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In fact, it was just a car race, and nobody wanted to die, so normally drivers wouldnt hit each other on purpose.

Nobody wanted to be involved in big trouble after all.

When the cars rushed out at the beginning, Du Haos car overtook Gu Nings car by half of its body length, but it didnt overtake all of it.

Then Gu Ning immediately caught up, and after about 10 meters out of the starting line, Gu Ning completely overtook Du Hao, and pulled out a distance of one meter.


“Its amazing.”

“Good job!”

Cao Yang and his friends were excited.

They were very nervous when Du Hao overtook Gu Ning by half of the car length just then.

Luckily, Gu Ning was at advantage now and they relaxed for the time being.

Although Du Hao just overtook Gu Ning by half of the car length, it was still very dangerous because it was possible that he would completely overtake her.

Chu Peihan and her friends were thrilled too, but they were aware of Gu Nings ability, so they didnt think it was surprising.

Mingzhe and his friends, however, had a premonition.

To their surprise, Gu Ning was able to overtake Du Hao at the very beginning.

They were amazed by Gu Nings driving skills, but they bet that Du Hao would win, so they definitely hoped that he could win.

As a result, they were disappointed by the scene.

Someone complained that Du Hao, a professional racing driver with many famous awards from an official team, shouldnt have been overtaken by a girl at the very beginning of the game.

Even Du Hao himself was shocked by Gu Nings skills.

He didnt expect that she could overtake him in seconds.

He was full of anger and slammed on the accelerator.

Even though Gu Ning was at advantage right now, it didnt mean the situation wouldnt change.

However, the first dozens of meters mattered a lot.

If the car at the front was fast enough, it would be impossible for the car behind to catch up.

Du Hao did his best trying to chase Gu Ning up, but unfortunately he was still behind her no matter how he tried.

As the road became narrow with twists and turns, it was time for the drivers to show their real skills.

At this time, a driver needed both speed and skills to keep the advantage.

Therefore, Cao Yang and the others began to worry about Gu Ning again, and several people who supported Du Hao began to have hopes once more.

However, to their surprise, Gu Ning smoothly passed every dangerous turn without hesitation, which amazed everyone.

Even those who supported Du Hao applauded for Gu Ning.

Du Hao was a great driver too, but he wasnt comparable to Gu Ning.

If Gu Ning wasnt his competitor, other people might think that his driving skills were perfect.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning already set a perfect example and overshadowed him.

Therefore, at this moment, people who supported Du Hao turned to support Gu Ning, because they were all impressed by her driving skills and didnt care about the money they would lose.

They simply bet for fun anyway.

They could afford a sports car which cost millions of yuan, so they didnt care about a few thousand yuan at all.

Mingzhe was more and more displeased.

He didnt understand why Du Hao couldnt defeat Gu Ning.

It wasnt over yet and they just finished half of the track.

It was possible for Du Hao to change the situation, but the probability was pretty low.

Although he was unwilling to admit it, he had to face the reality that he could really lose this time.

He couldnt figure out why Gu Ning, who was a girl, could be far better than Du Hao who was a professional racing driver.

Du Hao got anxious.

As a professional racing driver, if he lost the race to an ordinary girl, his reputation would be ruined after the news went abroad.

Once he got anxious, his performance was affected and he hit guardrails when he passed a turn, which scared everyone.

Luckily, Du Hao quickly turned the car, but the left side of its front was damaged.

The car cost over ten million yuan, and the repair fee could be over a million yuan.

Du Hao didnt lack money at all, but he was far behind Gu Ning after the hit.

“Cao Yang, you knew that she would win before the game began, right” someone asked.

“I didnt, Goddess Gus driving skills have really amazed me,” said Cao Yang.

“Goddess Gu Why do you call her Goddess Gu Isnt the goddess in your eyes Tang Xiaoxiao” someone asked again.

“Dont you think shes pretty with an air of confidence Such a girl like her is surely a goddess,” said Cao Yang, but he didnt tell them Gu Nings identity.

Many people agreed with Cao Yang, because Gu Ning was indeed very beautiful and elegant.

Most importantly, they were all amazed by Gu Nings driving skills.

“Youre right.

Shes also excellent at driving.

Im amazed by her performance too.

Shes my idol from now on.”

“Shes my idol too.

Oh, Cao Yang, since you know her, why dont you introduce her to us We want to make friends with her as well.”

“Right, dont worry, we wont do anything unkind to hurt her.

We simply want to make friends with her.”



They were all interested in Gu Ning.

Seeing them pleasing Cao Yang and knowing that Cao Yang knew Gu Ning, Lu Jun was mad and jealous, but he didnt show anything on his face.

Mingzhe was also displeased when they turned to support Gu Ning.

“I do know her, but she doesnt know me,” said Cao Yang.

He also wanted to make friends with Gu Ning, but was afraid that Gu Ning wouldnt bother to talk to him.

Actually, even if Gu Ning ignored him, he wouldnt think that she was arrogant, because Gu Ning was his idol.

Moreover, given her achievements, it was totally understandable if she thought she was superior to others.

Cao Yang didnt think it was arrogance, but an attitude.

“Dont worry, since youve bet on our boss, we can have night snacks together after our boss wins,” said Chu Peihan.

She had a good impression of Cao Yang and his friends, because he supported and defended Gu Ning from the beginning.

“Really” Hearing that, Cao Yang and his friends were excited.

“Will Goddess Gu join us” asked Cao Yang.

“Of course!” said Chu Peihan.

“Will she mind” asked Cao Yang worriedly, although he really wanted to share night snacks with Gu Ning.

“Why should she Our boss isnt mean at all,” said Chu Peihan.

They were simply going to have night snacks together, so she knew that Gu Ning wouldnt mind.

Other people also asked Chu Peihan whether they could join them.


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