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She started her business at an early age, and already had over two billion yuan in wealth.

Her companies included Jade Beauty Jewelry, Colaine, Charm, Fenghua Entertainment, Kouzi, and so forth.

Cai Qinghua was familiar with Colaine, because he had many Colaine medicines in his home.

His stomach wasnt very well, and he would feel much better every time he took some of Colaines medicines.

To his astonishment, it was owned by a young girl! It was hard for him to believe it.

In addition, this girl was also a kung fu master and she had saved many peoples lives.

He was reluctant to lose such a talented student! Therefore, Cai Qinghua made up his mind and called Master Leng without hesitation.

He agreed to sell that calligraphy to Master Leng, but Master Leng had to make sure that Gu Ning would study in the Capital University.

Master Leng was very satisfied and agreed.

In case Cai Qinghua regretted it when he found out that Gu Nings dream university was already the Capital University, Master Leng told him to meet Gu Ning in person.

After that, Master Leng went to Cai Qinghuas home for that calligraphy.

Shortly after Gu Ning had the call with Master Leng, her principal called her.

Although the principal could check Gu Nings total score on the official website, he didnt do that because he thought it was an abuse of his power.

Accordingly, he decided to ask Gu Ning instead.

The student meeting would be held at 2 pm so the Education Bureau would organize all of the students total scores before 12 pm.

So the principal would know the result by that afternoon.

However, he couldnt wait.

The scores were released too late last night, or he would have called Gu Ning right after it was released yesterday.

The principal was shocked as well when he learned that Gu Ning had a full score of 750 points.

He knew that it wouldnt be a problem for Gu Ning to reach 740, but he was surprised that she could get a full score.

It had never happened before!

After the principal called Gu Ning, Zhang Qiuhua and more people called Gu Ning later.

As a result, Gu Ning kept receiving calls and replying to messages the entire morning.

And because they sincerely cared about her, Gu Ning didnt lose her patience.

Many of Gu Nings followers on Weibo also asked her for her total score for the National College Entrance Examination.

They all hoped that she could tell them, but it was not only Gu Nings Weibo; many of her companies official Weibo accounts also received many messages about her total score.

However, Gu Ning seldom remembered that she had a Weibo account in her daily life, because she was too busy.

And those who were managing those official Weibo accounts were just as unaware of her score.

At the same time, the Education Bureau of City F noticed Gu Nings unusual total score when it was organizing all the students scores in City F.

The Education Bureau was amazed by Gu Nings total score.

There was no doubt that she got the highest score around the country this year.

Normally, the highest total score in City F was around 700, and a full score had never happened before.

Nevertheless, although Gu Ning could get a full score, it didnt mean that the National College Entrance Examination was very easy.

In fact, it was very difficult for many senior high students to get a high score in the exam.

Therefore, Gu Nings total score shocked everyone in the Education Bureau, and they checked the result many times to make sure of it.

After that, the Education Bureau released the result on Weibo, which didnt need Gu Nings agreement.

Within minutes, the news of Gu Nings total score went viral on the Internet.

“Jesus, she has a full score.”

“I cant believe my eyes!”

“She must have the highest score in the country.”

“It has never happened before!”

“Goddess Gu is my idol.”

“I feel so proud of her.”


Most Internet users were amazed by the news, but some still held suspicion.

“A full score Seriously It cant be true.”

“I dont believe it.”


However, those suspicions didnt get much attention.

Although a full score had never happened before, it didnt mean that it wouldnt ever happen.

Anyway, most people supported Gu Ning.

At 1 pm that afternoon, Gu Ning left for her school.

There was a long banner hanging on the gate of their school to congratulate Gu Ning for her unbelievable total score.

Many students were attracted to it, and they were all shocked.

“Oh my! Gu Ning is so amazing.”

“I thought 740 would be a very high score, but it turns out that she can get a full score.”

“It has never happened before!”

“Im shocked.”


They were all complimenting Gu Ning.

And other than the students, many reporters gathered together at the gate as well.

Gu Ning wore a resigned look, but she knew that an interview was unavoidable.

Once Gu Ning showed up, many students recognized her and exclaimed in shock.

The next second, reporters surrounded her with cameras.

“Miss Gu, have you ever thought that youd get a full score in the exam”

“Well, I was also surprised by the result, because you know its very hard to get a full-score on an essay,” Gu Ning said calmly.


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