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Gu Ning didnt go to sleep after Leng Shaoting left, but disguised herself as “Tang Aining” and went to see Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin.

She didnt know that Qi Ziyue was already caught by Tang Bingsen, and she only found that he was absent in the hospital.

She thought that Qi Ziyue had already left the hospital.

Since she couldnt find Qi Ziyue, she went to see Tang Yaxin.

Tang Yaxin was still staying in the same ward.

Even though many terrible things had happened to her, Tang Yaxin didnt move to another ward or another hospital, because she knew that “Tang Aining” was spying on her.

Ji Yijing had the idea to let Tang Yaxin have recovery abroad, but Tang Bingsen was worried that they might not be able to help her if anything bad happened again.

It made sense, so Ji Yijing gave up the idea.

Tang Bingsen never wanted Tang Yaxin to take over their family business, but it didnt mean that he disliked her.

Tang Yaxin was his daughter anyway, and he cared about her.

He had an illegitimate son only because he wanted to give his business to a man, but Tang Yaxin could still have a third of his property.

Therefore, he still wanted Tang Yaxin to be safe.

Tang Yaxins ward was under heightened security this time, and all the windows were closed.

However, they couldnt stop Gu Ning from coming inside.

The windows of Tang Yaxins ward were closed, but the curtains werent, so it was still easy for Gu Ning to scare Tang Yaxin.

At this time, Tang Yaxin wasnt asleep.

She simply gazed at the ceiling in silence.

She was now much more haggard than ever.

She lost a lot of weight and looked older.

It was hard for her to fall asleep, because she would have nightmares once she closed her eyes.

Ji Yijing was sleeping peacefully, because she wasnt the target, so she was able to relax.

Gu Ning glanced around, then found that there was no one in the ward beneath Tang Yaxins, so she walked towards it.

Without much effort, Gu Ning entered the ward and walked to the window.

After that, she took out a gun from her telepathic eye space.

She had grabbed it from a robber last time in City G, and there were two bullets left inside.

Gu Ning took the bullets out leaving the gun empty.

She then wrote down several lines on a piece of white cloth.

Tang Yaxin, do you still remember the two shots in my body Youll go through the same thing.

Gu Ning tied the cloth to the gun but didnt wrap it in case they couldnt see the gun.

Although Tang Yaxin didnt fire the two bullets into her body, Tang Yaxin was involved in the crime.

When everything was done, Gu Ning heavily threw it towards the window of Tang Yaxins ward.

Normally, it was impossible for the gun to break the window.

The window wasnt thick, the problem was the angle.

Nevertheless, the result was different when Gu Ning threw it over, because she put her magical power into the gun, so it was able to break the window.

With a loud crash, the window was broken into pieces.

Tang Yaxin was scared and began to scream loudly, which woke Ji Yijing up and the security guards along with mercenaries ran over at once.

Gu Ning left without hesitation before they found her.

She enjoyed it when they were mad and nervous but couldnt catch her.

In that case, they had to stay alert day and night.

The gun fell on Tang Yaxins bed by accident, and Tang Yaxin trembled in fear.

“Its a gun!” Ji Yijing exclaimed.

A security guard went to pick the gun up, and a mercenary went to the broken window in a hurry.

He looked around, but found nothing suspicious.

The security guard untied the white cloth around the gun, so Tang Yaxin could read the lines.

Tang Yaxin, do you still remember the two shots in my body Youll go through the same thing.

“No, no, no!” Tang Yaxin screamed again.

She knew this threat was from “Tang Aining”, and she covered her head with her hands, trying to protect herself from danger.

She was too scared to say another word now.

Ji Yijing didnt have time to comfort Tang Yaxin and read the lines on the white cloth too.

“Tang Aining is a bitch! Isnt it over yet” Ji Yijing shouted in anger.

It wasnt over yet, and it was actually far from the end.

Gu Ning decided to play the game as long as she wanted to.

The noises in Tang Yaxins ward disturbed other patients in other wards.

Because it was very late, other people couldnt see what was happening in Tang Yaxins ward.


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