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It was difficult and time-consuming for cultivators to go up in levels, so a magical pill could help them a lot.

However, there was only one alchemist in the cultivation world, and it wasnt easy to make a magical pill.

Even if a magical pill was successfully made, not everyone could get it.

Ordinary cultivators could only try to get it by joining in the kung fu competition.

The top three prizes were magical pills of different levels.

Magical pills included marrow washing magical pills, restoring magical pills, soul nourishing magical pills, energy storing magical pills, rebirth magical pills, spirit gathering magical pills, etc.

There were many other kinds of magical pills, but the alchemists ability was limited and he could only make some basic magical pills.

The most effective magical pills were spirit gathering magical pills, which were also the important magical pills on cultivators way to go up in levels.

The champion of the kung fu competition could get a spirit gathering magical pill.

The second prize was an energy storing magical pill.

The third prize was a soul nourishing magical pill.

An energy storing magical pill could help a cultivator get10% more of his energy.

About three years ago, Baili Zongyang won the championship and he got an energy storing magical pill.

He didnt take it himself, but gave it to his father.

Therefore, Baili Zongyangs father already passed the period of turning qi into energy and became one of the rare top cultivators in the cultivation world.

After all, the majority of cultivators couldnt reach the period of turning qi into energy.

Magical power was harder and harder to get now, so it was very difficult for cultivators to improve themselves.

Only several senior members of the four dominant families in the cultivation world had the chance to accumulate that much magical power in the past.

The patriarch of the Baili family was Baili Qifeng, and he was at the highest level among other senior members in the four dominant families.

As a result, the Baili family held a higher position than the other three families in the cultivation world.

In addition, there were more skilled cultivators in the Baili family than in other powerful families.

In the Dongfang family, only one senior member passed the period of turning qi into energy.

As for the young generation in the Dongfang family, not many were outstanding among their peers.

Therefore, the Dongfang family relied on its patriarch to hold an important position in the cultivation world.

Baili Zongyang was the top young cultivator in the cultivation world, followed by Dongfang Ziyu, so the Dongfang family ranked second place right next to the Baili family.

The elite group in the cultivation world was called Tiandaozong, and there were eight senior cultivators who were in the period of turning qi into energy and three in the period from concrete to abstract in it.

There were many masters in Tiandaozong because it had the alchemist, and they had the priority to get magical pills before other cultivators.

In addition to magical pills, they were also talented and paid a lot to improve themselves.

Dongfang Ziyu put on a serious expression when Wu Shunhua mentioned the competition, because it was very important in her eyes.

She was stuck in the primary period of turning qi into energy for almost a year, which was very common, but she lost her patience.

After all, it was harder for them to find magical power now, so everything developed slowly.

If she could get the magical pill, she could directly reach the last phase of turning qi into energy.

She wished that she could pass that period and reached a higher level, but it was nearly impossible.

There was a rule set by the host of the competition that the previous champions couldnt take part in the game again.

In that case, Dongfang Ziyu was confident that she could win the first prize this year.

She was ranked second last time.

However, nobody knew whether someone else would surpass her.

Many things could have happened in the past three years, and every cultivator was working hard to improve himself or herself.

Therefore, Dongfang Ziyu still needed to be well-prepared.

“Did you see Baili Zongxue again” Dongfang Ziyu asked all of a sudden.

She believed that Baili Zongxue came for Gu Ning as well, so she was afraid that the Baili family might get the magical power from Gu Ning before her.

The four dominant families didnt have a close relationship with one another in private, and they were competitors.

“No, I didnt see her,” Wu Shunhua said.

Wu Shunhua failed to see Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue again because of his bad luck.

In fact, Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue often showed up together, but Wu Shunhua came when they were already gone.

They also ran in the morning, but they accidentally didnt go back to Century City last night, so Wu Shunhua couldnt see them this morning.

“Fine, spy on Gu Ning.

I need to go back to the cultivation world for a while.

Call me once you have any news,” Dongfang Ziyu said.

Because the cultivation world was totally different from the mortal world, she couldnt charge a smartphone there and could only carry a smartphone with full energy with her.

They could also only carry some small stuff with them, because the space of the portal passage was limited.

“No problem.” Wu Shunhua agreed.

Wu Shunhua wasnt a member of the Dongfang family and he wouldnt participate in the competition either, so he was free and could stay outside as long as he wanted.

After that, Dongfang Ziyu left.


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