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After Gu Ning drove away, Lin Fei stayed at the same place, staring at Gu Nings name card.Gu Ning!

He somehow felt that this name was very familiar and he must have heard of it somewhere before.

However, Lin Fei couldnt remember it right now so he stopped thinking about it.

He got in his car and drove back home.

Gu Ning still drove as fast as she could to get to Xiaoli Village.

Li Maosong was already waiting for her at the entrance.

He looked anxious because Gu Ning hadnt shown up for a long time.

Gu Ning parked her car, and walked to Li Maosong without hesitation.

“Hi, Miss Gu!” Li Maosongs eyes lit up the second he saw Gu Ning.

Gu Ning got there much faster than he thought she would.

They didnt chat with each other before Li Maosong guided Gu Ning to the cave.

On the way, Gu Ning didnt ask anything about it, but Li Maosong explained it to her of his own accord.

“My family lived in this small village in the past, but we moved away a long time ago to the county and we seldom came back here, especially after my parents passed away.

I only come back here on the anniversary of my parents death.”

“Yesterday was the anniversary of my fathers death, so my close bros came back here along with me.

We heard from villagers that many people come to the cave for an adventure, so we were curious to find out whats in it.

We went there this morning together, but unexpectedly encountered a large python and the accident happened.”

Nobody knew why outside people came here to have an adventure before the truth came out.

They could only hope that Guo Yiyang and Sun Chao were still fine.

As long as they could survive, Gu Ning would be able to save their lives.

Gu Ning and Li Maosong walked fast, but the cave was far away, so it took them dozens of minutes to get there.

The cave was halfway up the mountainside, so the road was rocky and steep.

“This cave isnt accessible.

Some kids often came here to have fun when we were young, but they were always injured or killed by falling into the cave, so not many people dared to come here afterwards,” Li Maosong said.

Zhao Jiangquan waited outside the cave, and he was excited to see Gu Ning too.

They believed that Gu Ning could handle everything.

Guo Yiyang was bitten by the python, and they hoped that the python wasnt poisonous so that Gu Ning would have enough time to rescue Guo Yiyang.

“Miss Gu!” Zhao Jiangquan greeted her when Gu Ning walked towards him.

“Hi, nice to see you again,” Gu Ning said.

“How far did you get into the cave when you had the accident”

“Its very deep, and we had walked for about an hour when we had the accident.

There is a cavern about 20 square-meters large and a small pond.

The python came out of the pond,” Zhao Jiangquan said.

“The structure of the cave is super complicated with many forks.”

“Great, you can wait outside, Ill go inside alone,” Gu Ning said before she got into it.

Although Li Maosong and Zhao Jiangquan were slightly worried about Gu Nings safety, they understood that they shouldnt burden her.

Once Gu Ning walked inside, she took out her night-luminescent pearl to light the cave up and used her Jade Eyes to lead the way.

Because the cave was very dark, it was hard for Gu Ning to light a long way ahead with a night-luminescent pearl.

Besides, the python and Guo Yiyang were far away from her right now, so she could see nothing at this moment.

Gu Ning didnt walk slowly, but instead ran.

She needed to save as much time as possible in order to rescue Guo Yiyang.

Before long, she reached the cavern and pond, but there were three branch roads around them, including the one she came from.

Along the way, Gu Ning didnt see Guo Yiyang, nor the python.

She thought that Guo Yiyang might have been dragged into the pond by the python.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see the bottom of the pond.

Even though the pond didnt seem large, it was very deep and its bottom reached very far.

Gu Ning failed to find the python under the water, so she thought that the python probably swam to somewhere else, so she had to keep on looking for it.

Luckily, there were traces left by the python on one of the three branch roads, so Gu Ning decided to chase it.

However, right when Gu Ning was about to do that, she heard noises from the cave.

She used her Jade Eyes at once and saw a large long creature moving fast towards her direction.

Since the python, she needed to deal with it first.

Within seconds, the python showed up in the cavern with its mouth wide open.

It attacked Gu Ning without delay and its eyes were full of greed.

Gu Ning understood that it did that because of her night-luminescent pearl.

When the python appeared, Gu Ning had a close look at it and she noticed that there was no blood in its mouth, which meant that Guo Yiyang and Sun Chao couldnt be in its belly now.

It was the best result she could expect.

Anyway, Guo Yiyang was seriously injured, and she had to find him as soon as possible.

Therefore, Gu Ning let the jiao out to fight against the python.

Although the python was large, it looked much smaller than the jiao.

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