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In that case, ordinary gangsters couldnt hurt Gu Ning and her friends at all.

Jiang Yuan wasnt confident that he could win, so he thought that he should be more careful.

Hearing that, Jiang Yuans friends agreed.

“Do we have to accept it” asked someone in annoyance.

“Go to the hospital now! We can talk about it after we have made a full recovery,” said Jiang Yuan.

He was unwilling to give in, but he couldnt do anything about it right now.

He decided to think about it in the future.

His friend called an ambulance at once.

“Yuan!” Xia Linyin felt aggrieved when she heard that Jiang Yuan wanted to give it up.

She was a beautiful girl, but she was heavily beaten just then.

It was impossible for her to accept it! However, she was a weak girl, and could only rely on Jiang Yuan to take revenge for her.

Jiang Yuans family was rich after all, so she believed that it should be very easy for him to pay Gu Ning back.

She believed in the power of money.

In addition, she also wanted to teach Gu Qingyun a lesson, because he stood aside when she was being beaten by his cousin.

Although she had betrayed him, he shouldnt be so cold-blooded.

A selfish person like her always thought about herself, and she totally forgot that she called Gu Qingyun to help her tonight.

However, she didnt get the result she wanted.

Hearing Xia Linyins voice, Jiang Yuan turned to look at her.

Although she seemed pitiful, Jiang Yuan felt disgusted at this moment.

Her swollen cheeks were ugly and he was also beaten heavily because of her, so Jiang Yuan snapped at Xia Linyin, “Its all your fault! If it hadnt been for you, we wouldnt have been beaten like that.

F*ck off, now! I dont want to see you again.”

He abandoned Xia Linyin.

In fact, Jiang Yuan never liked Xia Linyin much.

He simply wanted to sleep with her because she was pretty.

His family was rich after all, so it was impossible for him to marry a girl from an ordinary family.

Besides, Xia Linyin wasnt a good girl, and she would sell everything for money and fame.

Therefore, who knew when she would betray him for a more powerful man

Jiang Yuan wasnt dumb.

He played around with pretty women, but would only marry a good one.

He wasnt an idiot, he was just a shameless man.

He indulged himself in playing around with women, but wouldnt accept a woman of the same kind as him.

He had a double standard, but he never thought it was wrong!

“Jiang Yuan, you…” Xia Linyin was already very uncomfortable right now, but she was shocked by Jiang Yuans attitude.

If he abandoned her, she would lose everything.

However, she didnt dare to criticize Jiang Yuan.

“Xia Linyin, what do you think you are Let me be honest with you, I chased you only to f*ck you, and youre simply a sex tool in my eyes.

I will only marry a woman from a family with an equal social status as my family.

Youre a selfish, snobbish, cheap girl, and you betrayed Gu Qingyun by sleeping with me.

So youll betray me again for another man in the future too!” said Jiang Yuan.

He didnt bother to hide his real thoughts about Xia Linyin.

“You…” Xia Linyin was mad when she heard that, but she didnt know how to argue against him.

In fact, every word Jiang Yuan said was true.

Besides, Gu Qingyun was much more good-looking than Jiang Yuan.

Jiang Yuan was a playboy, while Gu Qingyun had sincerely liked her.

Therefore, if she met a better man than Jiang Yuan in the future, she surely would leave Jiang Yuan.

Although she didnt have fame now, it didnt mean that she would be nobody forever.

If she became a big star in the future, Jiang Yuan wouldnt deserve her.

“You dont need to argue with me.

Im not dumb, and I know what youre thinking in your mind.” Jiang Yuan stopped Xia Linyin from arguing with him.

He hated to hear lies.

Xia Linyin wanted to defend herself, but couldnt say anything now.

“Disappear, now!” Seeing Xia Linyin standing there still, Jiang Yuan snapped at her impatiently.

They were beaten heavily tonight all because of Xia Linyin.

If Xia Linyin wasnt also beaten tonight, Jiang Yuan wouldnt easily let her go.

Xia Linyin felt quite aggrieved.

She bit her lips and stared at Jiang Yuan with a pitiful expression, but only saw his look with disdain.

In the past, Jiang Yuan might soften when she acted pitiful, but now he only felt disgusted.

No matter how unwilling Xia Linyin was, she had to leave right now, because she knew Jiang Yuan had no mercy.

As for the other two girls, they were Xia Linyins friends, so they had to leave with her.

Even though they were Xia Linyins friends, they actually hated her because they were also beaten because of her.

Nevertheless, Xia Linyin had helped them a lot, although she did that simply because they were beggars in her eyes, so they couldnt leave her behind right now.

The three girls left with swollen faces.

Luckily, there was a back door to this bar, and they could cover their faces with their bags, or they would be super embarrassed.

Only a few people saw them on their way out, but they immediately ran away.

Jiang Yuan and his friends left in the same way as Xia Linyin.

When Gu Ning and her friends got back to the car, Gu Qingyun asked her what she had done to them.

Even though he already had the answer in his heart, he still needed to make sure of it.


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