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Because they didnt go to sleep yet and Peng Xiaoman thought the visitor was the doctor, she directly told him to come in.

When a stranger walked inside, Peng Xiaoman was surprised and asked, “May I know your name”

Liu Yue was also struck dumb for a second when his sight fell on Peng Xinghao, because Peng Xinghao was awake and looked fine.

He had heard that Peng Xinghao was seriously injured.

“Oh, nice to see you.

My names Liu Yue, and the Zeng family hopes that I can have a talk with you about the accident,” Liu Yue said.He didnt bother to hide his intention.

However, Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao changed their expressions once they heard the Zeng family.

“We have nothing to talk about with the Zeng family.

If you want to have a talk, you can talk with the police or the court.”

Gu Ning had already told them that Zeng Kai was arrested and would be put in jail in the near future.

They were very grateful for what Gu Ning had done for them.

It was impossible that they would give it up right now.

Even though Peng Xiaoman refused to talk with him, Liu Yue still insisted.

“Miss Peng, Mr.

Peng, I understand that its very unfair, and its understandable that you hate the Zeng family, but the Zeng family is willing to pay you two million yuan.”

Hearing that, neither Peng Xiaoman nor Peng Xinghao showed excitement or greed.

Instead, they were very mad.

“If you really want to do something for us, you should have done it earlier on.

We dont care about money, and we dont want the two million yuan now,” Peng Xiaoman said in anger.

In fact, if the Zeng family had been willing to give them five hundred thousand yuan back then, they would have yielded because they knew they were no match for it.

Nevertheless, things were different right now.

Gu Ning had saved Peng Xinghaos life, and the Zeng family was unforgivable.

Liu Yue frowned, but wasnt surprised by the answer.

“Miss Peng, Mr.

Peng looks fine now, and there is no need for you to be so stubborn.

You can save more than a million yuan after the operation if youre willing to accept the compensation.”

“He looks fine now Xinghao was able to survive the fatal accident, but not because of you, and youre guilty of it forever!” Peng Xiaoman was furious.

Peng Xinghao couldnt stay calm either.

“Do you think money can buy everything Will you be willing to accept two million yuan after I kill you”

“You…” Liu Yue was also annoyed, but he didnt dare to argue with them.

“You can leave now.” Peng Xiaoman lost her patience.

“Miss Peng…” When Liu Yue wanted to say something else, Zhou Weifan walked over.


Liu, please leave now, otherwise you wont be able to bear the result.”

Since Zhou Weifan came to protect Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao, he had to do his job well when it was necessary.

Zhou Weifan was tall and muscular, which scared Liu Yue.

“Wait a second.” Peng Xiaoman suddenly stopped him after he moved a few steps outwards.

Liu Yue stopped at once, and thought that Peng Xiaoman changed her mind.

“Get your stuff out of here.” Peng Xiaoman pointed at those gifts prepared by Liu Yue.

Liu Yue was angry, but he had to listen to her.

Once he left, Peng Xiaoman called Gu Ning and told her what had happened.

Although Liu Yue seemed kind this time, the Zeng family might do something else to threaten them later.

Peng Xiaoman needed to thank Zhou Weifan, because Liu Yue was scared of them because of him.

Peng Xiaoman was a weak woman, while Peng Xinghao was injured.

If it hadnt been for Zhou Weifan, both of them might have been hurt.

Liu Yue got back in his car, but he didnt start it right away.

Instead, he called Zeng Lichang and told him the result.

“What They dont want the two million yuan” Zeng Lichang was shocked.

Two million yuan was a lot for the poor, and he was greatly surprised that Peng Xiaoman and Peng Xinghao would refuse to accept it.

“Didnt you threaten them” Zeng Lichang asked.

Zeng Lichang had told Liu Yue to threaten them if they were unwilling to cooperate.

“There is a tall, strong man in the ward, and I think hes their bodyguard,” Liu Yue said.

“I didnt dare to threaten them in front of him.”

Liu Yue was still scared of Zhou Weifan.

Zeng Lichang was disappointed, but he couldnt do anything about it.

The next day, Chen Darong called Gu Ning at 10 am.

He told her that he and his three staff members had been having nightmares these days.

He thought that they might have something evil in their store.

After meeting Gu Ning, Chen Darong began to believe in evil antiques.


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