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“Miss, dont be so naive.

Were willing to help but youre too weak in front of powerful people.

Dont talk about duty with me.

The truth is that powerful people make the decisions,” the policeman said.

This policeman wasnt cautious at all, which was a great chance for Peng Xiaoman to collect evidence.

However, this policeman was also being very honest, and his attitude proved it wasnt an uncommon thing.

Being weak was a fault.

“Do you mean youll side with whoever is more powerful” Peng Xiaoman asked.

She always had a good impression of the police, but what had happened to her younger brother ruined it.

There were black sheep in every group and she believed that this policeman couldnt represent every policeman.

“Yeah, thats right,” the policeman said without hesitation.

He didnt bother to hide his real thoughts.

“Great, very good, lets wait and see!” Peng Xiaoman said and hung up the call.

After that, she sent the voice recording to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was also angry at this policeman, but she understood that it was a common occurrence.

If Peng Xiaoman hadnt met her, Peng Xiaoman would have to tolerate it and swallow her anger.

Actually, if Gu Ning wasnt so successful now, she wouldnt be able to do anything about it either.

Therefore, only people with bravery, power, or wealth dared to fight against evil.

Gu Ning then told Qiao Ya to pick up Peng Xinghaos injury report in the hospital.

During this time, Gu Ning told K to investigate the director of the branch of the Public Security Bureau in the southern district and the Zeng family.

They didnt need to rush, so she told K to help her collect detailed information about them.

He could give her the result tomorrow morning.

It was almost 6 pm now, so it was too late for her to go to the branch now.

Gu Ning wanted to know the addresses of the director and the Zeng family, because she wanted Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to sneak into their houses to get some evidence about their dirty secrets.

There was a lot of evidence that K couldnt get as a hacker, because he was only good at hacking into local computers and surveillance cameras.

Many people might lock their confidential documents in a safe.

Before long, K found out the basic information and addresses of the director and the Zeng family.

The directors name was Chang Bingjian.

He was born in one of the four most powerful families in the capital, the Chang family.

There were four most powerful families in the capital.

The Leng family was the leading one, and the following families were the Yuan family, the Rong family, and the Chang family.

They all held important positions in politics, business, and the military.

The four dominant families were competing against each other, because all of them supported different people.

The person who was in the most powerful position of this country would be replaced once in three years, and each of the four dominant families hoped that its choice could be the one chosen.

The Leng family was the leading family of the four most powerful families in the capital because the man in that position was supported by the Leng family.

However, even if the man in that position didnt have support from the Leng family, the Leng family was still the most influential among the four families.

Except for the Leng familys connections which were well-known to the outside, it also had a mysterious force that no outsider was aware of.

Most of the members of the Leng family didnt even know about it.

Even Master Leng only knew a little about it, because it came from Leng Shaoting.

Master Leng only knew that Leng Shaoting was the team leader of the Red Flame, and the real boss of Shengshi, but he didnt know Leng Shaotings other connections.

The Red Flame held a higher rank than any other army, so even though Leng Shaoting was only a major general, he had greater power than a colonel general.

The Red Flame only obeyed commands from the man who was sitting on the most powerful position of this country.

At the same time, Leng Shaoting also had the right to choose what to do and what not to do.

He could refuse to do what he didnt want to do.

Only the man in the most powerful position had the power to order him to do anything.

All in all, Leng Shaoting had great power and influence in this country.

As for the Zeng family, it was only an ordinary rich family in the capital.

The young man who seriously injured Peng Xinghao was called Zeng Kai.

His father was Zeng Lichang, the chairman of XX company.

Once Gu Ning had the addresses of Chang Bingjian and Zeng Lichang, she gave the task to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

Meanwhile, K continued to find other useful information.

When Gu Ning left her company, she received a call from Xu Qinyin inviting her to dine together.

Gu Ning was free, so she agreed.

Because Xu Qinyin said that they would drink tonight, Gu Ning didnt drive, and it was decided that they would hire a designated driver.

Gu Anna came with Xu Qinyin, and the two stayed together almost all the time.

Although Xu Qinyin had many friends, she seldom brought her other friends to meet Gu Ning in case Gu Ning wasnt happy about it.

After having a meal together, they went to Song Nans bar.

Coincidentally, Jiang Ruiqin and Tang Qingyang were there too.

Jiang Ruiqin felt a little embarrassed the second he saw Gu Ning, because he had liked Gu Ning before.

He knew it was impossible for them to be together, so his affection towards her faded away.

He had only met Gu Ning several times after all, so it wasnt difficult for him to gradually forget her.

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