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Luckily, Gu Nings mother was independent and loved her very much.

Lin Jiayu felt relieved after Gu Ning was gone.

She pulled Zhang Hao to the door at once and asked him in a low voice, “Zhang Hao, where did you get the three hundred thousand yuan.”

“Jiayu, my familys home will be demolished next month, so we can get two houses along with two million yuan as compensation.

I didnt tell you because it wasnt settled until yesterday.

Jiayu, I love you, and I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you, but please dont give in to your parents again.

We need to live our own life,” Zhang Hao said.

“I know, I know.

I dont have any hope for them now, and I cant wait to cut off my relationship with them.

Even if my older brother is unwilling to support them when theyre old, I wont take care of them either,” Lin Jiayu said.

They werent qualified parents after all, and Lin Jiayu had the right to refuse to support them.

Gu Ning and Song Manni went straight to the 17th floor to Chen Cangyis office.

Gu Ning talked about Zhao Binxu with Song Manni and Chen Cangyi, then told Song Manni to prepare a contract.

Chen Cangyi believed in Gu Nings choice, so he didnt ask further about it.

When Song Manni went back to her office to prepare the contract, Gu Ning told Chen Cangyi that the haunted construction site was fine now.

Chen Cangyi nodded and said that he would deal with the rest of the procedures later.

Zhao Binxu arrived outside the company at 9:30 pm, then called Gu Ning.

He didnt sleep well last night, because he kept thinking of Gu Nings offer.

Gu Ning told Gao Yi to go fetch Zhao Binxu once she saw his call.

At this time, Gu Ning was still in Chen Cangyis office, so she stayed there and waited for Zhao Binxu.

Song Manni soon came back with the contract.

Zhao Binxu couldnt relax a little until he saw Gao Yi.


Gao, is this whole office building owned by Miss Gu” Zhao Binxu asked.

“Yeah, and there is another office building under construction,” Gao Yi said.

Hearing that, Zhao Binxu was surprised.

Even though he knew that Gu Ning was very rich, he was still astonished by her wealth.

Gao Yi brought Zhao Binxu to the 17 the floor, and Zhao Binxu greeted Gu Ning with great respect once he saw her.

“Hi, Miss Gu.”

Because Zhao Binxu didnt know Chen Cangyi and Song Manni, he didnt greet them, but simply acknowledged their presence with a nod.

“Uncle Zhao, have a seat!” Gu Ning smiled at him.

“Sure.” Zhao Binxu sat down at once.

“Please let me introduce you, this is the executive of the Shengning Organization, Chen Cangyi, and this is our HR manager, Song Manni,” Gu Ning said to Zhao Binxu.

Zhao Binxu stood up once he found out that the executive was in the room.

“Nice to meet you, Executive Chen and Manger Song.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Chen Cangyi said.

Since Gu Ning was so kind to Zhao Binxu, he should be friendly too.

“The contract is ready, and you can have a look at it.

If you dont have any problem with it, Cangyi will tell you what you need to do later,” Gu Ning said.

“Great.” Zhao Binxu agreed, then read the contract.

Within 10 minutes, Zhao Binxu finished reading, and he was amazed by the treatment Gu Ning offered him.

Gu Ning not only paid him a salary, but also gave him 2% shares of Shenghua Real Estate in the capital.

Although the branch in the capital wasnt open yet, it was too good to be true! Moreover, given the potential of Shenghua Real Estate, it would be a huge fortune in the future.

“Miss Gu, the shares…” Zhao Binxu hesitated to accept them.

It was too much in his eyes.

“Uncle Zhao, I do this every time I find a good manager; its my way of keeping the skilled management in my company.

The branch of Shenghua Real Estate in the capital isnt open yet, so you actually cant get anything before it starts to make money,” Gu Ning said.

She was very honest, and Zhao Binxu also needed to take responsibility for the companys financial condition.

If the branch wasnt profitable, Zhao Binxu wouldnt get a cent.


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