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Someone was staying beneath Tang Yaxins ward, but the room above it was empty, so Gu Ning decided to get into the inner room of Tang Yaxins ward from the window of the upper floor.

Because they needed to air the room, the window of Tang Yaxins ward wasnt closed, so it would be very convenient for Gu Ning to get into the room.

Without delay, Gu Ning got to the 8th floor and reached the ward which was above Tang Yaxins ward.

It was nearly 12 am now, so there was no one else in the passage.

Gu Ning sneaked into the room above Tang Yaxins ward, then she took out ropes and fastened them tight.

She slid down the ropes and successfully got into Tang Yaxins ward through the window.

Although it would be faster for her to use the flood dragon, other people might discover it.

Many people were still awake at this moment, and some even walked around on the next floor, and the flood dragon was too huge to hide itself.

Gu Ning wanted to scare Tang Yaxin, but it wasnt necessary to wake her up.

Gu Ning moved lightly in the room.

She didnt attract any attention from those bodyguards.

Tang Yaxin and Ji Yijing were still asleep on their beds.

Actually, if Tang Yaxin or Ji Yijing didnt call the bodyguards for help, they couldnt get inside casually.

They only needed to listen to Tang Yaxin and Ji Yijing when they needed their help.

Besides, it was beyond their imagination that someone would try to get into the ward by ropes hanging down from the upper floor.

What Gu Ning had done was incredible after all.

Afterwards, Gu Ning took out the stuff she had prepared before from the telepathic eye space.

She had prepared Tang Ainings photos, but they were actually paintings.

Gu Ning was good at painting, so the paintings looked the same as Tang Ainings photos.

Those who were familiar with Tang Aining would be able to recognize her face with a simple glance.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning pasted them everywhere in the room, so that Tang Yaxin would see Tang Ainings face all around her.

There were big and small photos, but they were very clear.

Gu Ning understood that it was just a little mischief, but she didnt care about it as long as Tang Yaxin would be scared once more.

After pasting the photos to the walls, Gu Ning left using the ropes from the window.

She didnt leave right away because she wanted to see Tang Yaxins reaction when she woke up.

Therefore, she threw a stone into Tang Yaxins ward and deliberately interrupted her dream.

Tang Yaxin and Ji Yijing were frightened by the sudden noise and opened their eyes at once.

The bodyguards in the living room also heard it, but they didnt pay much attention to it.

There was dim light in the inner room, but it was enough for them to see the photos clearly.

Tang Aining shouted the second her sight fell on photos of “Tang Aining”.

“Oh, no!” She trembled in fear.

Luckily, she didnt pass out.

“Whats wrong” Ji Yijing was scared by Tang Yaxins scream.

Before Tang Yaxin could answer her question, she stood up and noticed the photos of “Tang Yaxin” all around the walls.

“W-What is going on here”


Tang, Miss Tang, whats wrong” The bodyguards standing outside moved to the door in a hurry, but they didnt dare to open it.

Ji Yijing soon calmed down and said, “Come in now.

All of you!”

Hearing her order, those bodyguards walked inside one by one, and were surprised as well when they saw the photos everywhere.

Someone must have been here, but none of them noticed the person.

However, it was hard for them to believe it, because they stayed awake outside all night and didnt hear any noises.

“Youve done a terrible job! Didnt you catch her” Ji Yijing shouted at them in anger.

Hearing that, those bodyguards felt embarrassed.

“No, no, dont come to me,” Tang Yaxin said and covered herself in the quilt.


Tang, Im sorry, but we heard nothing unusual.

We were guarding outside all night!” The mercenary argued and explained.

“What do you mean Do you think weve put these photos onto the walls ourselves” Ji Yijing was angrier.

“I didnt mean that, but I simply told you the truth,” the mercenary said.

“So, can you explain the current situation to me now” Ji Yijing asked.

The mercenary checked around for a while, then said, “I think she must come in from the window.

It wouldnt be difficult for her to do that.”

The window was still open.

Ji Yijing was struck dumb for a second, then looked at the window.


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