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Chapter 1747: Be in Despair

Because there was nobody in the ward on the right side next to Tang Bingsens ward, Gu Ning walked into it and used her Jade Eyes to see the inside of Tang Bingsens ward.

At this time, his secretary was already out to continue to deal with the files sitting on the sofa.

He couldnt fall asleep in the hospital anyway, so he chose to work.

Tang Bingsen couldnt work all night, so he closed his eyes to have a rest, but he couldnt sleep.

He was full of worries so it was impossible for him to have a good sleep now.

“Tang Aining” caused all of his worries, and he was always afraid that she might appear out of blue and kill him.

Even though there were two mercenaries standing outside and all the windows were closed in his room, “Tang Aining” was too unbelievable and mysterious.

He couldnt stop being worried!

It was quite uncomfortable when he couldnt fall asleep, but he was scared to fall asleep, so he refused to take sleeping pills.

He only dared to close his eyes to have a quiet rest for a while, and he normally slept during the day.

Because there were many people walking around in the hospital during the day, he thought that “Tang Aining” wouldnt show up and he could have a relaxed sleep for a while.

When Gu Ning looked at Tang Bingsens ward from the next ward, she saw two mercenaries and his secretary sitting on the sofa in the living room.

If Gu Ning wanted to get rid of them and attack Tang Bingsen, she could only freeze them with her cold magical power.

If she directly intruded into it, it would make loud noises and she wouldnt be able to achieve her goal.

She couldnt get dizzying smoke right now.

If she had it, there would be no need for her to waste her magical power.

After all, it cost a lot of magical power to freeze three adults and it would affect her strength.

Anyway, since she was going to get rid of them, she had to pay for it.

No pain, no gain.

After that, with the wall in the middle, Gu Ning fixed her eyes on the three men in the living room, then released her cold magical power.

When the three men felt themselves being attacked by the cold magical power, their bodies stiffened.

The coldness quickly spread around their bodies and even their bones were frozen.

It happened too fast and they didnt even know what had really happened.

“Its strange.

Why do I suddenly feel so cold in summer” the secretary asked in surprise.

He was an ordinary man, so he was affected faster.

“No idea.” The two mercenaries exchanged a glance with confusion.

Neither of them could figure out what was going on here.

However, they felt danger from their back, but they could only see a wall when they turned around.

They couldnt believe that the danger was in the next room, because it was impossible for anyone to threaten them with the wall in the middle, at least according to their knowledge.

If so, why did they feel the danger

Before long, the secretary was completely frozen and couldnt move at all.

He was scared in an instant, and tried to say something to the mercenaries in vain.

At the same time, the two mercenaries limbs also became stiff.

They wanted to walk out to check the situation, but unfortunately they couldnt move.

They opened their mouths, trying to say something, but failed again, which frightened them.

They didnt know what had happened to them nor how to handle it.

They had never seen such a strange thing before.

It only took a minute for Gu Ning to freeze the three of them from beginning to end, but it cost her a lot of magical power and she became a little weak.

Her face also turned pale, so Gu Ning needed to rest for a while.

After a minute, Gu Ning felt much better and walked to Tang Bingsens ward.

She wasnt afraid that they could recover, because it was impossible for them to recover once they were frozen by Gu Ning.

They needed at least half a year of treatment, or power crystals to help them recover.

A single crystal could help them feel better, but they needed three crystals in order to make a full recovery, because they had serious frostbite.

If they werent treated within 10 minutes, their blood vessels would burst and they would die.

Because after the limbs were frozen, the blood vessels would also be frozen and blood would be unable to flow.

Gu Ning had no intention to kill them, so she wouldnt let them die after their blood vessels burst.

She would tie them up later and help them take a power crystal to alleviate the suffering.

They wouldnt die, or be disabled, but it left a serious after-effect on their bodies and their movement would be limited.

Gu Ning didnt think they were innocent, although they had no grudge against each other.

They werent good people anyway, so they deserved the punishment.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see whether there were other people outside the door.

When she made sure there was no one else, she went outside.

Before she walked out, she had everything she needed in hands, like ropes and tape.

Tang Bingsens ward wasnt locked, so Gu Ning easily got into it.

Even though they couldnt move or speak, they could hear and they were scared when the door was pushed open.

The first idea that appeared in their mind was that “Tang Aining” was coming.

If the person was really “Tang Aining”, it would be terrible.

They hoped that the person could be a nurse or a doctor, because they would be rescued in that case.

Unfortunately, they were disappointed.

They heard that someone locked the door in the room, which meant it was an unwanted visitor.

The next second, the person came in front of them.

It wasnt a nurse or a doctor, but “Tang Aining”, the last person they wanted to see now.

Since “Tang Aining” showed up, they believed that it must be her who caused them to be frozen.

It was too strange to be accepted, and they couldnt figure out how she managed to do it.

No matter how they tried to understand it, they failed to get the answer.

Gu Ning didnt bother to waste more time on them.

She directly tied them up together and put a power crystal into their mouths before she sealed their mouths with tape.

When Gu Ning squeezed a power crystal into their mouths, they all believed it was poison and were in despair.

However, before long, they felt a flow of coolness in their bodies, and their frozen limbs started to feel better, which confused them again.

They didnt understand what “Tang Aining” was doing.

Even though they knew Tang Bingsen was the only target of “Tang Aining”, they still couldnt understand why she froze them and made them unable to say anything, then helped them alleviate the situation.

It was hard for them to believe it, because it was too strange, but there was no one else here and she was the only intruder.

Anyway, although they felt better now, they still couldnt move, not only because they were tied up, but also because they only felt slightly more comfortable than before.

It still wasnt easy for them to move right now.


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