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“Yunyao, I trust you too,” said Yu Yin.

“Thank you.” Jing Yunyao thanked Yu Yin.

“Welcome home, Yunyao.”

“Welcome home, Lady Leng!”

Leng Yuanzhen and Leng Changzhi also accepted her.

Although they didnt say that they trusted her too, the way they called her showed their attitudes.

“Thank you so much for trusting me, but Im sorry that I cant remember anything about you now,” said Jing Yunyao, feeling a little guilty.

“Its fine.

Youll get your memories back.” Master Leng comforted her at once.

As long as it was true that she was Yunyao, they could take it slowly to help her get her memories back.

Jing Yunyao thought for a while, then said, “Although you trust me, I know you still have doubt.

Since I survived, who could be the woman who died with Yuanhan I think I should explain it to you.”

Hearing that, Master Leng and the others put on a serious expression.

They indeed wanted to know the truth.

Since Yunyao was willing to tell them right now, they wouldnt refuse to listen to her.

“Well, I guess youll surely be mad after knowing the truth, but I still think its necessary for you to know it.

In fact, I indeed fell down from the cliff with Yuanhan, but I was still alive at that time, while Yuanhan was already…” Jing Yunyao said and felt heart-broken.

Although she didnt remember details about the accident, it really had happened and left a great impact on her.

“Because I lost my memories, my older male cousin told me everything.

He said that he went to help us once he heard that someone was going to hurt me and Yuanhan, but he was still late, and we had already fallen from the cliff by the time he arrived.

Luckily, I was still breathing, so my older male cousin killed a woman who was in our enemys group to replace me.

He disfigured her face and disguised her as me, then took me away.

He did his best to save my life.

Although I survived, I lost my memories, and my older male cousin was unwilling to tell me more about Yuanhan.

He thought that I should say good-bye to my old life since I lost all my memories.”

“I met Gu Ning a few days ago, and she said that she knew me.

She did something to confirm my identity and my older male cousin told me the truth afterwards.

I know that his behavior sounds selfish in your ears, but he only did that to protect me,” said Jing Yunyao.

She decided to be honest because she reached the agreement with Gu Ning in the car before they came here.

If she didnt tell the truth to the other members of the Leng family, they might still be suspicious of her.

Hearing that, Master Leng and the others didnt think that she was lying, but they had mixed emotions.

What Yunyaos older male cousin had done was indeed a little selfish in their eyes, but they werent annoyed at him, because he did everything for Yunyaos good.

All of a sudden, Master Leng thought of something.

“Arent you an orphan”

In the past, Yunyao told the members of the Leng family that she was an orphan.

The Leng family was aware that she was only the adopted daughter of the Ye family, and its members also knew that Yunyao and Leng Yuanhan already became girlfriend and girlfriend before Yunyao met Ye Zhengye.

The Leng family didnt disdain Yunyao after knowing that she was an orphan.

On the contrary, they had sympathy for her.

The Leng family never cared about a marriage between families of equal social status.

It cared more about love.

There was a huge gap between Master Leng and his wife too when they got married.

The Shen family was only a small business family back then, and it was quite unbelievable in many other peoples eyes when Master Leng married his wife.

Even though Yunyao was an orphan, she was very outstanding.

She was a woman, but she joined the army along with Leng Yuanhan and had made great achievements on her own abilities.

She also had a title in the military.

If the accident hadnt happened 15 years ago, she would have become a general.

“Im not an orphan, but there is no difference, because my mother passed away when I was little.

My father paid all his attention to his second wife and their children.

Only my older male cousin sincerely cares about me in my whole family, but he stayed outside most of the time.

I was so tired of the family, so I left it,” said Jing Yunyao.

Upon thinking of that family, Jing Yunyao couldnt help but show hatred on her face.

Master Leng and the others felt sorry for her.

“Let bygones be bygones! We can live a happy life from now on,” said Master Leng.

He didnt want Jing Yunyao to be affected by her terrible experiences, and he decided not to blame Jing Jining for keeping it a secret from the Leng family after he rescued Jing Yunyao.

He couldnt change anything even if he blamed Jing Jining for it.

Yunyao was back safe and sound now, which was all that mattered.

“I know,” said Jing Yunyao.

She was reluctant to elaborate on that, because she was afraid that she might lose control of her emotions.

After all, she had more grudges against her family.

It was her family who killed her husband!

She definitely wouldnt let the Leng family know that, because it would bring trouble and danger to them.

Even though the Leng family was the top family in the mortals world and not many other families were comparable to it, it was still nothing for the Jing family who could easily ruin the Leng family.

It was a matter of force.

However, there was a rule in the cultivation world that cultivators couldnt kill mortals, and those who dared to break this rule would be punished by Tiandaozong.

Master Leng suddenly became serious and asked, “You just said that your older male cousin knew that someone was going to hurt you and Yuanhan.

Who is it”

They always believed that it was an accident that had happened when they were chasing criminals, but unexpectedly it was a scheme.

If it was a scheme, they had to find out who the enemy was and take revenge.

The Leng family would never hurt innocent people, but it wasnt weak at all.

If it was weak, it wouldnt become a dominant family, and it wouldnt submit to humiliation either.

The Leng family wouldnt take the initiative to commit crimes or allow people from their factions to commit crimes.

Violation of the law was actually inevitable, it was just a matter of seriousness.

However, no matter who dared to cause the Leng family trouble, it wouldnt hesitate to take revenge.

Therefore, the members of the Leng family were full of anger after knowing that Leng Yuanhan and Yunyao had been schemed against.

The atmosphere became depressing in an instant.

“The enemy was already killed by my older male cousin.

He wouldnt let the person get away with it since it was a scheme,” said Jing Yunyao.

She wouldnt tell the Leng family the truth about that, because she would take revenge by herself.

Hearing that, the others relaxed.

Since the enemy was already killed, this problem was solved.


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