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Manager Ding was scared, so she didnt go back to her place these days, and instead stayed in her friends place.

So her ex-husbands younger brother became furious, and planned to murder her.

Fortunately, he would be put in jail now.

Manager Ding was unwilling to settle it out of court in order to protect herself.

In addition, Manager Ding was a staff member of Shengshi, and Shengshi was willing to support her after knowing what she had suffered.

As a result, her ex-husbands younger brother was punished according to the law.

Jing Yunyao wore an absent look after leaving Shengshi.

“Mother, are you alright Do you want to go home right now” asked Gu Ning.

“Oh, Im fine,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Ningning, can you help me ask Shaoting for more information about her maternal grandfather I wanted to visit the place he used to live.”

Although she was only his adopted daughter, she had been treated very well.

In fact, she wanted to visit her adopted parents graves, but she was afraid it might arouse Leng Shaotings suspicion.

Therefore, she had to postpone it.

“Sure, Ill ask him tonight,” said Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting was busy during the day, and she didnt want to interrupt him when he was at work.

Jing Yunyao agreed.

When they arrived at the headquarters of the Shengning Organization, Jing Yunyao asked, after looking at the main office building that was without a sign, “Whats the name of your corporation”

Gu Ning laughed.

“I gave the name Shengning to my corporation before I found out that Shaotings corporation is Shengshi.

Its a romantic coincidence!”

Whenever she thought of that, she couldnt help but laugh with happiness.

Jing Yunyao also smiled.

“Wow, youre meant to be together.”

Gu Ning parked her car outside the main office building of Shengning, then got out with Jing Yunyao.

“Nice to see you, Chairman Gu.” The security guards at the door greeted her with great respect once she showed up.

Gu Ning guided Jing Yunyao into the building, and all the staff greeted her respectfully as Chairman Gu along the way.

Gu Ning simply nodded at them.

Her office was on the 18th floor.

Looking at the empty 18th floor, Jing Yunyao asked, “Dont you have a secretary”

Gu Ning said, “Although I already have many companies under my name, my corporation hasnt formally established yet, and I dont come here often, so I dont have a secretary.

I have two bodyguards though, who are also my chauffeurs and subsidiaries.”

Saying that, Gu Ning poured a cup of tea for Jing Yunyao.

A few minutes later, Chen Cangyi and K came to say hello to Gu Ning.

“This is my friend, Shen Yao.” Gu Ning introduced Jing Yunyao to Chen Cangyi and K.

She then turned to Jing Yunyao.

“This is the executive president of Shengning, Chen Cangyi, and this is our tech supervisor, Mu Ye.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Shen.”

“Nice to meet you too, Mr.

Chen, Mr.


They greeted each other.

After sitting for a while, Chen Cangyi and K left, and Gu Ning gave Jing Yunyao a tour around the building.

When they went to the floor of Fenghua Entertainment, Gu Ning felt the different atmosphere because everyone looked serious in their cubicles.

It couldnt be because of her.

She had stayed here for a while, and she knew that her staff wouldnt be so scared of her.

When Gu Ning walked inside, they greeted her one after another and relaxed a little, which proved that they didnt get nervous because of her.

“What happened” asked Gu Ning.

“Chairman Gu, Manager Lu is very angry at something right now.

Maybe you should ask him,” said a staffer.

Gu Ning cocked her eyebrow, then walked to Lu Xiaos office.

Once she walked near, she heard Lu Xiaos angry voice.

“Song Xiuyan, youre my damn close bro! How dare you chase the artist of my company I warn you to stop now, or youll be shut out of this industry,” said Lu Xiao in great anger.

Hearing the name Song Xiuyan, Gu Ning frowned.

He was a good-looking and popular young singer who was also good at acting.

Gu Ning had heard of him before.

It sounded as if he was chasing an artist who worked for Fenghua Entertainment.

Gu Ning believed that only Xia Yichu could make Lu Xiao so furious.

She knew that Lu Xiao had a very good impression of Xia Yichu, but she didnt know which stage they were at now.

However, it seemed that Lu Xiao hadnt made any progress yet.

Anyway, if it was his personal affair, Gu Ning didnt think she should get involved.

Lu Xiaos secretary wanted to inform Lu Xiao that she came, but Gu Ning stopped her and went to wait in the lounge.

The secretary then poured two cups of tea for Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao.

“Lu Xiao, I dont understand why youre so mad at me about that Although youre managing Fenghua Entertainment now, youll leave sooner or later, right” said Song Xiuyan.

He actually said that to purposely annoy Lu Xiao.


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