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“Alright, its meaningless to complain here.

Were not the boss, and we cant make the decision.” The project manager stopped their discussion.

Others had to close their mouths, because it was purely academic.

Many Internet users began to play Battle in the Sky once they finished downloading.

Although it was a new game, most of them were game lovers, so it wasnt hard for them to get familiar with it.

So after playing for a while, the majority were familiar with its rules.

At the same time, the new game also attracted many new game players, because it was very addictive.

The game required a high level of skills, so many of them lost after a short while and they went to leave comments on Weibo about it one after another.

“Battle in the Sky is the best game Ive ever played!”

“I agree, and I can barely put my phone down.”

“Its so enjoyable!”

“I mean everyone should try it, because youll regret it if you dont play it.”


Many people showed off their user experience on Weibo, but some still hadnt finished downloading yet.

“Oh, Im so envious of those who have already played it.”

“I cant wait to play it!”


Some people also had doubts.

“Really Is it that fun”

“I admit that its ad is very exciting, but I dont think its better than all the other games.”


“Youll know after you try it.”

“Right, dont rush to deny it, or youll regret it.”


On the Internet, a lot of people were talking about Battle in the Sky.

Within a short time, Battle in the Sky became one of the hottest topics on Weibo.

Because of the popularity of Battle in the Sky, more and more Internet users were attracted to it.

Not everybody liked it, because different people had different preferences.

Some game players thought that it was boring and gave up after playing it for a while, but they didnt leave negative comments about it.

It was indeed a high-quality game, but just not suitable for them.

Some people also complained that Battle in the Sky wasnt fun at all, and that they liked another game better.

Anyway, about 90% game players liked Battle in the Sky.

Gu Ning arrived at the capital at 6 pm, and saw missed calls and a message from K once she turned on her phone.

K called her about an hour ago, but she was in the plane at that time and her phone was turned off.

Gu Ning read Ks message at once, and K told her to play the game if she was free, because it would be great advertising for it.

Gu Ning was definitely willing to do that and sent a message back to K.

After walking out of the exit, she saw Leng Shaoting standing in the arrival hall.

“Its already done, and hes been sentenced to death,” Leng Shaoting said to Gu Ning.

“Great.” Gu Ning nodded.

Luca had bad luck and encountered Gu Ning who wasnt weak at all.

If he hadnt taken the mission from Leng Shaojia, he wouldnt have lost his life.

However, he asked for it.

On the other hand, Leng Shaojia was still waiting for his reply.

She had no idea that Luca was already sentenced to death.

Gu Ning was reluctant to go to the Leng familys house right now, because she didnt want to see Leng Shaojia.

She was afraid that she might lose control of herself and Master Leng would find out about it.

It was time for dinner, so Gu Ning along with her two bodyguards went to dine together.

On the way, Gu Ning took out her phone and started the game.

She played several rounds and won every time.

She took a screenshot and posted it on Weibo afterwards.

Gu Ning: A very enjoyable game! Is there anyone who wants to challenge me Im not available online all the time, so it depends on your luck.

She didnt hide her ID in the picture, so everyone got to know her game ID.

Once she sent out that post, it caused a sensation on Weibo.

Some went to add Gu Ning as their friend, while some simply left comments below.

“The Future Queen What a great name!”

“Its very suitable for Goddess Gu.”


Some people found that they couldnt add Gu Ning as their friends, then came back to Weibo to complain.

“I cant add Goddess Gu as my friend, because my level is too low.

My heart is broken now.”

“Goddess Gu is so unbelievable.

Her level is so high!”

In the game, only players of the same level could add each other as friends.

The game was divided into seven grades: primary grade, intermediate grade, advanced grade, god grade, holy grade, heaven grade and infinite grade.

Each grade had 100 levels.

Gu Ning was in intermediate grade now, so players in the primary grade couldnt be her friends.

“I think Goddess Gu must have played it for a long time, or she cant reach such a high level within a day.”

“I think so, and now Im starting to believe that High-speed Tech is also Goddess Gus company.”

“I had the same thought as you.”

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