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Because Lu Zhan had no intention to tell him the reason, Lu Yichen didnt ask further about it and went to tell the filming crew to stop for a while.

Lu Zhan, at the same time, stood up and walked to the front door.

Gu Nings car stopped outside District F, and she saw Lu Zhan waiting at the door once she got out of her car.

“Hi, Uncle Lu, did you come to pick me up in person Do you need my help” asked Gu Ning with a smile.

Lu Zhan was surprised, then said, “Youre really smart.

I do need your help.”

“What can I do for you” asked Gu Ning.

“Well, the thing is…” Lu Zhan told Gu Ning about the trouble he encountered today and hoped that she could play the guest role.

The role only appeared in a few scenes, so it didnt matter even if she wasnt good at acting.

Lu Zhan simply hoped that Gu Ning could help him, but he wouldnt force her.

Gu Ning thought for a while, then agreed, because it was a show produced by her own company after all, and several scenes wouldnt cost her much time.

Anyway, Lu Zhan said that her acting skills werent important.

Lu Zhan was happy to hear an affirmative answer.

“Do you want to stay here with us, or to go home If you want to go home, I can arrange someone to drive you home.” Gu Ning asked Jing Yunyao.

Even though it might not cost her much time, she would spend a day here and she was afraid that Yunyao might feel bored.

“Its fine, I think itll be interesting,” said Jing Yunyao.

Since Jing Yunyao said that, Gu Ning agreed.

There werent many outsiders in District F, because it was a little remote with cliffs, valleys, ponds, and beautiful wild flowers.

It was hard to find a natural view like that, so they didnt waste time searching for it since the Hengdian World Studios could provide a place like that.

When Lu Zhan came back with Gu Ning, every member of the crew got nervous.

They werent scared of Gu Ning, but Gu Ning was the boss after all, and no one wanted to make mistakes in front of her.

“Get prepared, our boss will play the role of Goddess of Medicine,” said Lu Zhan to Lu Yichen.

Hearing that, other members of the crew were all astonished.

Actually, Gu Ning was very beautiful and they all knew that she was excellent at fighting.

However, as the boss of their company, it was a little strange that she came to play a guest role.

Anyway, they knew that Gu Ning just agreed to help Lu Zhan.

No matter how good or bad Gu Nings acting skills were, they didnt want to see Lu Zhans angry face again.

Therefore, they began to prepare the equipment.

The leading actor and actress were waiting in the lounge for the filming to continue.

When they saw Gu Ning walking inside, they were surprised and stood up at once.

“Hi, boss!”

“Boss, nice to meet you, Im Qiao Hanchen.” Qiao Hanchen greeted Gu Ning.

This was the first time that Qiao Hanchen met Gu Ning, so he was a little nervous.

Although he was already 30 while Gu Ning was younger than 20, he still had great respect towards her.

He had read a lot of news about Gu Ning on the Internet, and he admired her unbelievable abilities.

Qiao Hanchen was already working for Fenghua Entertainment now, and he was very grateful to Lu Zhan and Gu Ning.

He loved acting and was determined to win his own position in the industry.

“Nice to meet you too.” Gu Ning was very nice to them.

Although she was their boss, she treated them kindly.

“Alright, tell the make-up artist to help our boss wear make-up for the role of Goddess of Medicine!” Lu Zhan didnt want to waste more time.

Knowing that, everyone in the room was shocked.

However, they also knew that no one was more suitable than Gu Ning for the role now.

Gu Ning went to wear the make-up while Jing Yunyao waited aside.

“Wow, boss, your skin is so good that I thought you were wearing foundation! I cant believe that you have no make-up on your face at all,” said the make-up artist.

“Ha-ha, Im only 19 this year, and Im using Kouzi too,” said Gu Ning.

“Im using Kouzi as well, and I really like it!” The make-up artist admired Gu Ning more after knowing that Kouzi was owned by her.

“All the actors are using Kouzi right now so that we can look better in front of the camera,” said Tang Xiaoxiao.

Although actors looked glorious before the cameras, they lived a very tiring life and often needed to work overnight.

Luckily, with Kouzis help, they were able to maintain a good appearance.

When Gu Ning was wearing make-up, Lu Zhan introduced her to the story and scenes she was going to act in.


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