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Chapter 1290: Li Miaojia Gets the Role

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“The girl with a ponytail right next to Tang Xiaoxiao!” one girl answered with admiration.

“Goddess Gu is even more beautiful than her photos!”

“Right, Im in love now.”

“Who is she Why do you call her Goddess Gu” another person asked again.

“Is she a star or something”

“She isnt, but shes more famous and popular than a star.

Shes the boss of Fenghua Entertainment and this TV series was invested in by Fenghua,” someone said.

She was Gu Nings fan, and she felt proud of Gu Ning.

“What She looks so young!”

Many people were shocked by the fact that Gu Ning was the boss of Fenghua Entertainment.

Zhang Xiaoya also rounded her eyes in shock.

It was very hard for her to accept, because the boss of Fenghua Entertainment recommended Li Miaojia to Director Lu in person.

Li Miaojia was much luckier than her.

Zhang Xiaoya was hit heavily.

If the boss of Fenghua Entertainment liked Li Miaojia, Li Miaojia could become famous in the future.

Actually, not many actors without fame could be chosen by successful entertainment companies, because they didnt have much business value.

They had to find jobs on their own.

Zhang Xiaoya also wanted to sign a contract with an entertainment company, but she didnt have the chance.

On the other hand, Li Miaojia was recommended by the boss of Fenghua Entertainment right in front of her.

Although Fenghua Entertainment wasnt very large right now, it was a well-known company in the industry.

In addition, Tang Xiaoxiao joined Fenghua Entertainment not a long time ago.

Therefore, Fenghua Entertainment had a bright future ahead.

When they were talking about Gu Ning, a staff member walked over and said, “Quiet now.

Were about to shoot the scene.”

Since they came here to watch the shooting, they had to obey the rules.

Within seconds, they fell into silence.

Gu Ning went to sit on the chair next to Lu Zhan.

Tang Xiaoxiao and the other actors sat behind them.

The visitors stood far from them, so they didnt hear their discussions.

Li Miaojia was going to try the wire work first.

If she was able to do it well, she might get the role.

Li Miaojia had played several roles in action films before, so she was already used to wire work.

The second the cameras were on, Li Miaojia began to act.

Although her movements in the air werent perfect, she finished the scene very well.

After that, she acted with another actress for a while.

Her movements, expressions, and lines were very professional and even overshadowed the other actress.

Lu Zhan nodded with satisfaction after watching Li Miaojias performance.

Once the cameras were off, Li Miaojia went back to normal.

“Very well.

You can sign the contract now before you join us,” Lu Zhan said.

Hearing that, Zhang Xiaoya was full of jealousy.

In fact, if she stayed here, she would only feel disappointed, but she couldnt help paying attention to Li Miaojia.

Even if she lost the role this time, she wouldnt give up acting.

Instead, she made up her mind to work harder and surpass Li Miaojia.

She wouldnt allow Li Miaojia to be more successful than her, and she was willing to do everything in order to be more famous than Li Miaojia.

Jealousy really made her ugly.

Li Miaojia repeatedly thanked Lu Zhan when she heard Lu Zhans compliment.

She didnt forget to thank Gu Ning as well.

“Thank you so much, Miss Gu!”

“Youre welcome.

I believe in you,” Gu Ning said to encourage her.

“Thanks.” Li Miaojia smiled.

After that, Li Miaojia went to read the contract.

“I think this girl is promising,” Tang Xiaoxiao said.

“Right, she can become popular very soon as long as she has a few good roles,” Lu Zhan said.

Lu Zhan was an experienced director, so he was confident about his choice.

Even though Li Miaojia wasnt compared to those leading roles, she was very outstanding among new actors.

It wasnt easy for an actor to gain Lu Zhans compliment.

“Since you all think highly of her, pay more attention to her.

If shes really a good actress, Ill consider signing a contract with her,” Gu Ning said.

She had a good impression of Li Miaojia, and was willing to hire her.

Compared with famous actors, she preferred to discover skilled potential new actors.

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