan hadnt caused trouble recently, but she was notorious for her bad temper, so nobody wanted to mess with her.

Chu Peihan understood that Gu Ning didnt mean to attract much attention, but it was unavoidable.

Gu Ning was too noticeable to be ignored right now, so she was always the focus of peoples attention.

Gu Ning smiled and said, “I cant do anything about it.”

“Hey, why did they all move away once you showed up” Gu Ning asked Chu Peihan.

“Come on, there isnt anyone who hasnt heard of my name in this school,” Chu Peihan said looking proud.

She didnt feel ashamed of it at all.

Gu Ning was amused, but said nothing.

She knew that Chu Peihan wasnt actually a rude girl, nor a bully.

And even though Chu Peihan often fought with other students, she had a strong sense of justice.

When Gu Ning and Chu Peihan walked away, several students came and they were greatly surprised by the scene.

“Gu Ning is a legendary figure of our school now!”

“Isnt she The principal talks about her every day.”

“Ha-ha, ha-ha.”


The teachers also had a good impression of Gu Ning.

Under peoples attention, Gu Ning and Chu Peihan walked into the teaching building together.

Because it wasnt time for the morning reading class yet, many students were chatting with each other in the passage.

When they heard noises under the building, they ran to see what was happening.

The second they saw Gu Ning, they got excited.

“Look, its Gu Ning! Shes back!”

“Oh my, Goddess Gu is here!”

“Im a big fan of hers!”


“Our boss is too influential,” Hao Ran said, shaking his head.

“Its because shes too unbelievable,” Qin Zixun said.

“Im so proud of our boss,” Zhang Tianping said.

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

Hao Ran and Qin Zixun agreed in an instant.

Although they knew that Gu Ning had many friends and they probably werent very important in her eyes, they were real friends.

Gu Ning also treated them with sincerity, so they felt honored.

It was true that Gu Ning regarded them as her real friends, and she wouldnt hesitate to help them if they needed her help.

Even if they couldnt become as successful as her in the future, she was willing to support them and help them live a good life.

It wasnt easy to find real friends in a persons entire life, so Gu Ning cherished them.

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