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Chapter 1289: Zhang Xiaoya Is Jealous of Li Miaojia

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They didnt know the truth, so they thought that Li Miaojia had stolen the role from Zhang Xiaoya and looked at Li Miaojia with disdain.

It wasnt uncommon in the entertainment industry, but people still hated it.

“Zhang Xiaoya, dont you know what you did to Miaojia behind her back You were fired by the director, and Miaojia was recommended to the director!” Yang Yang argued.

She was afraid that Li Miaojias reputation might be damaged by Zhang Xiaoyas words.

Although Li Miaojia wasnt famous now, she could be famous in the future.

In fact, Li Miaojia had an outstanding appearance and good acting skills, so it wouldnt be difficult for her to become an A-list actress as long as she had powerful support and luck.

Once Li Miaojia became famous, Zhang Xiaoyas slander would be a stain on her past.

Other people then began to look at Zhang Xiaoya with disdain.

She was fired directly by the director, then Li Miaojia was recommended to the director.

It was completely different.

In that case, Zhang Xiaoya shouldnt blame Li Miaojia.

“You…” Zhang Xiaoya was mad, but she couldnt deny the truth.

“In addition, why should Miaojia get revenge on you Arent you clear about the reason” Yang Yang said loudly.

Only the three of them were aware of Zhang Xiaoyas dirty trick.

If anyone else found out about it, Zhang Xiaoyas reputation would be ruined and nobody would hire her again.

Other people in the room were confused.

“Bull**!” Zhang Xiaoya panicked a little.

Nevertheless, although she denied it, her reaction proved everything.

“Yang Yang, enough, I need to work now.” Li Miaojia stopped Yang Yang because she didnt want to waste time on arguing.

Yang Yang then closed her mouth.

Zhang Xiaoya didnt dare to criticize Li Miaojia again in case her dirty trick was exposed, so she left soon.

However, she didnt go far, but stood in the crowd.

She was still curious to see Li Miaojias performance.

Gu Ning went to lounge No.1, where Tang Xiaoxiao, Han Lengxuan, Bai Lin, and Su Tongnuo stayed.

They were all happy to see Gu Ning, because it was Gu Ning who had changed their lives.

Tang Xiaoxiao and Su Tongnuo were already working for Gu Ning, and Han Lengxuan along with Bai Lin would soon join them.

They got along well with each other, and didnt bother to attack one another.

Gu Ning only wanted people who were beautiful both on the interior and exterior.

She didnt allow her people to play dirty tricks in her companies.

Tang Xiaoxiao and Su Tongnuo were going to act in the next scene, but they needed to wait for a while longer because of what had just happened.

They didnt care and were willing to stay in the lounge for a while longer.

In addition, they could chat with Gu Ning.

Li Miaojia didnt need to wear too much makeup, so she walked out half an hour later.

Because she was beautiful, she looked very attractive even if she only put on a little make-up.

Li Miaojia was very satisfied with her appearance.

Zhang Xiaoya, on the other hand, was super jealous of Li Miaojia now.

She had to admit that Li Miaojia was much prettier than her, which was exactly the reason why she was jealous of Li Miaojia.

Gu Ning chatted with Tang Xiaoxiao and the other actors in the lounge for nearly half an hour.

When the scene was about to be shot, Lu Yichen came to ask her whether she wanted to see it.

Gu Ning walked out with Tang Xiaoxiao and the other actors.

Since she recommended Li Miaojia, she definitely needed to see her performance.

Visitors got excited the moment they showed up, because they were all famous actors now, and it wasnt easy for ordinary people to see famous actors.

Some extras and contributing actors were also looking forward to meeting some famous actors.

At the same time, they were curious to know Gu Nings identity.

Gu Ning seemed very close to the director, and she was able to stay with the leading actors in the same room so she couldnt be an ordinary person.

Li Miaojia was surprised when she saw Gu Ning walking out with those leading roles.

She didnt realize that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl until now.

“Oh, isnt it Goddess Gu What is she doing here” Someone recognized Gu Ning and exclaimed excitedly.

It was obvious that she was one of Gu Nings fans.

“Im so excited!” the girls friend said.

“Goddess Gu Who is Goddess Gu” someone asked them curiously.

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