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Many Internet users @(mentioned) Gu Ning and asked her about it, but Gu Ning didnt reply.

Gu Ning didnt reply at all, but they werent mad because she had too many followers on Weibo, and it was impossible for her to reply to every question about her.

If she had anything she wanted to say, she would directly send out a post so that everyone could see it.

Social media influencers all behaved like that, so everyone was already used to it.

“Its possible for it to be Goddess Gus friends company.”

“Right, many of Goddess Gus friends also repost her posts when she needs promotion.”

“I agree.”


After that, more people chose to accept this guess.

Even though High-speed Tech was really Gu Nings company, not many people were aware of it.

“Its not important.

I just want to add Goddess Gu as my friend, but her level is much higher than me.”

“Right! I want to play with her.”

“Me too.”

“Goddess Gu must have done it on purpose so that more people will download the game in order to be her friend.”

“I think Ill play the game all weak to catch up with Goddess Gu.”


Many people believed that Gu Ning did it on purpose.

It was true that Gu Ning did that on purpose, because too many people wanted to be her friends once she made her ID public.

She couldnt deal with so many people alone!

Therefore, she directly reached a high level so that only skilled players could be her friends.

It was easy for Gu Ning to reach a high level, but it was very difficult for many other people.

As a result, only a few game players could become Gu Nings friends.

In addition, she could attract more people to play the game.

She wasnt forcing her fans to download and play the game, and it was still up to them whether they wanted to play the same game as her.

They were free to say no.

If her fans really disliked this game, they wouldnt download it even if she forced them to do so.

Her fans had reason.

After sending out the post, Gu Ning also sent a message to Chu Peihan and her other friends in the WeChat group.

She suggested they play it when they were free.

Since Gu Ning recommended it, they absolutely wanted to give it a try.

Except for Yu Mixi and An Yi, the others were all game lovers, especially Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping.

Hao Ran, Chu Peihan, and Su Anya played games sometimes.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning thought of something important and called Yu Mixi right away.

Yu Mixi was surprised when she saw Gu Nings call.

“Hi, Ningning.”

“I forgot to tell you something important.

Do you want to work as an intern in the finance department of my company this vacation Its in the city center of City F, so you can go home everyday after work.

What do you think” Gu Ning asked.

Although Yu Mixi was kind of her staff member now, she wouldnt force her to do anything.

They just finished the National College Entrance Examination, so most of them wanted to relax, which was understandable.

The situation would be different after they entered university.

Many college students chose to work during their vacations to earn some money.

Some did it in order to lighten the financial burden for their families, while some wanted to learn some skills before they joined the workforce.

“Sure!” Yu Mixi was very happy to hear this news.

She had been helping her parents in her familys small restaurant these days, and seldom gathered together with her friends.

Yu Mixis parents had rented a small store outside Jiahua Garden and made it a small restaurant.

Yu Mixis father was good at cooking, so the restaurant was quite popular, and they could make about twenty thousand yuan per month.

“Great, Ill inform the company before I call you again,” Gu Ning said.

She also hoped that Yu Mixi could start working as early as possible.

Gu Ning called An Guangyao later and told him her plan.

An Guangyao agreed with alacrity and said that Yu Mixi could report for duty before 9 am tomorrow.

Afterwards, Gu Ning called Yu Mixi again and told her the time.

When Yu Mixi knew that Gu Ning arranged for her to have an internship in Shenghua Real Estate, she was surprised because it was An Yis family business.

Although it wasnt owned by An Yis family now, An Yis father was still managing it.

Therefore, none of them were aware that Gu Ning was the real boss of Shenghua Real Estate.

The second Yu Mixi found out, she began to think that Gu Ning might have a relationship with Shenghua Real Estate.

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