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If it had nothing to do with Qin Haozhi, he wouldnt have been reported right after Qin Haozhi was reported.

However, he didnt understand how Qin Haozhi was able to do it.

Maybe Qin Haozhi knew someone who was much more powerful than him, and the person could even report it to Governor Xiao.

“Alright, as for the criminal evidence of Shen Guanglis crimes, I dont think you need to know.” Song Zheng stared at Zhao Hongwen.

“Deputy Mayor Zhao, what do you want to say now”

Zhao Hongwen remained silent.

He was unwilling to admit it, but didnt know how to deny it.

Nevertheless, even if Zhao Hongwen said nothing, it was impossible for him to get away with his crimes.

In City F, people from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection went to arrest Shen Guangli at the National Railway Administration.

Shen Guangli was reported for scheming against Qin Haozhi.

Shen Guangli was worried, but not too concerned, because he also believed that he still had support from another powerful figure.

In addition, he had already made arrangements and someone else would be blamed for his crime.

A staffer of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection asked Shen Guangli the same questions again, and Shen Guangli once more denied that he had given the file folder to Qin Haozhi.

“Shen Guangli, if this file folder has nothing to do with you, how do you explain this” The staffer turned the computer to face Shen Guangli.

On the screen, a video was playing and it showed that Shen Guangli handed the file folder to a man.

Seeing that, Shen Guangli was in utter panic and couldnt believe his eyes.

“I-I, there was no house transfer contract or a check in the file folder when I gave it to the man.

It must be the man who replaced what was inside.” Shen Guangli argued.

“Didnt you deny that you gave a file folder to Qin Haozhi through someone else” the staffer asked.

“I…” Shen Guangli stiffened in shock and realized that he had said something he shouldnt say aloud.

Anyway, it was quite clear in the surveillance video that he had indeed given Qin Haozhi a file folder through another man.

If he had admitted that he had indeed given Qin Haozhi the file folder through someone else, he might have been safe for the time being.

As long as the man took the blame, Shen Guangli could get away with it.

Unfortunately, he made a mistake.

Besides, there was other evidence to prove his crimes.

“Shen Guangli, do you admit it” the staffer asked again.

There was a camera facing Shen Guangli, so this crime would stand once Shen Guangli nodded.

Shen Guangli knew it very well, so he refused to admit it.

After that, the staffer showed him other criminal evidence of his crimes.

He had taken houses as a bribe and even paid for sex.

Shen Guangli rounded his eyes in shock, because all his dirty secrets were exposed now.

“So Do you want to admit to your crimes now Dont think Zhao Hongwen will help you, because hes in big trouble himself.

Governor Xiao is dealing with this case in person, so nobody dares to defend you,” the staffer said.

Finally, Shen Guangli lost hope.

If Governor Xiao stood out this time, no one would help him.

“Are you going to admit to your crimes or not” the staffer asked.

“I-I admit to them,” Shen Guangli said.

If he admitted to the crimes on his own, he might get a lighter punishment.

Since Shen Guangli admitted to his crimes, Qin Haozhi was proven innocent and was released at 11 am.

However, although he was fine now, the case wasnt settled yet, so he needed to stay at home for a while and he couldnt go back to work until it was done.

Once Qin Haozhi was free, he called his wife and told her that he was fine.


Qin burst into tears of excitement when she heard her husbands voice.

Qin Zixun asked Qin Haozhi whether he needed him to pick him up, but Qin Haozhi rejected it.

All they needed to do now was to wait till Qin Haozhi was home and they would have a good meal to celebrate it.

Gu Ning told them that Qin Haozhi would be back home this morning if no accidents happened, so they had already prepared a lot of nice meat and vegetables.

At this time, the female members of the Qin family were busy cooking, while Gu Ning, who was a guest, stayed in the living room and chatted with Qin Haozheng.

Qin Haozhi called Yuan Jisong later, because Yuan Jisong stood out for him this time as well.

Knowing that Qin Haozhi was fine now, Yuan Jisong was also relieved.

The moment Qin Haozhi showed up in his home, his family welcomed him with smiles and hugs.

Luckily, Qin Haozhi was still in good condition even though he lost his freedom for the past few days.

His family was relieved seeing that he was fine.

“Haozhi, you should thank Gu Ning.

Without her help, you might have been kept in the police station for years!” Qin Haozheng said,

Hearing that, Qin Haozhi was surprised, because he always thought that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection had discovered the truth and he was impressed by its efficiency this time.


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