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What Gu Xiaoxiao had done went overbroad.

It was too influential to ignore.

Even though he wanted to help Gu Xiaoxiao, his hands were tied.

Not only Gu Ning, but also the other students in their school were waiting for an explanation.

Their schools reputation could also be affected if that thing couldnt be handled properly.

“Chu Peihan, Gu Xiaoxiao, you two follow me to the Academic Affairs Office.” He as an ordinary teacher couldnt handle it himself.

He could only bring them to the Academic Affairs Office, and hand them over to the leader of the Academic Affairs Office.

Although it was Gu Xiaoxiaos fault, Chu Peihan was also wrong to beat her.

They both needed to go to the Academic Affairs Office.

As for Hao Ran and others, they hadnt done anything, so they wouldnt be punished.

“You all go back to your classrooms now!” he said.

Hao Ran and others unconsciously glanced at Chu Peihan with worry.

Chu Peihan stayed calm.

She gave them a knowing glance.

She was used to “visiting” the Academic Affairs Office, and couldnt care less about it.

Once Hao Ran and others understood that Chu Peihan would be fine, they went back to their classrooms.

Gu Xiaoxiao was reluctant to go to the Academic Affairs Office, but she had to.

“Gu Xiaoxiao is injured.

Please take her to the infirmary first!” someone said.

Hearing that, Wang Chengqi then realized he should take Chu Peihan and Gu Xiaoxiao to the infirmary firstly.

When they had just left the teaching building, they met Gu Ning by accident.

Gu Ning was surprised to see Chu Peihan and Gu Xiaoxiao who had red, swollen cheeks, but she soon figured out what had happened.

She had no sympathy for Gu Xiaoxiao.

She only felt touched because Chu Peihan had done that for her.

Gu Ning was slightly concerned that Chu Peihan would be in trouble.

And they had been caught by the head teacher right on time.

It seemed that Chu Peihan understood what was on Gu Nings mind.

She rolled her eyes, like she didnt care about it at all.

When Gu Xiaoxiao met Gu Ning, there was still unkindness in her eyes.

Chu Peihan glared at her and Gu Xiaoxiao immediately lowered her head.

Wang Chengqi was the head teacher of the first classroom.

He had also taught Chinese in other classrooms for two years.

He remembered every student in his classes, including Gu Ning.

When he saw Gu Ning, he had mixed emotions.

Gu Ning was the victim, but he still didnt know what Gu Ning had done to Gu Xiaoxiao that made her be so cruel to Gu Ning.

He wasnt willing to jump to the conclusion that Gu Ning was innocent, while Gu Xiaoxiao was vicious.

No one would commit a crime out of the blue.

“Gu Ning, follow us to the Academic Affairs Office,” Wang Chengqi said.

“Sure,” Gu Ning answered without hesitation.

On the way, Chu Peihan and Gu Ning kept contacting each other with their eyes.

Since Wang Chengqi was here, they couldnt talk.

Wang Chengqi called the head teachers of the second classroom and fourth classroom to the Academic Affairs Office.

Wang Chengqi told them that Chu Peihan had slapped Gu Xiaoxiao, and something terrible had happened to Gu Ning.

He also told them to read the posts about Gu Ning on the forum.

When Zhang Qiuhua read through the posts, she had the same reaction as everyone else.

She was first shocked by Gu Nings extraordinary ability, then scared by the Qing Gang, and annoyed by Gu Xiaoxiaos involvement at the end.

She was also curious about what Gu Ning had done to Gu Xiaoxiao that made her be so cruel to Gu Ning, but she could only run to the Academic Affairs Office to find the truth.

Gu Xiaoxiaos cheeks were still red and swollen.

Luckily, she would be fine soon with ointment.

Although she was injured, she couldnt leave right away, because she needed to face what she had done.

Later, they went to the Academic Affairs Office.

The leader of the Academic Affairs Office was a 50-year-old man named Zhu Jian.

He was upright to some extent.

He would yield to power, and protected himself, but if the power was absent, he would be fair.

It was understandable actually.

Of course, he wouldnt hurt people on his own initiative either.

He was going to adjudicate in this mess.

Wang Chengqi arrived at the Academic Affairs Office with Gu Ning and others.

Zhu Jian glanced at Chu Peihan, and Gu Xiaoxiao who had red swollen cheeks.

He immediately knew that it must have been Chu Peihan who had slapped Gu Xiaoxiao and had been caught by Wang Chengqi.

Zhu Jian was helpless now, because he could do nothing about Chu Peihan.

In this school, he was one of the few people who were aware of Chu Peihans powerful background.

She had the gang to support her, which was the reason why she could still stay in the school even after she had been punished countless times.

“Chu Peihan, couldnt you be quiet for a little while” Zhu Jian criticized, but while still being gentle.

“Sir, not this time! Gu Xiaoxiao deserves it!” Chu Peihan argued with anger.

She wasnt afraid of Zhu Jian, but she showed her respect.

“You…” Zhu Jian was annoyed.

Chu Peihan used the same excuse every time she punched other students.

He knew Chu Peihan liked to make a big fuss over a minor issue.

Wang Chengqi was a little embarrassed.

He said, “Please read those posts and watch the videos on our school forum first.”

Wang Chengqi didnt know how to explain it himself.

It was so humiliating.

Thus he directly advised Zhu Jian to read and watch the posts and videos.

Zhu Jian knew that there was the hottest news on their school forum, so he immediately checked it.

Title: Almighty Goddess Gu Beats Down Five Men Within Minutes.


Title: A Female Student Beats Down Five Men From The Qing Gang.


Title: The Man Alleges Gu Xiaoxiao Is Behind This.


Title: A Fierce Fight Outside Our School, The Leading Man Betrays.



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