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The two paparazzi said with excitement, “Miss Gu, its so nice to meet you! We didnt expect that we could meet you here.

Its our honor!”

“Weve heard a lot about you!”

Gu Ning became famous because of her abilities.

“Thanks.” Gu Ning smiled at them.

“Oh, Miss Gu, can you tell us what just happened” Paparazzi A asked.

It was obvious that he already sided with Gu Ning.

Hu Jiali and her agent had a premonition at once, and wanted to stop him, but didnt know how because they were in a public place right now.

“Well, I just happened to be waiting for the plane at the same gate as this lady, so I followed her along the way.

She probably mistook me for a fan,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt bother to criticize Hu Jiali, and she had no interest in making a bitter complaint.

Nobody was an idiot, and many people realized what really had happened after hearing Gu Nings explanation.

Since it was just a misunderstanding, why would they argue over it Who caused this trouble It must have been Hu Jiali, but why would she do that

Peoples sight fell on Hu Jiali with curiosity and


Hu Jiali was mad again, feeling humiliated, but her agent gave her a glare of warning.

Although people believed Gu Ning when she said that she wouldnt ask for Hu Jialis photos of her own accord, it wasnt common that a star would refuse to take photos.

Therefore, many people were confused.

Hu Jialis agent explained at once.

“We were constantly followed by some fans earlier, and its quite bothersome.

We didnt know that Miss Gu was going to wait at the same gate as us, and we mistook her for another fan.

Jiali has been very busy recently, so she doesnt have much patience now.”

After that, she apologized to Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, were so sorry for the misunderstanding.

Please forgive us.”

Saying that, the agent even bowed to Gu Ning.

Since Hu Jialis agent already apologized, Gu Ning couldnt continue to blame her.

“Its fine.

I didnt take it to heart,” Gu Ning said.

She looked very kind and decided to forgive them.

Hu Jialis agent made an apology and Gu Ning chose to forgive them, so onlookers stopped paying much attention to this drama.

Within seconds, they all walked away in different directions.

The two paparazzi also stopped asking about it further.

Nevertheless, they would definitely report this news given Gu Nings fame and popularity.

Most importantly, it wouldnt have any bad effect on Gu Ning, so there was nothing they needed to be worried about.

Although the problem was solved, Hu Jiali was still annoyed because she was even more jealous of Gu Ning now after finding out that Gu Ning was an important figure.

Hu Jiali and her agent sat further away from Gu Ning afterwards.

When they were all gone, the girl stayed and suddenly got nervous.

“Um, Goddess Gu, can I take a photo with you I really like you.”

“Sure,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

With Gu Nings permission, the girl cheered up and took out her phone at once to take photos with Gu Ning.

“Thanks, Goddess Gu!” the girl thanked Gu Ning afterwards.

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said.

“I should thank you for your brave act earlier.”

“Its nothing.

I knew the woman did it on purpose because shes jealous of you,” the girl said.

Gu Ning was a little surprised by this girls sensitivity.

“Oh, Goddess Gu, I havent told you my name yet.

My names Cai Xiya and I live in the capital.

I just wrote the National College Entrance Examination too, and I heard that youre going to study in the Capital University, so I plan to apply to the same college as you.

If you dont mind, we can exchange our numbers,” Cai Xiya said.

She was very polite and had good manners.

If Cai Xiya planned to apply to the Capital University, she must be an excellent student as well.

“Why not!” Gu Ning was willing to get along with kind people.

She was a businesswoman, not a star, so she didnt care about it too much.

However, Gu Ning already had the idea to register a new number.

She would have two phone numbers.

One for work, while the other one for private life.

Only her good friends and family would have her private number.

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