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Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second.

She didnt understand why the female star said that to her.

She didnt follow the female star all the way, but they happened to be waiting at the same gate.

The female star was aware of it, but she purposely said it to embarrass Gu Ning.

Even though Gu Ning was prettier than her, she was the female star.

This woman was really arrogant and conceited.

“Miss, Im afraid this is a misunderstanding.

I didnt follow you, but we happen to be waiting at the same gate.

I have no intention to take a photo with your nor ask for your signature.

By the way, I honestly dont know who you are,” Gu Ning said in a low voice.

She didnt want to argue with the female star in public.

“You…” The woman, on the other hand, was mad and her eyes were full of viciousness at once.

“Jiali!” The agent of the female star, whose name was Hu Jiali, opened her mouth to stop her.

As Hu Jialis agent, she knew Hu Jialis personality very well.

Hu Jiali was selfish, conceited, self-centered, and always thought that she was better than others.

She was only willing to be Hu Jialis agent because Hu Jiali was beautiful, had potential, and was willing to listen to her.

She wasnt a famous agent, so she couldnt often work with obedient artists.

Hu Jiali was unwilling to give up, but she had to listen to her agents warning, because her image mattered most.

Gu Ning also closed her mouth as long as Hu Jiali stayed quiet.

However, someone was reluctant to be quiet at this moment.

“Nobody knows who you are since youve fully covered your face.

And even if you show your face, Goddess Gu wouldnt bother to take a photo with you!” The girl, who finally saw Gu Nings face and was sure that she indeed met Gu Ning in real life, stood out for Gu Ning.

Her voice wasnt low, so she immediately attracted a lot of attention.

“You…” Hu Jiali was furious.

Gu Ning, however, was surprised.

Although she didnt think that the girl should have done that, it wasnt a bad thing because she also disliked Hu Jiali.

“Oh, isnt she Hu Jialis agent I think I see Hu Jiali too.

There is something going on.

Lets go there now!”

The girls voice attracted onlookers, and two paparazzi.

These two paparazzi came here not to take photos of a star, but to fulfill a task somewhere else.

However, it was a good thing for them to take some photos of Hu Jiali.

Hu Jiali wasnt a big star, but she still had some fame.

Without delay, the two paparazzi walked to Hu Jiali with their cameras on.

Hu Jialis agent saw that and changed her attitude in an instant.

“Nonsense! Jiali just feels exhausted right now, and she isnt in a good condition so she refused to take photos with you.

You cant blame Jiali and even begin to attack her.” She blamed Gu Ning and the girl for it.

“What did you say I dont know who she is, and I have no interest in taking photos with her!” The girl argued and felt aggrieved.

“Fine, just stay a distance away from Jiali.

She needs some space, alright” The agent put on a resigned look.

It seemed that she was innocent and people began to have sympathy for her.

Since Hu Jiali was a star, it was understandable that ordinary people wanted to take photos with her.

It was impossible that a star would take photos with fans of his or her own accord.

“You…” The girl was mad when she saw that onlookers began to have sympathy for Hu Jialis agent.

She felt quite aggrieved, but didnt know how to argue back.

Because this girl stood out for Gu Ning, Gu Ning wouldnt watch her being taken advantage of and do nothing.

Nevertheless, before Gu Ning opened her mouth, she was interrupted by someone else.

“Goddess Gu The popular Goddess Gu on the Internet this year”

The two paparazzi got excited once they heard the name Goddess Gu.

They had only seen Gu Nings photos on the Internet, so they werent sure whether they really met Gu Ning in real life.

Hu Jialis agent turned to look at Gu Ning in great shock.

Goddess Gu What Goddess Gu

She had never heard of Goddess Gu before.

The girl looked proud now and raised her voice.

“She is exactly the famous Goddess Gu.

Shes well-known for her talent, kung fu skills and bravery on the Internet!”

The girl was Gu Nings fan, and she felt proud of Gu Ning when someone finally recognized her.

Many people began to pay attention to Gu Ning now, because they had heard a lot about her.

“Jesus, shes Goddess Gu!”

“I heard that shes a very successful businesswoman now.”

“Oh, no wonder I felt she looked so familiar! Shes even prettier than her photos.”


Hu Jiali and her agent didnt know what to say nor do now that so many people started to compliment Gu Ning.

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