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In addition, both Leng Shaoting and Master Leng liked Gu Ning very much.

If Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia kept acting against Gu Ning, they were acting against Leng Shaoting and Master Leng at the same time.

“What should we do now” Jiang Shuyuan panicked a little.

She was afraid that Gu Ning might refuse to give them the medicine.

Although she hated Gu Ning, she had to admit that Gu Nings medicine was really effective.

“I think father still cares about Shaojia, but hes full of anger now, so we need to wait for a while.

You should apologize to father tomorrow,” Leng Yuanqian said.

“Sure, sure.” Jiang Shuyuan nodded at once.

However, Leng Shaojia had to suffer the pain for another night.

When the Leng family left the hospital, Leng Yuanzhen, Song Wenxuan, and Master Leng sat in the front car, while Leng Yuanjin, Yu Yin, and the other children shared the back car.

Once they were in the car, Leng Yuanjin asked, “Yin, what has Shuyuan done to Gu Ning that made father so angry”

Yu Yin then told Leng Yuanjin about what had happened between Jiang Shuyuan, Leng Shaojia, and Gu Ning before.

“Shuyuan has always been mean, but Im still surprised by her terrible behavior now.

I know Shaojia was naughty and spoiled when she was a kid, and I thought she would change when she grew older.

It turns out that Im wrong,” Leng Yuanjin sighed.

“Leng Shaojia must have offended many people during the past year.

If she hadnt been born in the Leng family, she could have died many times! She should suffer the pain for a few more days to learn her lesson,” Leng Shaoxun snorted with disdain.

“I think father can ask Gu Ning for the medicine in a few days, and Shaojia should indeed learn to behave herself from now on,” Leng Yuanjin said.

She still hoped that Gu Ning would help Leng Shaojia.

Although she hated Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia now, they were a family after all.

Gu Ning sped up along the way to Phoenix Mountain.

The cliff was located there.

Phoenix Mountain was about 35 kilometers away from the capital, and many adventurers came here to climb it because of its steep and difficult terrain.

Thirty-five kilometers wasnt actually a long distance, but it seemed considerable in Gu Nings eyes right now.

If she could drive there without any difficulties, it would be fine, because Gu Ning was a skilled driver.

However, she was caught by a traffic jam halfway.

She was stuck in the traffic for almost half an hour.

Unfortunately, she couldnt put her car into the telepathic eye space and run ahead by herself in such a public place, because there were surveillance cameras everywhere.

She couldnt find a corner without any surveillance cameras around.

Therefore, she had to be patient.

Half an hour later, Gu Ning got on a freeway and continued to accelerate.

In the meanwhile, the man of the Evil Practice chased Leng Shaoting to the edge of the cliff at Phoenix Mountain.

The man was chasing Leng Shaoting, instead of being chased by Leng Shaoting.

This story began when Leng Shaoting ran into the man not long ago.

Leng Shaoting was normally free on the weekends, and he decided to see Gu Ning in the capital this weekend.

He was busy during the day, so he came back at night.

The military base Leng Shaoting stayed this time was located around the capital, which wasnt far away from Phoenix Mountain, so he needed to pass the mountain to reach the capital.

Xu Jinchen came back along with Leng Shaoting this weekend.

However, when they drove by a small village at the foot of Phoenix Mountain, they saw a group of people gathered at its entrance.

Someone was crying loudly and attracted Leng Shaotings and Xu Jinchens attention.

They left their car and walked near, then learned that a young girl was grabbed away by a man in black about a minute ago.

The girls parents failed to catch up to the man, so they had to stay here and waited for the polices help.

Knowing that, Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen immediately left to chase the man, but Phoenix Mountain was very large, so it wasnt easy for them to find him.

On their way, Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen met an injured villager, and the villager told them that he was injured by the man in black when he wanted to stop him from taking the young girl away.

Luckily, the villager was only slightly injured.

Xu Jinchen treated the villagers injury without delay, and Leng Shaoting gave him a power crystal.

After that, they left him alone because he was fine to go back on his own now.

With the help of this villager, Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen knew the direction in which the man in black escaped.

Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen ran fast, but it still took them a long time to find the man in black.

The man of the Evil Practice needed a quiet place to suck blood for his cultivation.

He couldnt be interrupted by others, or he might be hurt.

Therefore, he brought the young girl to a cave halfway up the hill and he was ready to suck the girls blood.

Nevertheless, right when the man was about to bite the young girl to suck her blood, he heard noises.

He sensed that someone was coming for him.

This place was rocky and steep, so it was hard for ordinary people to come, but he was exposed now.

Although the man wasnt sure that the thing approaching was a human, because there were wild animals as well, he hated to be disturbed.

In fact, wild animals were scarier than humans, because weak animals couldnt survive here.

Besides, wild animals smell was much sharper than human beings, so they could smell blood from a hundred meters away.


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