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“No, its not me.

Not me! Its slander!” Gu Xiaoxiao immediately retorted.

She couldnt admit it.

Once she admitted it, her reputation would be ruined.

Although she denied it, her face and reaction betrayed her, but just as she finished, a voice sounded.

“Say it again.

Who asked you to hurt me Why did she do that And what did she ask you to do to me”

It was a female voice.

They all knew that it was Gu Ning.

Then it was a mans voice.


After a few seconds, the man continued, “Its Gu Xiaoxiao.

She called me and said that youd beaten her.

She wanted us to rape you.”

Hearing that, everyone took a long breath in.

They looked at Gu Xiaoxiao in horror.

To everyones surprise, Gu Xiaoxiao was such an evil person.

Qin Zheng knew that Lin Yuehao was Gu Xiaoxiaos cousin.

The minute he heard his voice, he knew that it must have been Lin Yuehao.

He then watched the video.

He was right.

“No, its not me.

Not me! Its slander!” Gu Xiaoxiao refused to admit it.

Others probably had doubts but Qin Zheng knew clearly that Gu Xiaoxiaos cousin had betrayed her, which made it more reliable.

Besides, Gu Xiaoxiao appeared panicked.

No one could ignore it, and most of them started to believe that Gu Xiaoxiao was behind all of this.

At the same time, Shao Feifei and Chen Ziyao also heard the news.

Although they were disappointed that Gu Ning hadnt been hurt at all, they were happy to see that Gu Ning had bad blood with the Qing Gang.

Chen Ziyao understood that Gu Ning wouldnt let Gu Xiaoxiao get away with it, so she didnt dare to stay with Gu Xiaoxiao now.

Chu Peihan, Mu Ke and others went back to their classrooms after they finished training.

On the way, Hao Ran took out his phone noticing the videos going viral on the Internet.

“What the f*ck How dare that Gu Xiaoxiao turn to the Qing Gang for help to hurt our boss!”

“What Gu Xiaoxiao turned to the Qing Gang for help to hurt our boss”

Hearing that, they were all surprised.

They immediately gathered around Hao Ran and watched the videos.

No one was pleased to see those videos.

Some felt annoyed about what Gu Xiaoxiao had done to Gu Ning, while some was terrified of the Qing Gang.

Except for Chu Peihan.

She was more than annoyed now.

Although the Qing Gang was powerful, it wouldnt allow its members to do such immoral things, but some of those shameless hoodlums still did it secretly.

And their aim was Gu Ning, which was totally unacceptable in Chu Peihans eyes.

Chu Peihan resent those videos to her older brother at once, and let him deal with it.

Chu Xuanfeng was an important figure beside Situ Ye.

He was the leader of the Zhuque Group, which was the information center of the Qing Gang.

Even though they were all mad, they were also astonished and excited to see that Gu Ning beat those men down easily.

They all had the same idea in mind.

“Lets stand up for our boss!” Hao Ran said.

“Sure!” others agreed.

Before long, they went straight to the teaching building.

They didnt doubt whether Gu Xiaoxiao was innocent or not, because it was so obvious that Gu Ning had sent out the video, in which Lin Yuehao betrayed Gu Xiaoxiao.

If it wasnt true, Gu Ning would not do that.

They trusted Gu Ning.

Knowing that Gu Ning was fine, they didnt go to find her.

All the students were scared of them and stepped aside when they walked by.

“Mixi, if you dont want to be involved in trouble, you can go back to your classroom.

We wont blame you,” Hao Ran said to Yu Mixi on the way.

They all understood that Yu Mixi was different from them.

They werent afraid to cause trouble, but Yu Mixi was always a good, quiet student.

They didnt want her to get in trouble too.

“Indeed, Mixi, dont feel you have to do this,” Mu Ke added.

“No, Ill go with you all.” Although Yu Mixi was truly worried about getting in trouble, she made up her mind to stand with her friends.

Gu Ning treated her so well.

She couldnt be so selfish at this moment.

Even though she probably wouldnt be very helpful, she wanted to show where she stood.

Hao Ran and the others didnt insist.

Chu Xuanfeng soon discovered the videos sent by Chu Peihan.

He had witnessed Gu Ning defeat four grow-up men, so he wasnt very surprised to find out that she had beaten down those five hoodlums, but he was also irritated that someone went to rape Gu Ning for a bit of money.

Luckily, they had failed.

They had failed only because Gu Ning wasnt weak.

If Gu Ning had been a weak girl, she probably would have been ruined already.

Chu Xuanfeng had good feelings towards Gu Ning.

His younger sister and Gu Ning were close friends as well.

Chu Peihan was willing to send those videos to him, and let him deal with it.

It proved that Gu Ning meant a lot to Chu Peihan.

Therefore, Chu Xuanfeng had to handle it well.

Of course, even if not for Gu Ning, Chu Xuanfeng wouldnt allow his people to damage the Qing Gangs reputation either.

Such immoral deeds would hugely damage the Qing Gangs reputation, so Chu Xuanfeng couldnt ignore it.

Without delay, Chu Xuanfeng asked his men to investigate.

He wanted to know whether those hoodlums were from the Qing Gang, and who their direct boss was.

There were so many people in the Qing Gang that Chu Xuanfeng didnt know every one of them.

He was only familiar with the management and those key figures.

If they werent from the Qing Gang and only used the Qing Gangs influence to do bad things, he could punish them gently.

However, if they were from the Qing Gang, they disobeyed the rules and would be punished severely according to the principles of the Qing Gang.

Chu Xuanfeng knew that it wasnt convenient for Chu Peihan to receive calls since she sent those video to him through Wechat.

Thus he didnt call her.

In the first classroom, everyone was stunned when Chu Peihan, Hao Ran and others suddenly dashed inside.

Those who recognized them knew that they must be here to cause Gu Xiaoxiao trouble.

And those who didnt know their relationship with Gu Ning also understood that something terrible was going to happen, but they had no sympathy for Gu Xiaoxiao.

Some even gloated, especially the girls.

Qin Zheng had many admirers, but his girlfriend was Gu Xiaoxiao.

Many girls hated Gu Xiaoxiao because of that.


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