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Chapter 1358: Brave Eagle Can Protect You

Tang Quanjun said, “Miss Gu, since youre willing to trust me, I wont disappoint you.

Youre right that Chang Bingjian and I are enemies, so Ill make full use of the evidence youve given me.”

“Great, all the documents Ive given you are copies, because I dont want the originals to be damaged.

If you need them, you can tell me then,” Gu Ning said.

“Its fine.” Tang Quanjun thought that it was a good idea to keep the originals safe.

After that, Gu Ning left.

Once she got in her car, she told Gao Yi to drive to the hospital because she needed to visit Peng Xinghao.

Peng Xiaoman just sent her a message and told her that Peng Xinghao was awake now.

Gu Ning then sent K a message and asked him to find out who Tang Quanjuns supporter was.

Gu Ning was simply curious, and she didnt need to know more about Tang Quanjun, because there was no conflict of interest between them.

Gu Ning also asked for Brave Eagles phone number.

She wanted Brave Eagle to stay and protect Peng Xiaoman and her younger brother for the time being.

She wasnt sure whether the Zeng family would cause them trouble after the case was exposed.

Anyway, since Gu Ning decided to help them, she would help them till the end.

The second Gu Ning had Brave Eagles phone number, she called him.

She briefly told Brave Eagle what she needed him to do, and told him to go to the hospital where Peng Xinghao stayed as soon as possible.

Brave Eagles name was Zhou Weifan, but it wasnt his real name.

He was a professional killer after all, so he used another mans ID card.

Zhou Weifan was more than happy to receive a task assigned directly from his boss.

He packed up his stuff and left for the hospital at once.

When Gu Ning was gone, Tang Quanjun quickly went back to his office to check the criminal evidence about Chang Bingjians crimes.

He was totally shocked the second he read Chang Bingjians notebook containing the details of his bribery.

To his astonishment, the criminal evidence was a notebook containing details of his bribery! It was fatal evidence.Even the Chang family wouldnt dare to defend Chang Bingjian this time.

He knew that Chang Bingjian had accepted bribes, but he wasnt aware of the details, and he was shocked by the amount of money Chang Bingjian had accepted as bribery.

If it was reported to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Chang Bingjian would be doomed to be put in jail.

Tang Quanjun had worked with Chang Bingjian for years, so he was very sure that it was Chang Bingjians handwriting and it had to be real.

Other than the notebook, Chang Bingjian also had a mistress and a love child, which was completely unacceptable for an official.

However, the notebook alone was enough to put Chang Bingjian in jail.

Tang Quanjun had to admit that Gu Ning was much more effective than he had thought.

Gu Ning couldnt be simple, and Tang Quanjun had the idea to find out more information about her, but he wouldnt do that because Gu Ning was very kind to him.

In fact, Tang Quanjun could simply search Gu Nings name on the Internet to learn more about her.

In order to successfully put Chang Bingjian in jail, Tang Quanjuan needed help from a more important figure because he was afraid that the Chang family would make things difficult for him.

Thinking of that, Tang Quanjun made a call before he left the Public Security Bureau.

K soon found out who was supporting Tang Quanjun, and it turned out that the person was in the same group as the Leng family, which was a piece of good news for Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning arrived at the hospital and saw Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao, Peng Xinghao looked much better but he was still very weak and he had to stay in bed for a few more days.

Peng Xinghao was seriously injured, and he recovered a lot with the help of Gu Nings magical power, but Gu Ning couldnt cure him right away, because it would be very strange and abnormal.

It would take about a week for him to make a full recovery and he could leave the hospital then.

Peng Xinghao wanted to thank Gu Ning once Gu Ning showed up.

However, he couldnt sit up at all.

“Please dont move.” Gu Ning stopped him.

Peng Xinghao listened to her and lay down again.

“Goddess Gu, I heard everything from my older sister, and I honestly dont know how to thank you.

Im willing to do anything for you in the future,” he said.

He admired Gu Ning and regarded her as his idol.

He used to think that it was impossible for him to see Gu Ning in real life, but he was going to work for her now.

He was more than happy to join Gu Nings company.

Although they still owed Gu Ning a lot of money, Peng Xinghao made up his mind to work hard to pay it back.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, he could have been dead after all.

And in addition, Gu Ning also planned to seek justice for them.

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