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This boys brown-nosers didnt know Leng Shaoting, but they knew that Leng Shaoting must be a man of power from the boys attitude towards him.

When Gu Ning turned around, she was surprised to find that the boy who was pushed out to the main road was Gu Qingyun.

What a coincidence!

Although Gu Ning didnt get along with Gu Qingyun and she wasnt sure whether he hated her because of what had happened to Gu Xiaoxiao, she already forgave Gu Qinxiang and wouldnt regard Gu Qingyun as her enemy.

In Gu Qinxiangs family, Gu Qingyun had the least conflict with Gu Ning.

Therefore, if Gu Qingyun needed her help, she wouldnt mind giving him a helping hand.

“N-Ningning” Gu Qingyun was also greatly surprised that he ran into Gu Ning today.

He disliked Gu Ning before and had bullied her as well, but Gu Qinxiang told him that Gu Ning had helped his family a lot.

If it hadnt been for her, his family would have fallen into poverty.

Accordingly, he held no hatred towards Gu Ning.

Instead, he felt guilty for what he had done to her.

The boy had a premonition when he saw Gu Qingyun talking with Gu Ning.

He was surprised that Gu Qingyun could have a relationship with Leng Shaotings friend.

Although Gu Qingyun didnt have a direct relationship with Leng Shaoting, Leng Shaoting wouldnt stand aside and do nothing since he was his friends friend.

“Tell me what happened” Gu Ning asked Gu Qingyun.

She looked calm and showed concern for him.

Gu Ning saw that Gu Qingyun had no hatred towards her now from his expression.

Although she didnt care about how Gu Qingyun thought of her, she wouldnt mind being friendly to him if he had a good attitude.

Moreover, Gu Qingyun obviously wanted to have a good relationship with her, who was an influential relative.

“I just had conflict with my schoolmates,” Gu Qingyun said with hesitation.

He was a little afraid of his schoolmates.

After all, his schoolmate who found fault with him was from a powerful family in the capital.

Even though Gu Ning could help him out this time, it was possible that his schoolmate would take revenge after being humiliated afterwards.

Gu Ning couldnt help him forever.

Besides, Gu Qingyun wasnt very sure whether Gu Ning really forgave him.

“I need to know the details,” Gu Ning said in a domineering tone.

When Gu Ning was talking with Gu Qingyun, his schoolmates didnt dare to say a word.

The boy who pushed him into the main road was even trembling in fear.

He knew that he was doomed to be punished, but he still hoped that Leng Shaoting would punish him lightly.

Gu Qingyun was a little afraid of Gu Ning, so he had to tell her everything.

Even if Gu Ning couldnt help him, it wouldnt end badly anyway.

Therefore, Gu Qingyun took a long breath in before he said, “I have a girlfriend whos the most beautiful girl in our grade.

Shes also smart and easy-going, so shes quite popular among the boys.

My schoolmate was just forcing me to break up with her, but I didnt agree, so he pushed me.” Saying that, Gu Qingyun felt very lucky that he ran into Gu Ning tonight.

Hearing that Gu Qingyuns girlfriend was the most beautiful girl in their grade, Gu Ning wasnt surprised.

Gu Ning was gorgeous so it was totally reasonable that the others in the Gu family were also attractive.

Gu Qingyun was very handsome, so it was highly likely for his girlfriend to be pretty.

“Um, Qingyun, Im so sorry about what just happened.

Its all my fault, and I promise that it wont happen again.

Please forgive me this time.” Gu Qingyuns schoolmate begged him.

In fact, he was too scared of Leng Shaoting.

If he continued to bully Gu Qingyun, Leng Shaoting might be mad at him, and his family would be in trouble if he offended Leng Shaoting.

Although his family was very rich and he often bullied his schoolmates because of that, his family wasnt comparable to the Leng family at all.

Gu Qingyun was surprised by his attitude, but he said nothing and turned to look at Gu Ning.

He needed to know what Gu Ning thought.

“What do you think” Gu Ning asked for Gu Qingyuns opinion instead.

“I-I have no idea.” Gu Qingyun was honest.

“Can I make the decision here” Gu Ning kindly asked.

“Sure.” Gu Qingyun agreed right away.

Even though he could have been seriously injured because of his schoolmate, he was safe and fine now.

It wouldnt do him any good if they severely punished his schoolmate.

Moreover, his schoolmate showed a good attitude and apologized with sincerity, so Gu Ning decided not to punish him this time.


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