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Chapter 1292: Beautiful and Elegant

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At the same time, High-speed Tech also posted the news on its official website and Weibo account.

Because High-speed Tech was a newly-established company, it didnt have many followers.

So companies under Gu Nings name followed it on Weibo without delay to help it advertise the new game.

Gu Ning also followed it on Weibo.

After High-speed Tech posted the news and @(mentioned) Fenghua Entertainment, the official Weibo accounts of Gu Nings companies reposted it at once.

Gu Ning also reposted it and @(mentioned) Lu Zhan, Tang Xiaoxiao, Su Tongnuo, and other famous actors.

The moment they saw it, they reposted it too.

Not only them, but Gu Nings followers reposted it as well.

Her followers included Tanghuang Organization, Jinlin Organization, Shengshi Organization, Qinghua Organization, Heiqi Organization, and so forth.

Although the official Weibo accounts of the above corporations didnt have as many followers as celebrities, they were also influential.

Gu Ning seldom posted anything on Weibo, but she still had over ten million followers.

Therefore, the post caused a sensation on Weibo within a short time.

Some people thought that High-speed Tech might be owned by Gu Ning, but they didnt have evidence and Gu Ning didnt bother to reply to this question.

Some Internet users asked Gu Ning whether she would play the game.

Gu Ning replied that she would, so many Internet users began to say that they would play it as well.

When this post was being crazily reposted on Weibo, many people were attracted to its ad.

The novel designs and appearance of the characters in the game looked very cool.

In addition, the incidental music, the picture quality and the dubbing were also very amazing.

Not everyone was a game lover, but most people were looking forward to it.

Some game companies noticed this news as well, and felt stressed.

They were involved in the gaming industry, so they knew that Battle in the Sky was a high-quality game from its ad.

As long as this game was addictive, it could easily become popular.

Within half a day, countless people had reposted it on Weibo.

After a short while, the ad for Battle in the Sky was on the hottest topics list.

K along with all the staff members of High-speed Tech were thrilled to see the reaction.

K was responsible for this game after all, so he felt proud when it attracted so much attention on Weibo.

Therefore, K invited his staff and Gu Ning to dine together.

He was very rich, so they decided to dine in a five-star restaurant.

Because Gu Ning was free, she joined them together with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

However, she ran into Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin in the restaurant.

Although Qi Ziyue knew that Gu Ning had a close relationship with Leng Shaoting, he was still interested in her.

Tang Yaxin hated Gu Ning as usual and they only behaved themselves when Leng Shaoting was with her.

Gu Ning directly ignored them when she walked by them.

It wasnt the right time for her to deal with them right now.

Qi Ziyues friends didnt know Gu Ning, and were amazed by her outstanding appearance.

Gu Ning was dressed like a mature woman today with light make-up, so she was too noticeable to be ignored.

“Shes beautiful and elegant,” another man said.

Hearing that, Tang Yaxin was displeased, especially when she noticed Qi Ziyue looking at Gu Ning.

Tang Yaxin knocked her elbow into Qi Ziyue and glared at him.

After the meal, K and his staff went to sing together, but Gu Ning went back home.

The next day, Gu Ning met Baili Zongyang again when she was running in the morning.

“Nice to see you again, Miss Gu!” Baili Zongyang greeted her of his own accord.

“Nice to see you, Mr.

Baili,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, Ive watched many videos of you rescuing other people, youre really a nice girl.

Im also impressed by your fighting skills.

If you dont mind, can we have a competition for fun” Baili Zongyang asked.

Actually, he already had the thought when he saw Gu Ning yesterday.

He knew that Gu Ning was a kung fu master.

She didnt turn him down because she wanted to try it too.

She was curious to know how good Baili Zongyang was at martial arts.

Although Gu Ning agreed to have the competition with Baili Zongyang, she knew that he wouldnt use his full strength, so she decided to do the same thing.

In fact, even if Gu Ning used her full strength, she wasnt confident that she could win because Baili Zongyang was the most outstanding cultivator in the cultivation world.

She knew little about cultivators, but she was aware that they werent ordinary people.

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