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Gu Ning already achieved her aim, so there was no need for her to stay.

The amount of drugs wouldnt kill Qi Ziyue right away, but he would be tortured for a long time.

What was worse was that it was possible that he would hurt himself because of the hallucinations caused by the drug.

Gu Ning didnt care about him at all, and only felt happier when Qi Ziyue was in a lot of pain.

If Qi Ziyue died, the revenge for Tang Ainings death would be successful.

Gu Ning wasnt worried that Qi Ziyue might call the police and report her for keeping drugs, because nobody would believe the account of a man who was on drugs.

In addition, the Tang family was searching for Qi Ziyue right now, so he didnt dare to show up in public.

Qi Ziyue had lost his reason now, and Gu Ning was afraid that he might hurt Chen Yunlin, so she went back to the study and untied Chen Yunlin, then she locked the door of her study from the inside.

Afterwards, she left from the window.

Gu Ning had only spent a dozen minutes in the house so it was still before 9 pm when she left.

She had already told Tang Qingyang that she would arrive at Song Nans bar before 10 pm, so she had enough time.

Gu Ning needed to deal with something important, so Tang Qingyang didnt mind.

Xu Qinyin came to Song Nans bar by taxi, because she wanted to drink tonight.

Right when she got out of the taxi, she ran into Shen Baixiang and several of his friends.

“Qinyin, what a coincidence!” Shen Baixiangs eyes lit up at once.

After knowing Xu Qinyins real family background, Shen Baixiang seized every chance to form a good relationship with Xu Qinyin.

Unfortunately, Xu Qinyin had a very bad impression of him, and lost interest in him.

Shen Baixiang just came back from a business trip and planned to have a gathering with his friends, so he was surprised when he met Xu Qinyin here.

Xu Qinyin, on the contrary, was unwilling to see him again.

Nevertheless, out of good manners, she still gave him a response.


“Oh, hi, Qinyin, do you remember me” a woman in Shen Baixiangs group greeted Xu Qinyin all of a sudden, but her tone was quite unkind.

“Sure, youre quite famous back in our school, so its hard to forget you,” Xu Qinyin said.

Xu Qinyin was indeed a well-behaved girl from a super-rich family, while the woman looked mean and aggressive.

Her name was Luo Xueshan, and she went to the same university as Xu Qinyin before.

Luo Xueshan sneered arrogantly.

“Dont say that.

I always remember you.

To be honest, youre much prettier than me.” Luo Xueshan complimented Xu Qinyin insincerely.

Although Luo Xueshan wasnt as pretty as Xu Qinyin, she was very beautiful too.

When they were studying in the same college, she gained a lot of fame because she was excellent at dancing.

In fact, Luo Xueshan used to have the idea to join the entertainment industry.

However, there were countless beautiful women in the entertainment industry, so it wasnt easy for her to become popular.

Her family didnt approve of it either.

Luo Xueshans parents were working in a public institution.

Even though they didnt hold important positions in the government, they stuck to traditional values and believed that it was humiliating for their daughter to be a star in the entertainment industry.

Luo Xueshan didnt dare to go against her parents, so she listened to her parents and got a job in a bank.

Compared with ordinary jobs, she had a good salary and treatment in a bank, so she always thought that she was better than other ordinary people.

Luo Xueshan wasnt aware of Xu Qinyins family background, or she would be embarrassed by her stupid superiority.

In Luo Xueshans eyes, Xu Qinyin was simply a beautiful girl from an ordinary family.

In the group that came, only Shen Baixiang and Luo Xueshan knew Xu Qinyin and only Shen Baixiang was clear about Xu Qinyins family background.

In order to achieve his goal, he kept it a secret and didnt remind Luo Xueshan to behave herself.

Luo Xueshan also disliked Xu Qinyin because she knew that Xu Qinyin used to admire Shen Baixiang too.

However, Luo Xueshan didnt confess her love to Shen Baixiang, because she knew that Shen Baixiang had a very high standard for his girlfriend.

She was afraid that she couldnt be his friend any longer if she confessed her love to him and he rejected her.

She also knew that Shen Baixiang had already rejected Xu Qinyin, but she still felt displeased when she saw that he looked very happy to see Xu Qinyin again.

“Its hard to see you again.

Why dont we have a drink together” Shen Baixiang invited Xu Qinyin.

Hearing that, Luo Xueshan was annoyed once more.

“No, thanks.

I came to meet my friends,” Xu Qinyin said without hesitation and deliberately kept a distance from Shen Baixiang.

Xu Qinyin had only confessed her love to Shen Baixiang before because she didnt know much about him at that time.

Once she saw Shen Baixiangs real colors, she felt disgusted and didnt want to see him again.

Shen Baixiang was annoyed when Xu Qinyin turned him down because he was very proud.

“Qinyin, were friends too, right”


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