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The night-luminescent pearl could absorb magical power on its own, so magical power would be accumulated faster if Leng Shaoting had it with him.

“Great.” Leng Shaoting took it.

He knew that it was helpful for his cultivation.

After that, he walked out and sat cross-legged on the stone table in the yard and began to practice his cultivation.

The magical power was thicker outside than that in the room.

Although it was winter and cold, Leng Shaoting was strong and he was already a cultivator now, so the cold was nothing for him.

In addition, when he absorbed the magical power into his body, his body became warm so he didnt feel cold at all.

Gu Ning searched for a long time and flipped through almost every book in the study, but she still failed to find any information about the tower.

It wasnt a surprising result, so Gu Ning didnt feel disappointed.

Leng Shaotings practice lasted for a long time, and Gu Ning raised her head to give him a glance once in a while.

Although there was no one else in this building, there could be plants or animals that already became beings or evil monsters around.

Gu Ning was right, because there were indeed plants that already became beings in the Kunlun Sects base.

When Gu Ning pulled her glance back from Leng Shaoting, a lovely jumping snow lotus caught her attention.

It was attracted to the magical energy spreading from Leng Shaotings body.

For years there was only magical power in the Kunlun Temple, and magical energy came with cultivators, so it aroused the snow lotuss curiosity.

When the snow lotus saw that Leng Shaoting was in the middle of his practice, it wasnt afraid at all, because it knew that he couldnt stop.

The next second, the snow lotus noticed the night-luminescent pearl in Leng Shaotings arms, and it wanted to pick it up.

It went in front of Leng Shaoting.

Although it didnt make any sound along the way, its body was glowing, so Leng Shaoting felt the light once it moved near.

His eyes were closed, but he could feel the sudden light.

In addition, he also smelt a pleasant smell.

Leng Shaoting had to be alert because of the sudden light and fragrance, but he couldnt stop his practice right now, or he would be badly hurt.

Luckily, Gu Ning wasnt far from him, and he believed that she could protect him.

Right at this moment, Gu Ning was surprised by the scene.

She recognized the snow lotus with a simple glance.

The snow lotus was a high altitude plant (over 12,000 feet above sea level) with brilliant white flowers appearing over dark green leaves which grew through the rocks of mountain peaks.

The whole plant was harvested in July and August to yield the herb that was used as a tonic for weakness, a therapy for menstrual disorders, and a remedy for arthritis.

Due to the harsh environment of the snow lotus and the strong demand for its use in traditional herbalism, the snow lotus was quite rare.

A snow lotus which was over 50 years old could be as effective as Gu Nings magical power.

It was hard to find a snow lotus nowadays.

Even if people could find some snow lotuses now, they werent old or effective enough.

There were cultivated snow lotuses on the market as well, but their effect as medicinal material was small.

Cultivated snow lotuses could only help to improve ones physical condition but couldnt cure any illnesses.

Gu Ning was afraid that the snow lotus would interrupt Leng Shaoting the moment she saw it, but then she thought that it wasnt a bad thing.

Because this snow lotus had already become a being, it must be over a hundred years old.

A snow lotus being could be more effective than Gu Nings magical power.

In cultivators eyes, a snow lotus being was even better than a great magical pill.

If a cultivator could take a snow lotus being, he or she could directly own its cultivation.

In that case, the cultivator could go up three levels at the most.

Gu Ning decided to catch the snow lotus being for Leng Shaoting, because it was very helpful for him to improve his cultivation.

Without delay, she ran outside.

Because the snow lotus already became a being, it had acute senses.

Once Gu Ning ran outside, it felt her and ran away.

Even though it was a being now, it had no fighting skills and was afraid of human beings.

Luckily, it moved unusually fast and disappeared in a second.

Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes, so she knew where the snow lotus being was hiding itself, but she hesitated to chase after it.

What if something else appeared when she was absent

The snow lotus being was very important, but Leng Shaotings safety was more important.

Therefore, Gu Ning gave up for the time being.

She would search for it after Leng Shaoting finished his practice.

However, right at this moment, the flood dragon came back and said with great excitement, “Master, I just found a snow lotus!”


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