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“Its fine.” Since the Dongfang family was already aware of Gu Nings existence, it wasnt important even if their relationship with Gu Ning was exposed.

“Great, Ill invite her to dine together this afternoon,” Baili Zongxue said.

Gu Ning finished her breakfast at home before she went to her company, with Wu Shunhua following her along the way.

She arrived at her company at 8:15 am, and saw a group of people arguing loudly outside of her companys office building.

She told Gao Yi to stop the car, then got out with Qiao Ya.

In the distance, Gu Ning noticed an aged couple arguing with a 24-year-old girl who was a staff member of her company.

Gu Ning didnt know which department she worked in, but there was a staff badge hanging on her chest.

Before long, several security officers went to stop the aged couple and protected the girl behind them.

All the security officers in the Shengning Organization were retired soldiers, so the aged couple was no match for them.

“You have no sense of gratitude at all! I raised you, and now your older brother needs your help for his marriage.

Shouldnt you help him How dare you refuse to do that!” The old woman was quite aggressive.

At this time, Song Manni walked out.

She was the HR manager now.

Gu Ning wanted to see Song Mannis ability in such a messy situation, so she didnt stand out right away.

“How dare you come here again Ive never seen such disgusting parents like you before! You only care about your son, and ignore your daughter.” Song Manni criticized them.

It was obvious that it wasnt the first time that this aged couple had been here.

In fact, this aged couple had already blocked the girl, whose name was Lin Jiayu, outside the office building yesterday, and Song Manni helped her out back then.

Therefore, Song Manni knew the real reason why they came here and felt angry about it.

Lin Jiayus parents valued their son above their daughter, and they even tried to force Lin Jiayu to marry a rich old man for money which would be used for their sons marriage.

The old rich man was violent and had divorced three times before.

They simply wanted to sell Lin Jiayu for money and didnt care about her feelings at all.

Not every parent was a good parent.

Some parents were evil and didnt treat their children equally.

Although the onlookers didnt know many details, they realized that Lin Jiayu was quite unlucky and had a pair of evil parents once they heard that her parents wanted to sell her for money for her older brothers marriage.

“Jesus, her parents are so disgusting.”

“They are not qualified parents.”

“They cant sell their daughter for money!”

“Its evil and unacceptable.”


Hearing peoples criticisms, Lin Jiayus parents changed their expressions and felt furious from the humiliation.

“Its none of your business! Shut your mouth!” shouted Lin Jiayus mother.

It was indeed their familys affair, but their dirty secret was exposed in public.

“You keep causing our company trouble, so we must stop you from doing that! If you dont leave right now, Ill call the police,” Song Manni said.

Song Manni wanted to help Lin Jiayu, but it was her familys affair after all, and it relied on Lin Jiayu to fight it back.

Lin Jiayu must be strong to protect herself from her evil parents.

If Lin Jiayu was too weak and gave in, nobody could help her out.

Lin Jiayus parents panicked a little but still argued.

“Dont scare us! Shes our daughter, and we need to see her!”

“I know your company is big, but you cant bully us!”

“There are surveillance cameras everywhere, and the police will know whos making trouble here,” Song Manni said with a calm expression.

She didnt think that Lin Jiayus parents could seriously hurt their company.

In addition, Gu Ning was her boss, and she believed that Gu Ning was able to make sure that the company would be safe,

“You…” Lin Jiayus parents were mad.

They wanted to beat Lin Jiayu, but Lin Jiayu was protected by several strong security guards now.

“Leave now, or Ill call the police,” Song Manni said, taking out her phone.

She hated people without with no class.

Lin Jiayus parents wanted to grab her phone because they knew that the police would only take them away.

However, it was impossible for them to get near Song Manni with the security guards around them.

Lin Jiayu felt heart-broken now, and watched them in silence.

She couldnt believe that her parents wouldnt hesitate to sell her for her older brothers marriage fee.

Ever since she was a little girl, her parents had been treating her as if she was a maid.

She had to earn the tuition fee to finish her education all on her own.

She hated her parents, and what they did this time totally broke her heart.


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