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Chapter 1759: Dont Mess with Goddess Gu

Cao Yang, the boy who recognized Gu Ning, said airily, “I just want to bet on her.

What Cant I do that”

“Right, thats our choice.” Other people chimed in.

“Cao Yang, arent you doing this against me on purpose You saw me bet on Du Hao, so you chose to bet on the girl,” said a man about 25 years old with a good-looking face.

Hearing that, Cao Yang sneered and said with disdain, “Lu Jun, dont think too highly of yourself.

I dont have the time or mood to do anything against you on purpose.

Its my right to bet on whoever I want to.

Dont think youre smarter than other people.

Youre making yourself a joke.”

Their conversation was quite unfriendly.

“I just reminded you out of kindness.

Dont take my goodwill for ill intent,” said Lu Jun with annoyance after being embarrassed by Cao Yang, as if he really meant it.

Actually, the truth was like what Cao Yang said.

Cao Yang had no intention to behave against him.

On the contrary, he picked on Cao Yang and used all kinds of ways to defame Cao Yang.

He succeeded in arousing other peoples dislike towards Cao Yang and many people thought that Cao Yang was too arrogant and always behaved against Lu Jun.

At the same time, some also saw through Lu Jun, but Lu Jun was too self-centered to notice that.

“Its none of your business, and dont act nice.

I have money and I can use it as I like,” said Cao Yang.

Lu Jun frowned with annoyance, but couldnt say anything about it.

At this time, both Gu Ning and Du Hao finished signing their names and paying the fee.

“Goddess Gu, I support you! Fighting!” Cao Yang said to Gu Ning when he saw her standing right in front of him.

“Goddess Gu, I support you too.

Fighting!” Cao Yangs friends also encouraged Gu Ning.

Hearing the way they called her, Gu Ning understood that they recognized her, so did other people.

“I wont disappoint you,” Gu Ning smiled and said with confidence.

Gu Ning was stunning and she looked even more attractive when she smiled, which amazed everyone.

After that, she went to drive her car.

“Jesus, shes so pretty.

I feel like Im in love when she smiles.”


I should have bet on her.

Even if she couldnt win, Id still support her.”


“Shes pretty, and so She wont like you.

Stop daydreaming.”

“Besides, such a pretty girl might sell herself for something.

She probably borrowed this car from a man.”

“Shut up!” Hearing that, Chu Peihan, Mu Ke, and Zhang Zikai criticized the man and coldly looked at him.

The man didnt feel stressed under Zhang Zikais look, but Chu Peihan and Mu Kes look were quite stressful.

“Youre from rich families.

Cant other people have a rich family too Mind your language before you figure out the truth, or Ill teach you a lesson,” said Chu Peihan.

The man felt embarrassed when Chu Peihan threatened him, so he retorted in anger, “Really Do it now!”

The second he said that, everyone saw a figure flashing by.

Before they could understand what was happening, the man was thrown over Chu Peihans shoulder and heavily fell to the ground.

In an instant, everyone was stunned.

Although Chu Peihan looked weak, she actually wasnt weak at all.

“Stop defaming my friend, or Ill beat you heavily.” Chu Peihan threatened him again.

The man felt aggrieved and more humiliated, but was also scared by Chu Peihan and didnt dare to say anything again.

The mans friends wanted to stand out for him, but gave up the idea once they witnessed Chu Peihans fighting skills.

In addition, the man said nothing further, so they chose to avoid unnecessary trouble.

“If you want to take advantage of Goddess Gu, you better be careful, or you wont be able to bear the consequences of failure,” said Cao Yang.

Among the group of people, most of them knew Cao Yang and his family background, so they realized that Gu Ning could be far richer and more influential than them.

As a result, they didnt dare to defame Gu Ning.

It wasnt only because they were afraid, but they actually didnt bother to defame other people.

Mingzhes friends, however, frowned and began to feel worried.

They were afraid that Mingzhe might have messed with someone he shouldnt mess with.

“Alright, their cars are going to the entrance.

The game will begin soon.”

Hearing that, they all turned to look at the LED screen.

There were cameras along the track, and they could watch the game from the big LED screen set at the square.

However, because it was a night and there werent street lamps, they could only see where they arrived according to the car lights.

Gu Ning and Du Hao got ready at the starting line, and the host asked them whether they were prepared in the broadcast.

If they were ready, they should honk.

Afterwards, both Gu Ning and Du Hao gave a honk and the countdown began.

Ten, nine, eight…

As the time counted backwards, everyone got nervous, although they didnt participate in the game.

In fact, the audience was more nervous than the drivers.

It wasnt a simple game, it was very dangerous.

If any accidents happened, the car and the driver could be both ruined.

Although there were guardrails on both sides of the road, it was a car race, not ordinary driving.

The speed of a racing car was many times faster than that of an ordinary car.

The guardrails were useless unless the driver braked hard.

Three, two, one!

Once the countdown was over, Gu Ning and Du Haos cars rushed out like rockets with a loud sound.

The first 20 meters of the road was wide.

Because there were always many cars competing together, a parking space was reserved at the starting line.

The road narrowed after 20 meters.

If anyone wanted to overtake, he or she better seize the chance at the very beginning or the first 20 meters.

There were also parts in the middle section that were wide, but there were only a few, and most were narrow.

Although the width of the road allowed two cars to run side by side, or to overtake each other, it was extremely dangerous because the car at the front could block the way, while the car behind couldnt hit it.

If one car just accidentally bumped into another, that wasnt a big deal.

However, if it did that on purpose, it broke the rules.

It would be fine if nothing serious happened, otherwise the driver who caused the accident would have to take responsibility for it.

There were cameras along the road, and at the front as well as the back of the cars, so it wasnt difficult for car racing lovers to figure out whether it was done by accident or on purpose.


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