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Chapter 1265: Did She Cheat

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Su came here alone, so she went to stand together with Gu Man and the others.

“Ill hand my papers in as early as I can, and I wont wait for you then,” Gu Ning said to her friends.

“Well, you always finish earlier than us! Im so envious of you,” Chu Peihan said.

They hoped that they could be as outstanding as Gu Ning, but they knew that they couldnt.

Gu Ning was a hard act to follow.

“Yeah, we dont dare to hand our papers in till the time is over,” Su Anya said.

Even though they were good at studying too, the National College Entrance Examination was too important in their eyes.

In fact, except for Chu Peihan, both Mu Ke and Su Anya were very nervous.

Chu Peihan wasnt nervous, because she didnt have the pressure to get high scores.

She was going to attend a film academy after all.

Although Gu Ning and her friends had the exam in the same school, they were arranged in different classrooms, so they separated after they entered the school.

It was still 20 minutes away from the first test, but each of the students was prepared and sat there in silence.

Not many of them could be relaxed because the National College Entrance Examination was held only once in a year.

If they failed this year, they had to wait for another year.

The second Gu Ning walked into the classroom, she attracted a lot of attention because of her fame and beauty.

Some students who recognized Gu Ning got excited, because they were surprised that they were arranged in the same classroom as Gu Ning.

If they had a phone in their hands, they certainly would take photos of Gu Ning.

The test began at 9 am, and would be over at 11:30 am.

An invigilator came in later, and he needed to check all the students admission tickets before the test began.

When he read Gu Nings admission ticket, he couldnt help but keep glancing at her.

The first test soon began.

Gu Ning finished it incredibly quickly.

It only took her about 20 minutes to fill in all the answers.

However, they could only hand the paper in 40 minutes after the test started, so Gu Ning had to wait for a while.

Once the test began, the two invigilators paid more attention to Gu Ning than the other students.

They walked by her once in a while, because they were curious about this famous genius.

When Gu Ning finished the paper within 20 minutes, both of the two invigilators were shocked.

Although they had heard of what Gu Ning had done before, they were still amazed when they witnessed it right now.

They didnt think that Gu Ning finished the paper without careful thinking, because they believed that Gu Ning was able to get a very high score.

Forty minutes after the test began, Gu Ning handed in her paper and left.

Her movement shocked every other student in the classroom.

Once Gu Ning walked out, the invigilator checked her paper.

He had to admit that Gu Ning filled all the right answers in the blanks.

Gu Ning was indeed a genius!

Among all the students who came here to write the exam, Gu Ning was the first one who walked out of the gate.

Because she walked out too early, many parents were surprised.

The other parents all believed that she must have failed the exam.

None of them thought that Gu Ning could finish the paper within such a short time.

They thought that Gu Ning had probably cheated in the classroom and was chased out by the invigilator.

Therefore, they began to talk about her.

“Why is she out so early”

“Has she already handed in her paper”

“I think she doesnt know the answers, so she quit.”

“She might have cheated in the classroom and was chased out.”

“Come on, she could finish her paper well before she came out.”

“This is the National College Entrance Examination! Its not easy at all.”

“I dont think she can be that smart.”

“Even if she could finish the paper so early, she couldnt get a high score without careful thinking.”

All in all, none of them believed that Gu Ning was able to finish her paper properly before she came outside.

The Tang family and Gu Man were displeased when they heard the other parents discussion, but they said nothing.

The next second, a group of reporters surrounded Gu Ning with cameras and microphones.

A young female reporter showed obvious excitement on her face.

It was obvious that she recognized Gu Ning.

“Hi, Gu Ning, you came out so early.

Does it mean that you already handed in your paper” she asked.

“Yeah.” Gu Ning smiled at her.

Hearing that, many parents snorted.

Even though Gu Ning finished the paper within a short time, they didnt believe that she could get a high score.

“We all know that you won the championship in this years national math competition.

Do you have confidence to get high scores in the National College Entrance Examination as well” the female reporter asked again.

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