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Normally, step-parents wouldnt treat their step-children very well.

“Very well, in fact…” Gu Ning said, and realized why Hu Jiarong asked that question.

She wanted to explain something, but a womans voice interrupted her.



A rich lady greeted Gu Man, and came over with her two friends.

They had been looking for a vacant table and noticed Gu Man by a glance, so they walked over to greet her.

“Nice to see you, Mrs.


“Nice to see you too, Mrs.

Qu, Mrs.

Zhuang, and Mrs.

Yu.” Gu Man stood up at once and smiled at them.

“Please seat yourself, Mrs.


We all know that youre pregnant,” Mrs.

Qu said and helped Gu Man sit back down.


Qu had a good relationship with Gu Man, and they sometimes gathered together, so it wasnt a secret that Gu Man was carrying her second baby now.

Hu Jiarong didnt know Mrs.

Qu, but she recognized Mrs.

Zhuang, who was a real super-rich lady.

Although Hu Jiarong recognized Mrs.

Zhuang, Mrs.

Zhuang didnt know her, so she didnt dare to greet Mrs.


Hu Jiarongs family was rich with over a hundred million yuan in assets, but it was nothing compared with a real super-rich family.

And even though Hu Jiarong was arrogant, she wasnt dumb.

To her astonishment, Mrs.

Zhuang was very polite towards Gu Man, which meant that Gu Man might be in the same circle with them.

Hu Jiarong couldnt believe, nor accept it, because Gu Man would be in a much higher class than her if that was the case.

“Oh, hi, Miss Gu!” Mrs.

Qu moved her sight to Gu Ning and politely greeted her too.

“Nice to see you, Mrs.

Qu.” Gu Ning stood up.


Qu was older than her and she shouldnt forget her manners even though there was a huge gap between Mrs.

Qus family and the Tang family.

“I heard that Miss Gu is the highest scorer this year, congratulations!” Mrs.

Qu complimented Gu Ning.

Hu Jiarong, however, was totally shocked when she heard it.

She couldnt believe that Gu Ning was the top scorer this year, because Gu Ning only told her that she could get into a good university.

Actually, it wasnt a lie, because Gu Ning could indeed get into a good university, the best university in their country to be specific.

She was just being modest, and it wasnt her fault.

“Miss Gu is the most outstanding young girl Ive ever seen before! I wish my son could be as diligent and smart as you,” Mrs.

Zhuang said.


Tang, were all envious of you.”

“Thanks, Im flattered.” Gu Man smiled.

“Alright, we shouldnt be bothering Mrs.

Tang any longer.

We can gather together again when were free,” Mrs.

Yu said, because she noticed that Gu Man was here with her friend.


Qu and Mrs.

Zhuang excused themselves at once.

“Right, Mrs.

Tang, see you,” Mrs.

Qu said.

“See you around,” Gu Man said.

When they were gone, Hu Jiarong was still in shock.

Hu Jiarongs daughter, instead, stared at Gu Ning curiously.

“Youre the top scorer this year”

“Yeah.” Gu Ning nodded.

Hu Jiarongs daughter was a nice girl, so Gu Ning didnt mind being friendly to her.

Even though Hu Jiarong was very unkind towards Gu Man, Gu Ning wouldnt be mad at her daughter because of it.

“Wow, youre awesome! Youre better than my older cousin.

He only gets a total score of nearly 600 points,” Hu Jiarongs daughter said and pouted.

“I dont like studying.”

She was very bold and funny.

Gu Ning was amused by her expression, but she understood that not everyone liked studying.

Nevertheless, an academic certificate was prerequisite for work.

At this time, Hu Jiarong suddenly said in an acidic tone, “Gu Man, since youre a friend of so many super-rich ladies, you must have married into a super-rich family as well.”

Gu Man frowned and felt displeased.

It seemed that her old schoolmate wasnt really a friend!

“Yeah.” Gu Man curbed her anger.

“Good for you! There is a super-rich man who doesnt care about your history and your kid with another man,” Hu Jiarong said.

She couldnt hide her jealousy of Gu Man anymore.

Gu Man was annoyed by her tone, but remained silent.

Hu Jiarong continued, “Oh, is this your husbands second marriage Does he have any other kids Will your daughter get some of his wealth”

In Hu Jiarongs eyes, no man was willing to marry a single mother at his first marriage.

Actually, Hu Jiarongs husband had married once before, and Hu Jiarong married him for his money.

In addition, her husband didnt have other kids, so her daughter could inherit his legacy.

However, she still felt jealous of Gu Man because it turned out that Gu Man lived a better life than her.


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