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Chapter 1324: Will She Harbor a Grudge

Cai Xiya couldnt be happier when Gu Ning agreed to exchange phone numbers with her, which meant she had a chance to become Gu Nings friend! She couldnt wait to add Gu Nings phone number!

Hu Jiali and her agent left the crowd and her agent blamed her in annoyance.

“You almost caused yourself big trouble! Ive told you to keep a low-profile many times.

Couldnt you listen to me for once”

Although Hu Jiali was unhappy with her agents criticism, she understood that it was indeed her fault.

In addition, Hu Jialis agent said what she did for her own good.

“We dont know what the two paparazzi will write about this drama, but itll affect you without a doubt.

Post an apology on Weibo later and follow my guidance.”

“Simply say that you were followed by fans all day and you were tired of it.

You mistook her for another fan and lost your patience.

Its a pure misunderstanding.

Do you understand” Hu Jialis agent said.

Hu Jiali was reluctant to apologize to Gu Ning, but there was nothing else she could do now.

“I understand.” Hu Jiali had to agree.

Hu Jialis agent didnt talk further about it, but took out her phone to search for more information about Gu Ning.

She directly typed Goddess Gu and clicked the search button.

When she read the news about Gu Ning on the Internet, she was greatly surprised and felt scared in retrospect.

Although she had had a feeling that Gu Ning wasnt simple from other peoples reaction earlier, she was still surprised by Gu Nings influence.

“Read it yourself!” Hu Jialis agent threw the phone to her in anger.

She was really mad at Hu Jiali this time.

If Hu Jiali didnt learn to behave herself from now on, she would be in big trouble sooner or later.

Hearing her agents tone, Hu Jiali panicked a little and started to read the news about Gu Ning.

She was shocked as well.

It turned out that Gu Ning was the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry, Charm, and Fenghua Entertainment.

She had heard of all the above companies, but she didnt know who their bosses were.

Jade Beauty Jewelry was very popular these days, and many famous actresses were fans of the company.

Even she had bought several sets for herself.

The formal gowns from Charm were also well-known for its high quality and special designs.

She was involved in the entertainment industry, so she paid a lot of attention to entertainment companies and she knew that Fenghua was growing rapidly this year.

Its first film Infinite Horror brought great fame to many Z-list actors like her.

She had also had the idea to do an audition for An Empress of Military Blood, but she didnt have enough time for it and missed the chance.

She was even disappointed about it!

Although An Empress of Military Blood didnt get much publicity now, many insiders believed that it was highly likely for it to be a huge success, because Infinite Horror was a great example.

To Hu Jialis astonishment, the person she had argued with today was the boss of Fenghua Entertainment.

She was finally frightened and asked her agent, “Yan, will she harbor a grudge against me”

Given Gu Nings social status, it couldnt be easier for Gu Ning to pay her back.

She worked in a small entertainment company now, which was barely comparable to Fenghua.

Hu Jialis agent frowned worriedly, but she didnt think that Gu Ning was a mean person.

“I dont think so.

It isnt a big deal, and it wont do her any good if shes going to get revenge on you for it.” However, she wasnt actually that sure about it.

Hu Jiali deeply regretted what she had done now.

She wished that she had listened to her agent earlier.

Before long, it was time for passengers to board the plane to City Q.

Gu Ning picked up her bag and went to board the plane.

Cai Xiya, on the other hand, had to wait for a while for the plane to the capital, so she only watched Gu Ning walking away.

After that, she posted her photos with Gu Ning to her WeChat moments, leaving many of her friends envious of her.

When Gu Ning walked by Hu Jiali in the plane, she felt that Hu Jiali was looking at her in fear.

There was no need for Gu Ning to make a guess, because she knew that Hu Jiali must have learned a lot about her from the Internet.

In fact, Gu Ning didnt think that it was a serious problem, and she had no interest in getting revenge on Hu Jiali.

Just like Hu Jialis agent had said, it wouldnt do her any good if she paid Hu Jiali back.

When Gu Ning was flying to City Q, the two paparazzi released a piece of news on the Internet.

A Z-list star, Hu Jiali, mistook Goddess Gu for one of her fans and refused to take photos with her!

These two paparazzi werent mean, so they simply portrayed what had happened at the airport.

Nevertheless, it was still very obvious that it was Hu Jiali who caused the drama.

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