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Gu Ning was a stunning beauty, and she was alone so late at night, which was very dangerous.

When she got in a taxi, the taxi driver kept glancing at her from the rear-view mirror and tried to strike up a conversation with her.

“Hi, beautiful girl, its very late now.

Why are you outside by yourself Arent you afraid of bad guys” The taxi driver pretended to be kind.

“I just visited a friend in the hospital, and Im good at kung fu, so Im not afraid of bad guys,” Gu Ning said.

She could see that the taxi driver wasnt a good man, so she purposely said that to remind him to be careful.

The taxi driver, however, didnt believe her.

“Do you live in the capital” He continued.

“Not really,” Gu Ning said.

Knowing that, the taxi driver made up his mind to take action.

“Hey, well spend a long time on the road.

Do you want some water” The taxi driver took out a bottle of water.

“No, thanks, Im not thirsty,” Gu Ning said.

It was obvious that the bottle of water wasnt right.

The taxi driver said nothing further, nor did he become angry, because he only did that to test Gu Ning.

After a long while, the taxi driver stopped the car suddenly when there was no other traffic around them.

“Sorry, miss, Im afraid my car is acting up, and I need to have a look.”

“Sure.” Gu Ning understood that the taxi driver wouldnt give up his bad thoughts, so she decided to teach him a lesson.

The taxi driver got off the car, but he didnt go to check whether the car was working correctly.

Instead, he suddenly opened the car door of the rear seats and tried to get inside.

“What are you doing” Gu Ning squinted at him.

She looked very calm, because she was well-prepared for it.

“What do you think Im going to do Were all alone now.” The taxi driver changed his expression and leered at Gu Ning.

Saying that, he closed the car door behind him, and Gu Ning didnt bother to stop him.

However, the next second, Gu Ning hit his neck and he fell unconscious.

Without delay, Gu Ning found the car key from his pocket and drove the car on her own.

She stopped outside of the side door of Century City, because she wanted to avoid the surveillance cameras.

Before she went home, she beat the taxi driver, but she didnt injure him seriously.

The taxi driver felt a lot of pain and opened his eyes, but Gu Ning was already gone when he finally regained consciousness.

“What happened” The taxi driver could barely move and felt that he must have been beaten by someone earlier.

Before long, he thought of Gu Ning and realized that it must have been Gu Ning who had beaten him.

After all, Gu Ning told him that she was good at kung fu, so she wasnt afraid of bad guys.

He didnt take it seriously back then, but now realised that she wasnt lying.

The taxi driver regretted trying to sexually assault Gu Ning and he was also mad at Gu Ning for beating him.

Unfortunately, he didnt dare to call the police in case he was arrested, so he had to swallow the anger.

He was in a lot of pain and couldnt drive now, so he called his younger brother to help him.

After that, he looked around and found out that he was at the place where Gu Ning wanted to go.

He didnt realize he was that stupid until now, because only rich or powerful people would have a house in Century City.

A random house here cost at least dozens of million yuan, so he shouldnt have messed with Gu Ning.

He felt lucky that Gu Ning was already gone.

Gu Ning took a shower at home before she went to sleep.

Early in the morning, everything was silent as the soft light appeared from the horizon.

A beautiful ancient yard had wonderful views of a rock garden, pond, pink lotus flowers, and so on.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open by a young girl in a white ancient suit with a high ponytail.

This girl was exactly Dongfang Ziyu, and she was in the Dongfang familys house right now.

Although there were many modern things in the cultivation world, they still lived their life in an ancient style.

Afterwards, Dongfang Ziyu began to practice her sword in the yard.

She was sweating hard by the time the sky was totally bright, so she stopped to wash her face.

A maid already prepared breakfast for her, so Dongfang Ziyu left the yard after having breakfast.


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