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Whether he could attract Gu Ning and win her heart remained unknown, but many girls from rich families in the living room already liked him.

Many wanted to chat with Qin Yifan, but he was in a discussion with Li Zhenyu and Li Zhenzhen.

Li Zhenyu was also in a suit.

People were paying attention to him as well, but with Qin Yifan being there, he seemed less attractive.

Li Zhenzhen was wearing a purple long tube dress with a whole set of jewelry made of medium-high-level jade of the hibiscus type.

However, there were lots of noble girls here today.

And many of them were prettier and from richer families than Li Zhenzhen, so she wasnt actually outstanding.

If she hadnt been with Qin Yifan, she wouldnt have attracted much attention.

Outside, around 20 minutes later, Qin Zixun and the rest of the boys came back.

They were all in black casual suits, good-looking, young and energetic.

The minute they appeared, many gazes fell on them.

Especially those of the young girls, each of them got excited.

Qin Zixun and other boys went to the car where the girls had waited.

“Boss, why are you taking your backpack” Chu Peihan noticed that Gu Ning had her backpack in hand when they got out of the car.

“Our gift is inside,” Gu Ning answered.

In fact, the glass with deer heads from the Qianlong period was still in her telepathic eye space.

There was something else in the backpack.

Gu Ning used it as a cover.

Hearing that, Chu Peihan then realized they should send a gift.

She totally forgot it.

The boys were all surprised too.

“Boss, you prepared a gift” Qin Zixun felt a little embarrassed.

They invited Gu Ning only to have fun, and there was no need to prepare a gift, but now, Gu Ning prepared the gift on her own.

“Im here to attend the birthday party.

Of course I should prepare a gift.

Its under our three girls names.

It isnt very expensive after all.

Relax,” Gu Ning said.

She understood Qin Zixun would be embarrassed, so she deliberately explained that it wasnt expensive to comfort him.

Since Gu Ning had already prepared the gift, Qin Zixun could do nothing about it.

Thus he didnt say anything further.

“We havent prepared anything!” Hao Ran scratched his head.

“Exactly! I feel awkward now,” Zhang Tianping said.

“Should we go back and prepare the gifts first” Mu Ke asked.

“I have the same idea!” An Yi added.

“Please…” Qin Zixun didnt know whether to cry or to laugh.

“Well, there is no time for that.

The gift can be under all our names.

Were merely students.

One gift is enough,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt mind sharing the gift with her friends.

In addition, she didnt want to cause a sensation alone.

“Its inappropriate!”

“And we didnt pay for it.” The boys said.

“Im the boss, and I think its alright,” Gu Ning said.

Now, no one dared to refuse.

Gu Ning handed the backpack to Hao Ran.

They walked to the door together.

Qin Zixun and Hao Ran stood at the front, followed by Chu Peihan, Gu Ning and Yu Mixi.

Mu Ke, Zhang Tianping and An Yi were at the back.

Others who didnt know them would probably think that they were bodyguards.

Everyone dressed up for this party, so their outfits werent actually that noticeable, but when a group of them showed up people around couldnt help paying attention to them.

And when their sights fell on Gu Ning and the girls, their eyes lit up.

Chu Peihan and Gu Ning were gorgeous beauties with elegant air.

Yu Mixi was pretty too, but she dressed like a young girl.

Men werent completely visually satisfied to see her.

They fixed their eyes more on Chu Peihan and Gu Ning.

When they stepped in the door, the girls took off their coats leaving them to the boys.

The minute they appeared in the living room, more gazes fell on them.

Men appreciated the girls, while women were mostly jealous of them.

Qin Yifan also noticed Gu Ning.

His heart lost a beat all of a sudden.

He soon got his mind back, walking towards them without delay.

He even forgot to excuse himself to Li Zhenyu and Li Zhenzhen.

Seeing Gu Ning, Li Zhenzhen was also surprised by her beauty.

She was so envious of Gu Ning, especially when Qin Yifan left her for Gu Ning.

“Zhenzhen, calm down.” Although Li Zhenyu was displeased too, he understood it wasnt a good time to annoy Gu Ning right now.

Li Zhenzhen forced herself to calm down.

Gu Ning didnt miss the looks of Li Zhenzhen.

She gave her a meaningful smile.

Li Zhenzhen immediately turned away.

“Welcome!” Qin Yifan greeted all of them, but he only looked at Gu Ning.

He was curious to see her reaction when he appeared in her sight.

However, to his disappointment, Gu Ning didnt seem impressed.

She called him as usual, “Nice to meet you, Mr.


“Hi, my cousin Yifan!”

“Nice to meet you!”

The others all greeted him.

Although Qin Yifan was a little disappointed, he didnt show it.

“Follow me please.

The party hasnt begun yet.”

They walked to a sofa aside.

Most of the guests were walking around, chatting with people and building network.

There were very few people sitting.

In addition, there werent enough seats for so many people to sit.

“Gu Ning” Right at that moment, a female voice sounded.

Before seeing the person, Gu Ning already knew who she was from her voice.

Gu Ning stopped, looking over.

It was exactly An Qian.

She was in a light blue deep V-neck gown.

The color accentuated her charming white skin.

She was wearing a blue diamond necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Her hair was fastened high in a bun.

She looked sexy and charming.

The man standing next to An Qian was Le Zhengyu.

He was also in a light blue suit.

His suit matched An Qians dress on purpose.

Le Zhengyu was as handsome as Qin Yifan.

Compared with Qin Yifan, Le Zhengyu seemed more mature.

He was more attractive to women in reality, but An Qian was beside him.

And they were apparently close, so no one dared to interrupt them.


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