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Except for her relatives and several close friends, other people didnt know that Song Yinuo had a powerful family, especially her familys relationship with the Leng family.

Her other friends only knew that her family was involved in politics.

In addition, Song Yinuo always kept a low profile and never showed off her family background.

Shortly after Song Yinuo posted her photos with Gu Ning, many people liked them and left comments.

Her classmates were indeed all envious of her.

However, Song Yinuos older female cousin, Song Yaru, left an aggressive comment.

Song Yaru: No way! Gu Ning doesnt deserve Lord Leng!

Seeing that comment, Song Yinuo was mad.

Song Yinuo: Why I think Goddess Gu and my Cousin Shaoting are a perfect match.

Theyre so good-looking that I can barely move my eyes away from them when theyre together.

She knew that Song Yaru always wanted to marry into the Leng family.

Back in the old days, her uncle even mentioned that to her parents and hoped that her parents could help Song Yaru marry into the Leng family.

They didnt care whether Song Yaru could marry Leng Shaoming or Leng Shaoting, they simply wanted to become more successful on the Leng familys coattails.

Leng Shaoxun was too young, so he wasnt among their choices, and Song Yaru was already 21 this year.

She was a junior studying in the Capital Aeronautics University.

Although the Song family was a super-rich family and held an important position in City C, it wasnt comparable to the Leng family.

Song Yinuos parents refused, because they didnt have the right to interfere in the Leng familys family affairs.

It wasnt because of the huge gap between the two families as to their social status, because the Leng family valued a persons abilities and character above his or her family background.

Song Yinuos parents knew Song Yaru and her parents very well, and they were unwilling to do them that favor.

In fact, Song Yaru came to study in the capital in order to get close to the Leng family too.

Because Song Yinuos parents refused to help them, Song Yarus parents were displeased, but they didnt dare to argue with them, because Song Yinuos parents were the most outstanding members of the Song family.

Therefore, although Song Yinuo hated Song Yaru, she didnt cut off her relationship with her.

Reading Song Yinuos reply, Song Yaru was full of anger and humiliation.

She was also jealous of Gu Ning.

Song Yaru knew that Leng Shaoting was the eldest grandson of the Leng family, and he was also the youngest major general in their country.

Most importantly, he was extraordinarily handsome and she fell in love when she saw his photo for the first time.

However, Song Yaru didnt know Leng Shaotings character at all, and she only admired his appearance and family background.

Now she learned that Gu Ning became his girlfriend, so she was jealous of Gu Ning and hated her.

Although she also knew that Gu Ning was a very outstanding girl, she let jealousy and hatred get the better of her.

In her eyes, Gu Ning was excellent, but still didnt deserve a man from the Leng family.

Song Yaru: Fine, your future sister-in-law, but she isnt yet, right No one knows what will happen in the future.

Shes so young after all.

Song Yinuo: No matter what, youll never be able to do it!

Song Yaru was furious, because Song Yinuo pointed out what she hated most.

She ached to marry into the Leng family, but she had no hope to meet any of its members without Leng Yuanjins help.

Upon thinking of that, Song Yaru hated Leng Yuanjin and Song Wenxuan too.

She hated them for refusing to help her marry into the Leng family.

If she succeeded, it would bring a great advantage to the Song family as well! Nevertheless, the Leng familys young male children were also Leng Yuanjins nephews.

It was impossible for her to cause her nephews trouble.

The Leng family was Leng Yuanjins family too, so she didnt need to be worried about advantages at all.

Song Yaru stopped replying to Song Yinuo, because she knew that she would only become angrier.

After waiting for a few minutes, Song Yinuo still didnt see Song Yarus response, and she knew that Song Yaru must be full of anger now.

Before long, dishes were placed on the table, and they enjoyed the meal together.

During this meal, everyone enjoyed it except for Leng Yuanqian, but he still stayed to the last second and didnt show his unhappiness.

However, they were a family and they had spent a lot of time with each other, so they knew one another very well.

They could tell each others emotions by a simple expression.

Anyway, they were already used to it, and wouldnt bother to force everyone to be happy.

After the meal, they went back to the living room and continued to chat with each other.

Gu Ning, however, wouldnt stay, because she was an outsider after all.

Moreover, she still needed to pick up Chu Peihan and her other friends at the airport in two hours.

Therefore, Gu Ning excused herself and left.

When Gu Ning was leaving, Jing Yunyao felt nervous.

Although she was a member of the Leng family, she lost her memories and couldnt remember anything about the other family members.

Even though she had only spent a few days with Gu Ning, they werent strangers, and she would feel anxious if Gu Ning wasnt by her side.

At the same time, she knew that she couldnt leave with Gu Ning now.

No matter how uneasy she felt, she had to stay.

She came to see Leng Shaoting and she couldnt leave right away.

She cared a lot about her relationship with Leng Shaoting.

When Leng Shaoting heard that Gu Ning would leave, he looked at her unhappily, but he also knew that he couldnt leave with her right now.

Although Jing Yunyao didnt say anything, Gu Ning saw her anxiety from her eyes, so she said to Jing Yunyao, “Mother, its the day when you finally have a family reunion, so you can enjoy it.

If you dont want to stay here for the night, Shaoting can drive you back to Mountain River Garden.

I have something else to do this afternoon, but Ill go back tonight.”

“Right, you havent gotten your memories back yet, so its not convenient for you to stay here for the time being.

I wont force you to stay either, so you can live in Shaotings house.

The room you and Yuanhan used to live in has been cleaned up now, and you can move in whenever you want.

Youre always welcome in the Leng family,” said Master Leng.

“Thanks.” Jing Yunyao nodded.

After that, Gu Ning left.

Although Leng Shaoting couldnt leave with Gu Ning now, he could walk her out and they had a private talk before Gu Ning left.


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