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Chapter 1625: Great Destructive Power

The members of the Tianying Gang retreated, but they didnt go far because they were afraid that the explosion made by Gu Ning would cause a big fire.

If they didnt put out the fire right away, it would damage more facilities.

And they would be severely punished if they left it behind.

In the end, they figured out that “Tang Aining” simply wanted to do damage and had no intention to hurt people.

Therefore, they waited in silence at the parking lot outside the bar.

Although they heard the noises, they werent able to hear them clearly.

According to the sounds they could hear, they believed that “Tang Aining” didnt use explosives, but damaged the bar by smashing things.

In that case, the damage to the bar couldnt be very serious.

When Gu Ning walked out, nobody dared to stop her, but the manager arranged for someone to follow her.

Unfortunately, the man soon lost Gu Ning and had to come back.

The manager was disappointed, but he knew that “Tang Aining” was a strong enemy, so he had to give it up.

They didnt walk into the bar right after Gu Ning was gone, because they were afraid that she might leave a time bomb inside.

They decided to wait for another five minutes.

Five minutes later, they still heard no explosion, so they went into the bar.

To their astonishment, the bar was a total mess.

“No way, how did she manage to do such serious damage within only two minutes”

“She has great destructive power!”


No one could believe it.

“Lets go to the surveillance room.” The manager gave an order so they went to the surveillance room afterwards.

They wanted to see what “Tang Aining” had done in the bar when they were absent, but they only found that the surveillance was also seriously damaged.

Without delay, the manager reported it to their senior management.

A senior manager reported it to their deputy leader later, and Tang Bingsen heard the news too.

Tang Bingsen couldnt accept the terrible news that came one after another and passed out in anger.

However, because it was late at night, nobody knew that he fell unconscious.

Luckily, it wasnt serious and he would be fine.

Tang Bingsen was bad at accepting that bad things happen, even though he was the real boss of the illegal gang.

Actually, every illegal gang had many enemies, so he should be mentally-prepared for that.

After all, it was impossible for an illegal gang to not do bad deeds.

Once it did bad deeds, it would make enemies.

No one would give up on taking revenge, unless he didnt have the ability.

Therefore, even though an illegal gang was influential, it was still in great danger.

In fact, illegal gangs had changed a lot nowadays, and they used to be even more violent about a dozen years ago.

Back in the old days, illegal gangs were always involved in a gang shooting.

Many people died every time, but they didnt think that it was a big deal.

They would do anything for money, let alone risk their lives.

Nowadays, however, illegal gangs were mostly involved in illegal businesses in order to make more money.

They would stay safe as long as they didnt cause too much trouble.

Gu Ning didnt go to the next Tanglong Bar, because there were about seven bars owned by the Tianying Gang, and it would be very late after she damaged all of them.

She simply wanted to affect their business, and two seriously damaged bars were enough.

After two bars were damaged, the other bars wouldnt be open the next day.

Gu Ning would also spread the news on the Internet so that less people would visit Tanglong Bar.

After that, she took a taxi and left.

However, a beautiful woman alone outside at midnight could easily attract criminals.

The taxi driver kept glancing at Gu Ning once she got in the car.

This wasnt the first time that Gu Ning had been through something like that, so she remained calm.

She was unwilling to waste time on this taxi driver, so she needed to make him give up his bad idea.

Before Gu Ning opened her mouth, the taxi driver asked her, “Hey, girl, what do you do”

“Im a policewoman,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, the taxi driver was scared and gave up the idea of sexually assaulting her.

He didnt dare to mess with a policewoman.

Gu Ning stared straight at him at the same time, which made him feel quite stressed.

He didnt doubt her words at all, because ordinary girls couldnt be so strong.

In the end, the taxi driver sent Gu Ning to her destination and didnt do anything to hurt her.

Gu Ning came to the outside of a hotel, which was a little remote with many undeveloped wastelands.


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