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Chapter 1594: Sue Me!

The man was mad, not because Ms.

Shen really wanted a high price, but because he couldnt get any of the money if he gave all the money to her.

He took a third of the budget every time.

However, Ms.

Shen had old grudges against him, so he deliberately took more from the budget.

“To be honest with you, my house and land are worth more than six million yuan, and Ill lose a lot if I sell them to you at the price of six million yuan.

I know you have a big enough budget, and I also know that you plan to take some money out of it!” Ms.

Shen raised her voice.

She wasnt afraid of the man at all.

“Ridiculous! Its not true!” The man panicked a little.

“You know whether its true or not, and I wont sign the agreement without six million yuan,” said Ms.


“Since youre so stubborn, I dont think I should be polite with you anymore.” The man lost his patience.

He gave an order to his people and told them to destroy the small restaurant right now.

Even though he knew that Ms.

Shen wasnt a weak woman, he still took her lightly.

The next second, eight tall strong men walked forward, but the six attendants didnt retreat.

They didnt run away when the small restaurant was in great danger, because they had a special relationship with Ms.


They were orphans and beggars till they were adopted by Ms.


If it hadnt been for Ms.

Shen, they would have died of hunger.

During these years, they learned a lot from Ms.

Shen, including some fighting skills, so they believed that they could beat their enemies by fighting together as a team.

They were nervous, but they would never retreat.

Moreover, they were aware that Ms.

Shen wasnt a weak woman, and she was their hope.

“Can you handle it” Ms.

Shen turned to ask her staff.

“We can!” the six of them answered loudly.

They were determined to fight against their enemies for their home.

The next second, eight tall, strong men began to fight against six thin women.

Every onlooker held his or her breath watching the fierce fight.

Although they wanted Ms.

Shen to win, they didnt think it was very possible.

The eight tall strong men looked scary and aggressive, but they didnt get any advantages in the fight.

On the contrary, the six thin women stayed strong and unstoppable.

A few minutes later, the eight men were beaten heavily by the six thin women.

They lost the fight in the end.

The result shocked everyone standing around them.

“Whats wrong with you How could you fail to beat the six thin women” The man was angry and shouted at Ms.

Shen, “Shen Yao, your people just hurt my people! Im calling the police to arrest them!”

“Lu Dawei, dont be so shameless.

Its your people who attacked my people, and my people simply defended themselves,” Shen Yao said.

“So what My people are injured now, and dont forget that I have support from a more powerful person!” Lu Dawei said with great pride.

“Do you think Im afraid of you If you continue to bully us, Ill directly kill you.” Shen Yao stared at Lu Dawei.

“You…” Lu Dawei was frightened.

Shen Yao was a cultivator, and it was very easy for her to kill a mortal.

“I can sue you if you threaten to kill me!” Lu Dawei said.

“Sue me then!” Shen Yao showed obvious disdain on her face.

Lu Dawei was struck dumb for a second, and didnt know what to say now.

He had done some research before he came here, and he knew that Shen Yao didnt have powerful connections.

He didnt understand why she could be so confident.

Gu Ning had a good impression of Shen Yao because Shen Yao dared to stand up for herself against unreasonable power.

However, she somehow felt that Shen Yaos eyes looked familiar.

It aroused Gu Nings curiosity.

Out of curiosity, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see Shen Yaos face in order to figure out who she was.

When Gu Ning finally saw Shen Yaos face, she found a big ugly scar on her left cheek.

No wonder Shen Yao was wearing a mask all the time!

Right at this moment, Shen Yao suddenly gave Gu Ning a look of annoyance.

It was obvious that she disliked Gu Nings observation of her face.

Whether or not Gu Ning could really see her face, Shen Yao felt uncomfortable.


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