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After that, Gu Ning began to read the result of the investigation.

Although it wasnt easy for them to find out about Wang Zhonghangs relationship with Zhao Wei, K was still able to get enough information about it.

It turned out that Wang Zhonghang and Zhao Wei came from the same town, and they happened to know each other at a very young age.

About eight years ago, Wang Zhonghang was in his twenties and still worked in his hometown.

Wang Zhonghang drove under the influence once and hit someone accidentally causing their death, after which he fled in panic.

However he was caught by Zhao Wei.

It was a small town, and there werent enough security cameras, so the police failed to find Wang Zhonghang, and Zhao Wei also kept it a secret.

After the car accident, Wang Zhonghang left for the capital and justice hadnt been done.

Zhao Wei met Wang Zhonghang again by chance later, and learned that Wang Zhonghang was working for Colaine now.

When the company that Zhao Wei worked for planned to scheme against Kouzi, he remembered the crime that Wang Zhonghang had committed.

Because Wang Zhonghang felt guilty, Zhao Wei successfully threatened him.

In fact, even if Zhao Wei called the police, Wang Zhonghang would still be fine because it happened too long time ago and there was no evidence.

As long as Wang Zhonghang denied it, he wouldnt be put in jail.

However, people with a guilty conscience couldnt help but panic, and it would be used by others.

Zhao Wei didnt have evidence back then, but he had a recording of Wang Zhonghangs confession when they talked about it, so Wang Zhonghang had to obey his orders.

Gu Ning frowned when she learned about Wang Zhonghangs past.

Even if Wang Zhonghang didnt betray Kouzi, she would still fire him this time.

Zhao Wei also had a dirty secret, but it didnt break the law, because he only had a mistress.

If Zhao Wei was an official in the government, he might lose his job if his dirty secret was exposed, but he was a businessman with lower moral standards.

Zhuang Chuanhao, on the other hand, clearly broke the law because he had committed bribery and tax evasion.

The sales of Corydalis Makeup were quite strong during these years, and it had to pay a lot of tax.

Zhuang Chuanhao was unwilling to pay so much tax, so he made fraudulent accounts and bribed officials for him to pay less tax.

Actually, many companies were doing that, and some officials who had gained benefits from it would turn a blind eye on it.

If a company owner didnt offend someone, it would be fine, but he might be in trouble if he annoyed someone who was more influential than him.

So Zhuang Chuanhao was in big trouble this time.

Gu Ning now had enough evidence in her hands, and she only needed to wait for Corydalis Makeups next step before she took action.

On the Internet, people were still talking about Kouzis quality problem.

Although the majority of Internet users trusted Kouzi, some still had doubt.

Most importantly, the Internet Water Army was inciting people to criticize Kouzi.

Master Leng set the departure time at 2 pm, and they would have dinner with the Tang family.

Leng Shaoting came to pick Gu Ning up to eat at the Leng familys house at noon, after which they would go to the airport together.

They would take a private jet to City B this time.

However, even though they would take a private jet, they still needed to communicate with the airport earlier on in case any accidents happened.

Therefore, they had to board before 1:40 pm.

Yu Yin didnt hear of the trouble that Kouzi was in right now until that morning, but she undoubtedly supported Kouzi.

She believed that it must have been a trap.

Once Gu Ning came, Yu Yin asked her with concern, “Ningning, I just heard about what has happened to Kouzi these days.

I believe that there are no quality problems with Kouzi products, but have you found the mastermind yet”

“Aunt Yin, please dont worry.

Ive already found the mastermind and Ill make it public at the perfect time,” Gu Ning said.

“Great!” Yu Yin was comforted.

“Ningning, dont be merciful.

You have my full support!” Master Leng said angrily.

Yu Yin had told Master Leng the second she heard about it, so Master Leng was mad now.

Gu Ning was very important in Master Lengs eyes, and he was willing to give her his full support no matter what she wanted to do.

Although Master Leng was aware that business was like a battlefield, he wouldnt tolerate it when his future granddaughter-in-law was attacked.

“I wont be merciful,” Gu Ning said.

She wasnt weak or too merciful.

“If you need any help, just tell Shaoting and let him do it for you,” Master Leng said.

“I will.” Gu Ning smiled.

She never hesitated to turn to Leng Shaoting for help when it was necessary.

“Ningning, will it be fine for you to go to City B and leave your company” Master Leng asked.

“Yeah, I dont need to deal with everything myself, my staff can handle everything,” Gu Ning said.

She only needed to make the final decision when it was very important.

“Great!” Master Leng nodded.

At 12:30 pm, after lunch, they went to the airport.

It took about 40 minutes to arrive at the airport without being caught in a traffic jam, so they reached the airport earlier than the appointed time.

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