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At this moment, Tang Bingsen had no mood to say good-bye to his guests, so he told his people to do that for him.

As a member of the Tang family, Tang Qingyang couldnt leave right away.

He was supposed to stay and comfort his relatives.

“Lets celebrate in my place tonight.” Song Nan said before he left Tang Qingyang.

Although it was nothing compared with Tang Qingyangs plan, they still felt happy when Tang Bingsen was humiliated in public.

“Sure.” Tang Qingyang agreed.

Tang Bingjiangs family also stayed.

Tang Bingjiang didnt walk to Tang Bingsen until all the other guests were gone.

“Bingsen, its fine, we can find them.”

Tang Bingjiang didnt know much about Gu Ning, so he believed that it was very easy for the Tang family to catch her and Qi Ziyue.

However, it was super hard in Tang Bingsens eyes.

Gu Ning wasnt a common woman, she was a strong enemy.

Tang Bingjiang knew nothing about its complexity, but Tang Bingsen didnt bother to explain it right now.

Although Tang Bingsen was angry and impatient, he didnt vent his anger on Tang Bingjiang and told his family to go home earlier.

Tang Bingjiang listened to him and left with his family.

Tang Qingyang also walked out.

When Qi Ziyue ran to the parking lot, he quickly got into his car and drove it away.

Those bodyguards who were chasing him also got in a car.

Gu Ning took a taxi instead, because nobody paid much attention to her on her way out.

It was just the beginning of her revenge, and she was in a very good mood now.

She sent K a message and told him to focus on the direction in which Qi Ziyue escaped.

She didnt chase Qi Ziyue right now, but decided to meet him after K found where he stopped and stayed after escaping.

At the same time, she needed to know the ward and the hospital that Tang Yaxin was admitted to.

Gu Ning told K to upload the sex photos onto the Internet.

Whether the reporters would do it or not, she wouldnt hesitate to spread it abroad.

K was a top hacker, so it was impossible for Tang Bingsen to find him.

Since they were determined to make it a piece of big news, K wouldnt simply upload those nude pictures to the Internet.

He needed to make it one of the hottest topics in social media.

Internet users were quite interested in scandals, so it would undoubtedly go viral within a short time.

[Exclusive: A shocking scandal erupted at the Tang familys wedding in the capital.

There are many nude pictures of the bride and the bridegroom everywhere!]

Those photos of Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin having sex with other men and women were attached to the news, but some parts of their bodies were pixelated.

The content of the news mainly introduced the story that happened at Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxins wedding today.

Because of the Tang familys influence, many entertainment influencers on Weibo reposted the news at once.

Within minutes, it became the top of the hottest topics on Weibo, and more and more Internet users were attracted to this shocking scandal.

“Oh my eyes!”

“Its disgusting.”

“Im eating, and now Ive lost my appetite.”

“Since theyre playing around with other men and women behind each others back, they arent in love at all.”

“Why do they still want to get married”

“For wealth and more benefits of course.”

“I dont understand the rich peoples world.”


After reading the content, Internet users began to talk about Qi Ziyues aim.

“Qi Ziyue married Tang Yaxin simply to steal the Tang familys property and take his revenge!”

“Its shameless!”

“Hes an evil man, and he has no loyalty towards his partner, but why is Tang Yaxin willing to marry him”

“I think shes cheating on him as well.”

“Neither of them is loyal.”

“Betrayal is so common nowadays.”


Some Internet Users also noticed the appearance of “Tang Aining” at the wedding.

“Wow, Tang Bingsen has another daughter!”

“Is she his older daughter Why is he hiding his older daughter from the public”

“Everyone only knows that Tang Yaxin is the heir of the Tang family, but now it seems different.”


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