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In their eyes, the persons family background was the most important factor in the marriage, but his or her appearance also mattered.

“I dont understand why there are so many people who always mix their childrens marriage with their familys business.”

“I dont think their children can have a happy marriage if they put benefits ahead of happiness.”

“A marriage without love cant last!”

“Money is good, but life is long.”

“I agree, and happiness plays an important role in ones life too.”


Some guests also began to talk about Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyue.

“They must be in love since theyre going to marry each other, although there is a huge gap between them.”

“Right, Im also willing to marry my true love without caring how much money he has.”

“True love Seriously I dont think so.”

“Come on, true love really exists.”

“I know, but it doesnt often happen.”

“Men are more realistic than women, and they always marry in order to climb up the social ladder.

I learned this lesson from personal experience.”

Actually, there were all kinds of people in this world, and having a happy marriage depended on ones luck.

Some people changed completely after marriage, which often happened nowadays.

Therefore, everyone should be careful before walking into a marriage.

Although the Tang family was a super-rich family in the capital, not every member in high society had a good relationship with it.

In addition, there were too many influential people in the capital, so only a third of them attended todays wedding.

There were three kinds of people among the present guests today.

The first kind was those who were familiar with Tang Bingsen, the second kind was business partners of the Tang Organization, while the third kind was his acquaintances.

In fact, most of the guests were his acquaintances.

As for those who were in a higher position than Tang Bingsen, Tang Bingsen didnt have the courage to invite them to come.

For example, the four dominant families and the top officials in the capital werent in the same circle as him.

Even the Xu family didnt show up at the party, and the Tang family could only invite some other super-rich families at the same level as it to come.

Other super-rich families at the same level as the Tang family simply sent a young member to represent them and join in the party, so as to not embarrass Tang Bingsen.

All in all, this wedding held by the Tang family was still a big event in the capital.

When Tang Bingsen chatted with his guests, his guests kept congratulating him on his daughters wedding.

Not every guest had a good relationship with Tang Bingsen, and some guests had conflicts with him in business.

However, they knew how to create a cheerful atmosphere on the surface.

They werent arch enemies after all.

“Chairman Tang, I really admire your tolerance.

You dont care about your son-in-laws family background at all,” an owner of a famous company joked in an


acidic tone.

In fact, the act of marrying someone of a lower social and economic class would only be joked about in high society.

In their eyes, poor people were inferior to them.

“Chairman Lu, I dont need to use my daughter to develop my family business, so I dont care about my son-in-laws background.

As long as they can be happy together, they have my best wishes,” Tang Bingsen said and curbed his anger.

It was a complete lie.

He indeed didnt need Tang Yaxin to help him develop his family business, because Tang Aining had been doing that.

Without Tang Ainings effort, the Tang family couldnt have developed so rapidly.

No matter how much he disliked Tang Aining, Tang Aining was his daughter, but unfortunately not many of his friends were aware of it.

Chairman Lu was struck dumb for a second, and didnt know what to say.

However, what Tang Bingsen just said offended other successful businessmen around them, because they all needed their children to help them improve their family business.

However, although they did that, none of them were willing to admit that it was an alliance.

Tang Bingsen knew that it wasnt a pleasant topic, so he dropped it right away.

Chairman Lu had no intention to talk about it further either.

At this moment, Tang Qingyang walked over, and Jiang Ruiqin and Song Nan followed him.


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