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“No, we wont do that.” They were close friends and they were unwilling to hurt each other, so it was impossible that they would enjoy it.

They walked in the park for a while longer, then went to Dihao Clubhouse.

A club usually became crowded after 10 pm, so it would be boring if they went there earlier.

Gu Ning didnt win a prize this time, because she was reluctant to arouse suspicion.

Anyway, they didnt lack money, and Gu Ning would pay the bill.

After staying in the private room for half an hour, they went to the underground boxing field to watch the game.

And by the time they were back in the private room, it was only 11:30 pm.

“Although the scores will be out in half an hour, I still feel like its forever,” Su Anya said.

They could apply for their dream universities once the scores were out, but they already had their ideas.

If they could successfully reach the passing marks for admission of their dream universities, it would be the best.

If not, they would have to change their targets.

Gu Ning was confident that she could be enrolled in the Capital University, so she didnt worry.

Su Anya also wanted to go to study in the capital, and her second choice was a famous university in City B.

However, there was a gap between a good university in the capital and one in City B.

Although Su Anya aimed to study in the capital, she didnt have much confidence, because she wasnt as excellent as Mu Ke and Gu Ning at studying.

Yu Mixi aimed to study in a university of business and economics in the capital, so did Mu Ke.

He would go wherever Yu Mixi went.

Chu Peihans target was a film academy in the capital, because it was the best film academy in their country.

As long as her scores werent too low, Chu Peihan was sure to be enrolled.

Finally, it was 12 am, and they used their phones to check their scores.

However, because there were too many students doing that at this time, they had to wait for a while longer.

At 12:10 am, they read their scores.

Yu Mixi was the first one who saw her scores, and her total score was 593.

It was 33 points higher than the passing marks of last year.

Although the passing marks were different every year, it wouldnt be much higher this year than last year.

Yu Mixi was very excited when she saw her total score, because it was beyond her expectation.

“Good for you! 593 is very high, and its highly likely that youll be enrolled,” Gu Ning said.

She felt happy for Yu Mixi.

After all, not everyone could be as outstanding as her at studying.

“What 593 Wow, Mixi, you can surely be enrolled in a great university!”

“Let me have a look!”

The others all approached her.

Yu Mixi thought that she might just get enrolled in an ordinary college in the capital, but now she was able to go to her dream university.

She felt like crying with excitement, but felt shy to cry in front of her friends, so she forced herself to calm down.

After that, An Yi also saw his total score, which was 564.

He could also definitely be enrolled in a great university in City G.

However, although there were also many great universities in City G, they werent comparable to those top colleges in the capital.

Su Anyas total score was 615, which wasnt enough for her to be acceptable by her dream university, but she was fine with it, because she could still study in a prestigious university in City B.

Although it was a shame that she couldnt see Gu Ning and her other friends very often in the future, it wasnt a bad total score.

Hao Ran, Qin Zixun, and Zhang Tianping had basically the same total score, and it wouldnt be a problem for them to be enrolled by their target university.

Chu Peihans total score was 653, while Mu Kes was 689, so they were very satisfied with their total scores.

Gu Ning was the last one who revealed her total score, but she told her friend to guess first.

“We can each have a guess about our bosss total score, and whoever is wrong needs to drink a bottle of beer.” Chu Peihan proposed.

“No problem!” everyone agreed.

In fact, it wasnt difficult for them to guess correctly about Gu Nings total score, because she was well-known for her unbelievable performance at studying.

“Ill do it first!” Hao Ran raised his hand.

“Given that our boss can always have full scores during the past exams back in our school, I think she can have 748 out of 750.”

“I agree with Hao Ran!” Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping said at once.

They also believed that Gu Ning could easily have a total score which was very close to the full score.

“I think its 749,” Chu Peihan said.

She had more confidence in Gu Ning than them, but it wasnt likely for Gu Ning to have a full-score essay after all, so she only deducted one point from the full score.


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