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Right at that moment, there was a noise in the van.

Gu Ning immediately kicked the man in her hand away.

She then went to the van and opened its door.

In the car, Lin Yuehao was nervous that those hoodlums would tell Gu Ning that he was behind this, but he accidentally made some noise and was discovered by Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning saw Lin Yuehao, she knew who was behind this without asking.

She had only met Lin Yuehao several times, but she had never had an argument with him.

He must have done this for Gu Xiaoxiao.

Those hoodlums were actually going to betray Lin Yuehao so seeing that he exposed himself they were all relieved.

They were close after all.

It was difficult for them to betray him, but if they had to choose between themselves and Lin Yuehao, they definitely would choose themselves.

“Um, Its not me.

Its Gu Xiaoxiao who asked me to do this.

Please forgive me and punish her.” Lin Yuehao was a hoodlum, but he was also a coward.

He would yield to those with power.

He even betrayed his cousin.

Gu Ning had shocked all of them, and no one dared to irritate her now.

At the same time, there was another post that appeared in their school forum titled “The Man Alleges That Gu Xiaoxiao Is Behind This”.

Gu Ning took out her phone to record.

With the camera aimed at Lin Yuehao, she asked coldly, “Say it again.

Who asked you to hurt me Why did she do that And what did she ask you to do to me”


Facing Gu Nings phone, Lin Yuehao hesitated.

He knew that once Gu Ning recorded what he said, he couldnt deny it anymore.

It would ruin his relationship with Gu Xiaoxiao, but Lin Yuehao felt threatened and terrified under the pressure from Gu Ning.

He had to say it out, “Its Gu Xiaoxiao.

She called me and said that youd beaten her.

She wanted us to rape you.”

To rape her

Heariing that, everyone was shocked.

Gu Xiaoxiao was so malicious!

Although the times were different now and no one would criticize a girl who had sex before she got married, but rape was evil! If a girl was raped by strangers, her life would be ruined.

No one could bear the result.

Gu Ning let them go in the end, not because she forgave them, but because she couldnt beat them to death after all.

If they were dead under her hands, she had to take the responsibility.

If she called the police, they would probably be in jail for several days at the most.

She would also be punished for fighting.

Thus she ended it for now.

As for Gu Xiaoxiao, Gu Ning would let her pay for it.

Gu Ning uploaded the video to the forum.

Within several minutes, the video went viral on the Internet.

After watching the videos, everyone was astonished.

“Wow, my almighty goddess Gu! She beat down five men outside our school within minutes!”


“On the school forum.”

“Jesus, she is so awesome!”

Gu Xiaoxiao also noticed that her scheme went public.

When she found out that Gu Ning could easily beat those hoodlums down, she was extremely upset.

Meanwhile, she was nervous that she would be exposed.

Qin Zheng frowned tightly with mixed emotions.

He didnt know whether he felt disappointed to see that Gu Ning was safe, or whether he was concerned about her safety.

Of course, he had no idea that Gu Xiaoxiao was behind this.

He only felt confused about whom Gu Ning had bad blood with.

“Who is behind this Five hoodlums attacked Gu Ning at the same time!” Zhang Yiming asked puzzled.

“Who knows.

Unfortunately, she has survived.

I dislike her being so proud,” Fu Mingliang said.

“Wow, she is so confident.

She isnt even afraid of the Qing Gang!”

“Exactly! I admire her!”

“I think she is being arrogant.”

“I dont believe that she can beat the Qing Gang.

Shes doomed.”

It was the Qing Gang! Qing Gang was one of the two largest gangs in this country.

No one dared to annoy them.

Let along ordinary people, even powerful officials werent willing to mess with them, but when everyone watched the video about Gu Xiaoxiao, they rounded their eyes again.

All the classmates looked to Gu Xiaoxiao with one accord in amazement, while Gu Xiaoxiaos face turned pale.

Her hands trembled, and her phone fell on the desk.

“Xiaoxiao…” Qin Zheng opened his mouth, but failed to ask the question.

It was so astonishing and unacceptable.

Even though there were many people with the same name, there was only one Gu Xiaoxiao in their school who had bad blood with Gu Ning.

It wasnt difficult for Qin Zheng to believe it.

Besides, Gu Xiaoxiao was in a panic.

It was the first time Qin Zheng had found that Gu Xiaoxiao was so strange, so evil and so vicious.

He couldnt help but think that if he hurt her someday in the future, would she punish him the same way

Gu Xiaoxiao was bad-tempered in daily life.

She loved to bully Gu Ning, but she mostly humiliated her by words only.


Qin Zheng admitted that he wasnt a good person himself, but he never thought about hiring hoodlums to ruin someone for him.

Both Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang also felt that Gu Xiaoxiao was so strange and so evil now.


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